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Singapore's ultra-high speed digital highway ready by 2015

The Next Gen NBN is expected to be available nationwide by 2015, although consumers can begin to look forward to a range of new and exciting Next Gen Services such as high-definition video conferencing, telemedicine, Grid Computing-on-Demand, security and immersive learning applications on the Next Gen NBN from about 2010...



Singapore to start video games classification system in 2008

The Board of Film Censors (BFC) will be launching a video games classification system next year to provide more choice for adults while protecting the young.
In the interim period, the BFC has decided to selectively use games rating to enable highly anticipated games to be launched in Singapore...



Inaugural National Infocomm Club Awards

The National Infocomm Club Awards recognise the creativity of Infocomm Club students in using technology to educate and connect to the wider community, or within schools...
Primary Category
Top Winner :  River Valley Primary School (Project: The Adventures of Respect)
Merit Winner : Chua Chu Kang Primary School (Project: Intelligent Communicators)
Merit Winner : Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (Project: HOPE)
Secondary / Junior College Category
Top Winner : Raffles Institution (Project: E-learning Packages for Down Syndrome Youths)
Merit Winner : Hwa Chong Institution (Project: Spiderportal)
Merit Winner : Victoria Junior College (Project: Automated Quiz Management System)...



Regulation of cyber gaming cafes in HDB estates

Computer gaming establishments are only allowed to be set up at shopping, recreational or commercial centres. This includes HDB Town Centres, which are part commercial and part residential.
In addition, licensees of computer gaming centres are required not to admit persons below 16 years of age before 6.30 pm on a school day.
Further, the licensee has to ensure that students wearing school uniforms are not admitted into the establishment at any time, and is not allowed to provide a change of clothes to students...



Police bust illegal Internet cafes in Geylang

Police raided 3 internet cafes at in Geylang on 9 November 07, which resulted in the arrest of 15 men and 3 women aged between 18 and 47 years old.
Acting on information received, Police quickly established that three Internet cafes along Geylang Lorong 17 and 18 were involved in the provision of illegal online gambling games...



SGNIC launches bidding for fully numeric domain names

While alphanumeric domain names already exist, (eg,, fully numeric ones like have not been allowed till now...
SGNIC, the national registry for domain names, will now also allow pure numeric domain names in all the seven .sg categories (ie. .sg,,,,,, The registration for pure numeric domain names will be phased accordingly:
- 05 November – 28 December 20071: All qualifying applicants including businesses and individuals can register. Trademark owners2 will get priority over other applicants. Example: A company with "123" as its trademark will get priority for, or in any other .sg domain category...



Secondhand Goods Dealers Act effective from 1 Dec 2007

Under the new Act, only dealers who deal in secondhand goods that are listed in the Schedule will be regulated. This will be regardless of whether such dealings take place at a shopfront, via a makeshift stall or over the Internet.
The list of items was drawn up based on crime data of commonly stolen items. While the existing Act has a wider list of items, the new regulatory regime has a reduced list which comprises commonly stolen items. This allows a sharper regulatory focus in preventing fencing1.
Dealers who deal in items which are not in the new list will not be regulated. The list of items may also be revised according to crime trends...



NYU Tisch School of the Arts Asia opens Singapore campus

Tisch School of the Arts Asia is the first-ever branch campus of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and it is also the first American art school to set up residence in Singapore.
Tisch Asia’s inaugural class of 33 graduate film students began their studies in September. More than half the students in this first group are from the United States, while the others come from Australia, Europe, Asia, and Central America.
In 2008, Tisch Asia will also begin offering MFA degrees in animation and dramatic writing...



Singapore's seaport to be world's first Wi-Max-Ready by 2008

By early 2008, all ships in Singapore can have access to mobile wireless broadband, allowing real-time and data-intensive communications between the ships and their customers and business partners...
WISEPORT is one of the initial projects under the Infocomm@SeaPort programme, which aims to provide a mobile wireless broadband network within 15km from Singapore's southern coastline...



Five arrested for online sale of pirated and counterfeit goods

Police have arrested five Singaporeans for peddling pirated and counterfeit merchandise on the Internet.
The four women and a man, aged between 24 and 34 years, were arrested at various locations in a 12-hour island-wide operation conducted on 24 September 2007...



SingTel launches pay TV service

"Subscribers who opt for the Set-Top Box with recording function can pause, rewind and record live TV programmes so that they no longer have to miss anything.

"The mio TV website allows subscribers to programme their recordings even when they are not at home, and an upcoming service that will enable them to do it via their mobile phones..."



Minister answers questions on Internet-related sexual crimes

"There were 124 reported cases of females becoming victims of sex crimes as a result of them knowing the offenders through the Internet between 2001 and 2006...

"Of these reported cases, 80 cases (or about two-thirds) involved victims who were below 16 years of age. Of these 124 cases, two of them also involved the victims’ property being stolen..."


     - Company using pirated software raided by police


Update on growth of Infocomm industry in Singapore

"The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore’s (IDA) Annual Survey on Infocomm Industry shows that in 2006, the total revenue for our infocomm industry shot up almost 20% to S$45.4 billion (US$29.5 billion).
"The strong performance was driven by healthy growth in our export market. The export market accounted for some S$29 billion compared to S$22 billion in 2005 while the domestic market accounted for S$16.4 billion compared to S$15.8 billion in 2005..."



Shell LiveWIRE Awards 2007 launched

"Jointly organised by Shell Companies in Singapore, the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), the ITE Alumni Association and the Singapore Press Holdings Chinese Newspapers Division, the prestigious Shell LiveWIRE Awards 2007 aims to groom, recognise and reward promising young entrepreneurs and promote the spirit of enterprise...

"To qualify for the Awards, applicants should be 35 years or below and have been in business from three to 36 months. The Top Award is $10,000. There will also be four Merit Awards of $2,000 each. The Closing Date of the Awards is 31 July 2007..."



Funding and mentorship for Casual Games development

"Game studios and independent developer teams are invited to submit their concept proposals from 16 June to 10 August 2007, and successful applicants will be eligible for up to S$35,000 in prototype development funding.

"Each of the 10 project teams that receive funding under INVIGORATE will be expected to produce a playable PC demo by 25 January 2008..."



Spam Control Act 2007 will come into effect on 15 June 2007

"Under the Act, marketers - particularly those based in Singapore or who have operations here - who continue to spam the “not interested” group face potential financial penalties. The statutory penalty is $25 for each electronic message, up to a total of $1 million..."



The future is looking bright for the infocomm industry

"In a recent survey conducted by IDA, the number of infocomm job vacancies has more than doubled, from 2,100 in 2004 to 5,700 in 2005..
"Overall, the infocomm industry has put in a sterling performance. Its revenue grew from $38 billion in 2005 to cross the $40 billion mark for the first time in 2006..."



Spam Control Bill 2007 passed

"Part I of the Bill defines spam. A message is “spam” when it is an unsolicited commercial electronic message sent more than 100 times, with the same or similar subject-matter, during a 24-hour period, or more than 1,000 times during a 30-day period, or more than 10,000 times during a one-year period...

"An opt-out approach is adopted under the Bill as it balances the need of companies and marketers to send unsolicited messages for business reasons...

"In order to balance between consumer interests and industry needs the Bill will require that each message contains a valid unsubscribe facility, an ‘<ADV>’ label to mark it out as an advertisement, accurate header information or subject titles and functional contact details of the sender...

"The unsubscribe process has been structured to be consumer-friendly so that even individuals who receive small volumes of spam have a means of recourse, without resorting to legal action. The Bill makes it mandatory for senders to allow recipients to unsubscribe via the same medium through which the spam was received. This ensures that unsubscribing from spam can be done easily and conveniently by replying to an email or SMS..."



The Advisory Council on the Impact of New Media on Society formed

"A new Council, The Advisory Council on the Impact of New Media on Society (AIMS), will be formed on 1 April 2007 by the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA), to study the far-reaching social, ethical, legal and regulatory implications of a rapidly growing Interactive and Digital Media (IDM) sector..."



Singapore first country to host Toon Boom Animation Festival

"Singapore will be the first country to host the inaugural Toon Boom Animation Festival, which kicks off on 2 April 2007...
"Free workshops will be conducted by ITE to train students who are not familiar with the Toon Boom software. Said Mr Bruce Poh, Director & CEO, ITE..."



StarHub launches online storage solution for companies

"Targeted at companies and individuals that need to manage numerous large documents and files on a daily basis, StarHub’s OSB lets customers store and back up files safely, send and share information effortlessly and allow multiple users to access documents from their notebook or PC on-the-go, be it text, graphics, presentations, video, voice or any other digital media...
"Price packages for OSB starts as low as S$60 per month for 10GB storage space and five User IDs, and can scale to as high as 2TB (i.e. 2000GB) and up to 1000 User IDs..."


     - Police raid second company using pirated software

     - StarHub first to launch HDTV service in Singapore


2006 survey finds almost nine in ten children aged 10 - 14 years are infocomm users

"Almost nine in ten children (aged 10 to 14 years) use the computer and Internet for communications, learning and play...
"The second highest proportion of Infocomm users are our youth and adults (aged 15 to 59 years), with about seven in ten using the computer and Internet extensively for communications and leisure activities.
"The elderly (aged 60 and above) are also Infocomm users. Three in ten use the computer, while two in ten have accessed the Internet in the past year..."


     - Singapore launches Infocomm Enterprise Programme

     - MDA launches new licence framework for IPTV


     - Web surfing in Singapore largely back to normal

     - Damaged undersea cables cause slow Internet access in Singapore

     - Singapore launches world's first commercial 100Mbps residential broadband service

     - M1 offers free wireless broadband service at Parco Bugis Junction


Key developments in the Singapore media industry

Dr Lee Boon Yang, Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts

"The terrestrial and cable trials have kicked off, making Singapore the first in Southeast Asia to launch HDTV public trials.

"In tandem with the launch, MDA is leading a drive to promote the development of local HD content and speed up nationwide adoption and deployment of HD technology..."


     - Police arrest 12 people in island-wide anti-piracy raids

     - Three years of free Wi-Fi for Singapore from 1 Dec 2006


Police nab Internet trickster selling car parts and accessories

"The culprit lured unsuspecting car enthusiasts in an online motoring forum into parting with their money by claiming that he was able to get bulk discounts on car parts and accessories.

"The victims would place orders with the culprit and make payment electronically. However, the victims never received their goods. When the victims discovered that they had been cheated, the culprit taunted them to catch him if they could..."


     - One-stop NS portal launched


Two Years of Free Wi-Fi for Singapore

"Come 2007, Singaporeans will be ushering the new year with at least 24 months, or two years, of free (basic tier) wireless connectivity at up to 512 kbps speeds almost everywhere - thanks to IDA's 'Wireless@SG' programme...

"The three operators are extending this two-year free offering with unlimited usage to all residents and visitors in Singapore, including tourists and business travellers. The sign-up details will be made known from December 2006 by the operators..."



New Cyber-WatchCentre (CWC) ready by March 2007

"The CWC will monitor cyber-threats to government networks round-the-clock and provide early warning of impending cyber-threats..."


     -  Government continues to invest in technology-enabled work environment


Prime Minister's National Day Message 2006

"The internet is a tremendous tool which is changing the world. We should make full use of it to link up with the world, engage one another, and be a productive economy and vibrant society.

"But the internet creates new problems too. Not everything on the internet is reliable; it is not easy to tell apart fact from fiction in cyberspace; and instant communications can cause people to over-react hastily and unthinkingly to events.

"Therefore we must learn how to live with this new medium, and adapt to it. This is a challenge to many societies, not just Singapore..."



True telephone number portability by 4Q 2007

"From the fourth quarter of 2007, consumers can switch between telecoms service providers easily and yet have full use of their existing number, rather than having to update family members, friends and business contacts about a new one...

"Currently, mobile subscribers can switch telecoms service providers and keep their numbers. But he gets in essence a call-forwarding service as a call to his old number is routed to his new one. His contacts will see only this new number when he makes out-going calls and sends messages (SMS)..."


     - SingTel starts ultra-fast 80 Mbps broadband trials at two condominiums



Government launches 10-year infocomm masterplan


Create 80,000 additional jobs

Have 90 per cent homes using broadband

Achieve 100 per cent computer ownership for all homes with school-going children...


     - Q & A on lewd photos posted by bloggers on blogs

     - Singapore delivers games to Asia's $14billion video game market

     - Singapore takes second place in WEF's Global IT Report

     - Singapore to Have Next Generation Broadband Networks


Home Affairs Minister tackles MPs' questions on crime situation

"As for snatch theft, where a person’s belongings are forcibly snatched away from him, cases involving handphones have increased from 160 cases in 2004 to 280 cases in 2005 and accounted for 45 per cent of the total number of snatch theft cases in 2005.
"Of particular concern are the cases specifically targeting the handphones of young victims, which has increased from 50 cases in 2004 to 93 cases in 2005.
"Robbery and theft cases involving handphones remain a key area of concern for the Police. The number of such cases increased significantly by 42 per cent to 4,830 cases in 2005.
"This is due to the higher mobile phone penetration rate in Singapore, thereby giving rise to a larger pool of potential victims. There are 4.3 million handphone subscribers in Singapore..."



Survey on Infocomm Usage in households & by individuals 2005

The proportion of households with access to a computer at home was 74%. This proportion has remained unchanged since 2003.

The proportion of households with two or more computers was 28%.
Nine in ten households in private housing had access to a computer at home; compared to seven in ten households in public housing.
About two-thirds of the Singapore’s resident population aged 15 years and above were computer users.



     - NUS School of Computing holds int'l multimedia conference


Survey shows some companies infringing software copyright law

"...a recent survey highlighted that for small medium enterprises, nearly a third of them are still not fully compliant in the proper usage of software products in their business environment. This could be as a result of the use of illegal software or under-licensing the use of software products...
"The survey also found that among those who were non-compliant, a significant number were smaller companies, averaging ten workstations or less. 47.3% of this group were non-compliant...


      - Update, renew & terminate 45 different licences online

     - SingTel launches e-surveillance service for businesses


Compulsory registration for pre-paid SIM card holders

"From 1 November, mobile service providers, such as the Singapore Telecom Mobile Pte Ltd, StarHub Mobile Pte Ltd and MobileOne Ltd, will be required to ensure compliance in recording the personal details of all customers who buy prepaid SIM cards...

"...all existing prepaid SIM card users are required to re-register at retail outlets which sell prepaid SIM cards sold by their respective mobile service providers.

"Customers must be at least 15 years old before being eligible to purchase a prepaid SIM card..."



We Know What You Did Last June School Break: ACNielson Survey

Average spent by parents on each child during the June school break
Below $100
$100 - $199
$200 - $499
$500 - $999
$1,000 - $1,999
$2,000 and above
Not sure


       - Police raid company using pirated software



Three arrested for illegally distributing copyrighted songs online

"A pre-dawn raid on 3 locations by the Police on 17 August 2005 saw the arrest of 3 male subjects aged between 16 and 22 years old for distributing infringing copies of copyrighted music on the Internet.
"The 16 year-old student, 21 year-old unemployed man and 22 year-old factory operator were arrested in their respective residences..."




     - 'Intelligent Nation in 2015' vision for Singapore


     - Getforme offers free one-month hosting

     - Mobile phone use and acoustic reuroma, a benign tumour

     - Hitwise: Singapore online retail report - What's hot & wanted

     - SGNIC launches second-level '.sg' domain names

     - Copyright-based industries boost Singapore's economy

     - Legislation against spam to be put in place in Singapore

     - Netcraft Survey finds 50 million Web sites on the Internet

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