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     FrontPage Edition: Sun 6 Nov 2005

NUS School of Computing holds international multimedia conference


More than 300 experts from the academia and industry ¨C including researchers, implementers, practitioners, educators and artists - will meet in Singapore from 8 to 11 November 2005 for the ACM Multimedia conference to address the latest trends and developments in multimedia systems and applications.
Organised by NUS School of Computing, this premier conference in multimedia is held for the first time outside of North America and Europe since its inception in 1993.
This event is sponsored by ACM SIGMM and SIGGRAPH, supported by Microsoft Research, IBM Research and FXPAL, and organised in collaboration with LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore and Leonardo.
The conference will address the latest trends and developments in multimedia systems and applications in interactive TV, future of home media, next generation internet search, advance user devices such as fluid keyboards and more.
The multimedia exhibition will feature interactive art presented by international artists at LASALLE-SIA.
Mr Kazumasa Enami, Director-General of NHK Science and Technical Research Laboratories, who has a wealth of experience in the standardization of digital terrestrial TV broadcasting services for mobile terminals and the development of a standard for a broadcasting system based on home servers, will be delivering a keynote address at opening of the conference on 8 November 2005 at 9am.
Mr Enami¡¯s talk will focus the future of home media and the advanced technologies being developed by NHK Science and Technical Research Laboratories.
The ACM Multimedia conference will cover a wide range of topics on the foundations of multimedia, as well as multimedia applications, content and systems.
In addition to high-quality technical paper presentations, short poster paper presentations and doctoral symposium for senior graduate students, eminent experts in the field will also be addressing emerging trends - such as human-computer interaction and advances in medical image retrieval ¨C and conduct tutorials and workshops in various topical areas.
One key feature of this conference is the emphasis on systems and applications. Technical demonstrations of research prototypes and systems, open software competition, video demonstration of concepts and applications, as well as interactive arts which includes an exhibition of multimedia arts at the LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts are key highlights of this year¡¯s conference.
A total of 49 papers, selected from 312 submissions will be presented in three tracks ¨C 15 in the Applications track, 24 in the Content track, and 10 in the Systems track.
Interactive Arts Program featuring a 7-day Presence/Absence exhibition of 16 international artists at LASALLE-SIA
The interactive arts program track, first launched last year, has gained a foothold in this conference. As part of the track, the LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts in Singapore will be holding a 7-day exhibition at its campus.
The exhibition will be opened to main conference participants, as well as the art fraternity and the public. Details on the exhibition are presented in Annex 1.
Other conference highlights (Held at Hilton Hotel):


Critical Video Quality for Distributed Automated Video Surveillance Presented by: Pavel Korchunov and Wei Tsang Ooi, National University of Singapore Date & Time: 8 November@1330hrs, Hall 2 This presentation looks at how the quality and accuracy live video stream transmission can be improved. Applications include monitoring of traffic conditions and security surveillance.


¡°flUID streams¡± Presented by: Steve Mann, University of Toronto Date & Time: 8 November@1330hrs, Vista 1 Visitors at the conference will have a chance to explore new generation keyboard technology ¨C traditional keyboards are replaced with keyboards with nozzle sprays as keys to give rich tactile feedback. This technology is launched here for the first time in Asia.


A Unified Framework for Resolving Ambiguity in Copy Detection Presented by: Sujoy Roy and Ee-Chien Chang, National University of Singapore Date & Time: 9 November@1030hrs, Hall 1 This presentation explains how copy detection software can be used to identify illegal copying of partial digital images.


Digital Violin Tutor: An Integrated System for Beginning Violin Learners Presented by: Jun Yin, Ye Wang and David Hsu, National University of Singapore Date & Time: 10 November@1100hrs, Hall 2 This presentation features an innovative digital violin tutor that teaches a user how to play the violin.

The programme and details about the conference can be found at: http://
Annex 1 (Exhibition details)

Sources:, 4 Nov 2005

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