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The Singapore Police Force's Web site: Police

     Legal Matters

      Police Station/NPP Locations

     List of roads where police speed laser camera may be deployed

     Online search for outstanding traffic offences

     Online database of IMEI numbers of stolen handphones

     Common Driving Offences & Prescribed Punishments


     - Summary of key amendments to the Penal Code

     - Singapore Crime Situation 2006

     - Law against Singaporeans who sexually exploit minors overseas

     - Singapore Crime Situation 2005

     - LTA to administer bus lane offences from 1 Feb 2006

     - New speed limits for 65 roads in Western Singapore

     - New speed limits for 55 roads in southern Singapore from 1 Nov 2005

     - New speed limits for 43 roads from 1 Apr 2005

     - Armed police patrols on MRT trains from 15 Aug 2005

     - CCTVs to be used in parts of Geylang to combat vice

     - Singapore Crime Situation 2004

     - Government corporatising statutory board CISCO

     - Enhanced safety requirements for motorised bicycles & riders

     - Home Detention Scheme to be expanded

     - 24-hr Entertainment - A Reality!

     - Crime Situation - First half 2003

     - Police install CCTV in Boat Quay, Little India & Newton Food Centre

     - Stop Shop Theft: Senior Minister of State Ho Peng Kee

     - Singapore Crime Situation 2002

     - Not illegal for security guards to hold NRIC

     - Speakers' Corner at Hong Lim Park opens on 1 Sep 2000

     - Mediation Centres & Ad-hoc Venues (for disputes)





     - Loansharking duo busted at police road block



Bank guard foils robbery attempt at UOB in City Plaza

On 10 Nov 08 at about 3.30pm, Security Officer Lance Corporal (LCP) Rosli Bin Mohd Sa’ad was on duty at a bank at a shopping centre along Geylang Rd when he spotted a Malay man behaving suspiciously in the banking hall.

Sensing that something was amiss, LCP Rosli decided to conduct a check on the subject. When confronted, the subject became agitated and a scuffle ensued that attracted the attention of some of the bank staff, who came forward to assist in subduing the Malay man.





8 youths arrested for unlicensed moneylending related activities

Police arrested eight Chinese male subjects, aged between 14 and 27 years old, for unlicensed moneylending related harassment activities in Hougang, Sengkang and Pasir Ris in a 20-hour operation which ended on the morning of 27 December 2007...



Police advise festive revellers to remain vigilant against crime

Police would also like to advise revellers and shoppers to be vigilant against opportunists who might commit molest in crowds. Most of these molest cases happen in crowded areas where the suspect would touch the victim and move away. In some, the suspect would spray foam onto the victim and commit molest in the process...



More reported cases of tricksters impersonating government officers

Confidence tricksters continue to use the "Kidnap Hoax Scam" with 9 cases reported between 1 and 29 November 07 and 19 cases reported between 1 and 6 Dec 07...
Another ruse used by the cheats is to impersonate themselves as police officers or staff from the Supreme Court...
This method of cheating surfaced in September 07 which prompted police to alert members of public. As of 6 December 07, a total of 224 reports were received. The culprits were unsuccessful in 195 cases, but in 29 cases the victims were cheated of more than S$275,500 cash...



Police arrest 20 persons for illegal soccer betting activities

Between 24 October to 18 November 2007, Singapore police conducted a series of island-wide raids targeted at illegal soccer bookmaking activities and arrested a total of 20 persons for illegal soccer bookmaking and gambling activities...



Guidance Programme has helped 6,000 young offenders since 1997

In his Opening Address, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan announced the increase of up to 25 per cent in funding for the 17 social service agencies that are running the Guidance Programme (GP) - a six-month programme for first-time young offenders to divert them away from being charged in Court...
Towards the end of the 6-month programme, the social worker will assess the youth’s overall progress and make an appropriate recommendation to the Police Investigation Officer.
Depending on the risks and needs of the youth, the programme may be extended for up to six months. The youth, if he completes the programme successfully, may be let off with a stern Police warning in lieu of prosecution...



Chee Siok Chin and John Tan removed from ASEAN Summit Protected Area

At about 6.00 pm today, Chee Siok Chin and John Tan had walked into Orange Grove Road, which is an area gazetted as a Protected Area.
Police officers deployed along the stretch of road first engaged the pair at the junction of Orange Grove Road and Orchard Rd and advised them that they were about to enter the protected area and that they should not do so...
They were warned repeatedly that they had entered the protected area, and should they refuse to leave, they would be removed. When they ignored the repeated warnings, and still refused to leave and continued to move forward, police officers led them into a police vehicle to bring them out of the protected area...



Road closures for ASEAN Summit meetings

Apart from the meetings held in Shangri-La Hotel, there will be several other key events, which the Leaders and delegates will attend as part of the official programme. They include the following:
a Gala Dinner at Raffles City Convention Centre on Tuesday, 20 Nov 2007 .
b Reception at the Asian Civilisations Museum on Wednesday, 21 Nov 2007.
c Dinner at Istana on Wednesday, 21 Nov 2007...
As part of the security and traffic arrangements, Police will deploy resources to conduct roadblocks and security checks at and around all the event venues.



Police bust illegal Internet cafes in Geylang

Police raided 3 internet cafes at in Geylang on 9 November 07, which resulted in the arrest of 15 men and 3 women aged between 18 and 47 years old.
Acting on information received, Police quickly established that three Internet cafes along Geylang Lorong 17 and 18 were involved in the provision of illegal online gambling games...



Lottery scam targets Singaporeans

The number of people falling prey to lottery scam fraudsters remains a concern to Police. In the past month, on average, 1 Singaporean falls victim to it daily. So far this year, more than 210 victims have been cheated of over S$2 million...



3378 drivers caught speeding on new KPE

Since the opening of Phase 1 of the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) on 26 October 2007, the speed cameras installed in the KPE tunnel have captured a total of 3,378 vehicles speeding above the prescribed road speed limit of 70km/h in the first six days.



Travellers to declare currency or bearer negotiable instruments over S$30,000

From 1 November 2007 onwards, persons who move into or out of Singapore physical currency1 or bearer negotiable instruments2 (CBNI) the total value of which exceeds SGD 30,000 (or its equivalent in a foreign currency) will be required to give a report by filling up a form and submitting it to the authorities.
The form is available at all checkpoints, police establishments, Singapore Visitors Centres and branches of Singapore Post...



Annual Firewalking Festival 2007

The Annual Fire Walking Festival will be held on Monday, 29 October 2007 between 12.30am and 12noon...



The Penal Code (Amendment) Bill passed

The new section 376C (Commercial sex with minor under 18 outside Singapore) will have extra-territorial effect so that it would be an offence for Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents to solicit or engage in commercial sex with minors under 18 in other countries...
Feedback received highlighted concerns over female sexual abuse of male minors. On further consideration, we accept that these younger male children could be exploited by older women. Consequently, we have decided to make it an offence for a woman to engage in penile penetrative sexual acts with a male minor under 16 and to have commercial sex with a male minor under 18...
Whilst prostitution per se is not an offence, new section 376B (Commercial sex with minor under 18) will make it an offence for a person to solicit, communicate or obtain sexual services from a minor under 18 years of age...



6406 cases of voluntarily causing hurt reported in 2006

In 2006, out of the 6,406 VCH cases, Police initiated action on behalf of the victims in 468 cases, which accounted for 7.3 % of the VCH cases reported...
Police will initiate prosecution into VCH cases where there is harm to the public interest and safety, and when it is assessed that the assailant is a bully who is taking advantage of the weak and vulnerable - especially young children, senior citizens and physically or mentally-disabled persons...



Tricksters impersonating Supreme Court staff and police officers

Police would like to alert the public of a phone scam where callers impersonate themselves as police officers or staff from the Supreme Court...
Over the past 3 weeks, Police have received 35 reports by victims who have received such calls, of which a victim have parted with about S$10,000...



Secondhand Goods Dealers Act effective from 1 Dec 2007

Under the new Act, only dealers who deal in secondhand goods that are listed in the Schedule will be regulated. This will be regardless of whether such dealings take place at a shopfront, via a makeshift stall or over the Internet.
The list of items was drawn up based on crime data of commonly stolen items. While the existing Act has a wider list of items, the new regulatory regime has a reduced list which comprises commonly stolen items. This allows a sharper regulatory focus in preventing fencing1.
Dealers who deal in items which are not in the new list will not be regulated. The list of items may also be revised according to crime trends...



Chee Soon Juan's demonstration outside Istana

Upon arrival at the Istana, Police officers observed that Chee Soon Juan and some of his SDP supporters were staging a demonstration with various placards at the Istana Park.
Police issued repeated warnings against Chee Soon Juan and four persons who were part of his demonstration group, as they have contravened the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) (Prohibition of Assemblies and Processions - Istana) Order...
Despite repeated warnings to disperse, Chee Soon Juan and the others refused to comply and persisted with his unlawful demonstration. The Police seized the placards and arrested Chee Soon Juan and others...



Grading exercise for licensed security agencies

About 52% of the agencies which took part this year attained a Grade B and above as compared to the 24% in 2006. This is a marked improvement and a good testimony to the rising standards of the security agencies...
Of the 270 agencies in Singapore , 86 did not participate in the grading exercise. Of these 86, 8 agencies were newly licensed in the period of assessment and therefore could not be graded...



Profile of inmate population in penal institutions in Singapore

The profile of the population by gender and education in the drug rehabilitation centres, penal institutions, and juvenile homes as of Jun 2007 are set out in the tables below:...



Five arrested for online sale of pirated and counterfeit goods

Police have arrested five Singaporeans for peddling pirated and counterfeit merchandise on the Internet.
The four women and a man, aged between 24 and 34 years, were arrested at various locations in a 12-hour island-wide operation conducted on 24 September 2007...



Summary of key amendments to the Penal Code

It will be made an offence to engage in penetrative acts such as oral and anal sex with a minor under the age of 16, with or without the consent of the minor;

It will be made an offence to obtain commercial sex from a minor under the age of 18, or communicate with any person for such a purpose; and

A new offence of sexual grooming of minors under the age of 16 will be introduced...



Cancellation of licence for public lecture by Prof Emeritus Douglas Sanders

Our laws are an expression and reflection of the values of our society and any public discourse in Singapore on such matters should be reserved for Singaporeans.
Foreigners will not be allowed to interfere in our domestic political scene, whether in support of the gay cause or against it.



The Private Security Industry Bill 2007 passed

"Should a private investigator or security officer be charged with or convicted of a prescribed offence which makes his continued employment as a private investigator or security officer undesirable, his licence can be suspended with immediate effect. This power is provided in Clause 24(5) of the Bill.
"With the introduction of the licensing schemes for security officers and private investigators, more than 500 private investigators and 30,000 security officers will need to apply for a licence..."



Police arrest armed full-time national serviceman in Orchard Road

"Police apprehended an armed 20-year-old SAF serviceman along Orchard Road near Orchard Cineleisure at about 8pm on 3 Sept 2007.
"The serviceman had gone missing from Mandai Hill Camp on the night of 2 September 07 with a rifle and some ammunition that had been issued to him..."



Police investigating illegal Myanmese assembly at Orchard MRT Station

"On 25 Aug 2007, a group of Myanmese dressed in similar white attire had assembled around Orchard MRT Station.
"The intent of the assembly, which did not have a police permit, was to show support for fellow Myanmese who had been protesting back in Myanmar...



Drug addiction situation in Singapore

"The drug addiction situation in Singapore is under control, even though 999 drug abusers were arrested in the first half of this year, compared to 446 over the same period last year.
"Of the total number of abusers arrested, Buprenorphine abusers formed the majority, at 41%, with heroin abusers at 30% and synthetic drug abusers at 25%.
"One reason for the increase of 553 abusers is that the Central Narcotics Bureau gazetted Buprenorphine as a controlled drug under the Misuse of Drugs Act in August last year..."



Beware of kidnap scam calls

"Police want to alert the public about a cheating ruse employed to induce people to part with money by alleging their next-of-kin had been kidnapped...
"The allegations were untrue and no one had been kidnapped. Unfortunately, one person was cheated of nearly $50,000 before realising it was a ruse...
"Another five kidnap scam calls were reported today, bringing the total number of cases to over ten reported since last Saturday..."



Singapore conducts major multi-agency maritime security exercise

"Led by the Republic of Singapore Navy's (RSN) Coastal Command (COSCOM), this annual exercise involves some 2,000 personnel from the RSN, the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) and the Army, as well as the Police Coast Guard (PCG), the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), and the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA)..."



Police seek two teenagers in bomb hoax case

"Police are investigating a false call of a bomb threat that was made on 17 August 2007 at about 11.16 pm from a public telephone at the Concourse Area of Outram Park MRT Interchange (East West Line).
"Police seek information on the identities and whereabouts of the two persons shown in the photographs attached who can assist Police in investigations..."



Sleight Of hand culprit nabbed

On 19 August 2007 at about 3.15pm, an Iranian man was arrested for an offence of theft by sleight of hand. The man had earlier managed to steal money from foreigners by asking to see their foreign currency.



Singapore Fireworks Celebrations 2007

"The Singapore Fireworks Celebrations has lined up two fireworks displays, on 17 and 18 Aug, at the Marina Bay area to tie in with this year's National Day celebrations..."



Singapore Crime Situation for first half 2007

"While the figures for outraging of modesty and cheating and related offences were not significantly different, index crimes that were significantly higher in Jan-Jun 2007 from the same period in 2006 were rape, motor vehicle theft, robbery and snatch theft.
"However, there is no cause for alarm. For rape, which saw the greatest percentage increase of 32%, the vast majority of cases (90%) involved offenders who are known to their victims..."



Licence for public forum with foreign speaker cancelled

"Police has cancelled a licence under the Public Entertainments and Meetings Act to organise a public forum on 7 Aug 2007 at 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road on gay issues by a foreign participant.
"A Singaporean, Mr Au Wai Pang, had applied for the licence. He had separately applied to ICA for a professional visit pass for the foreign national to speak at the forum..."



Lottery Scam Alert - A Crime Prevention Advisory

"From January to July 2007, Police have received 23 such reports, of which 31 victims have parted with amounts ranging from $32 to $52,800.
"The fraudsters would typically call the victims on the pretext of conducting surveys or inviting the victims to attend overseas events, by claiming to be staff of overseas companies.''
"To claim their prizes, the victims were requested to make up-front payments as administrative or processing fees via remittance companies to China. In some instances, local accounts were also used..."


     - Police seek three men in unlicensing moneylending and harassment cases


Rehabilitation regime for first and second-time abusers of cannabis and cocaine

"The aim of the treatment and rehabilitation regime is to give first and second time abusers a chance at rehabilitation without the stigmatisation of a criminal record...

"Recalcitrant abusers with two previous records for consumption of cannabis or cocaine or that of opiates, synthetic drugs or buprenorphine who are arrested again for the consumption of any of these drugs would be liable for long term imprisonment under the Long Term (LT) Imprisonment Regime, if convicted..."



Minister answers questions on Internet-related sexual crimes

"There were 124 reported cases of females becoming victims of sex crimes as a result of them knowing the offenders through the Internet between 2001 and 2006...

"Of these reported cases, 80 cases (or about two-thirds) involved victims who were below 16 years of age. Of these 124 cases, two of them also involved the victims’ property being stolen..."



Police conduct raid on syndicate selling counterfeit products

"In a 13-hour island-wide operation conducted from 9.30am to 11.00pm on 11 July 2007, Police busted a major local distributor and a syndicate involved in the sale and distribution of counterfeit luxury and sportswear products..."



Five Vietnamese nationals arrested for stealing spree

"Police arrested two men and three women, aged 22 - 37 at the airport yesterday after they were found with nine pieces of luggage containing more than 350 pieces of new garments...

"Preliminary investigations revealed that about 30 of the items in their possession were found to be stolen from shops in the Orchard area..."


     - Licence needed for 15 chemicals (explosive precursors) in Singapore

     - Thieving cabby nabbed by police

     - Apple Scam Cheats Nabbed

     - Company using pirated software raided by police

     - Apple scam cheats nabbed by police

     - Statistics on number of persons jailed for unlawful assembly


Further detentions and releases under the Internal Security Act

"In Feb 2007, ISD arrested and subsequently detained one self-radicalised Singaporean under the Internal Security Act (ISA) – Abdul Basheer s/o Abdul Kader (Abdul Basheer), aged 28...

"At the time of his arrest, he had purchased an air ticket to Pakistan, where he intended to make contact with a militant group – the Lashkar e-Tayyiba (LeT) - that could help him train for ‘militant jihad’ and to cross over into Afghanistan to fight alongside the Taliban..."



Man arrested for making bomb hoax calls

"At about noon on 2 June 07, the culprit, a freelance web page designer, called the SCDF control room to inform that there was a bomb at Raffles Place. SCDF immediately reported the call to the Police...
"Subsequently, around 2.30pm, the same caller made a second call to the SCDF control room informing that someone had planted bombs at Orchard Road and the Tanjong Pagar area..."



920 persons arrested for drink driving in 1st quarter 2007

"For the first quarter of 2007, SPF arrested 920 persons for drink driving, an increase of 22% over the same period in 2006. Slight injury accidents related to drink driving increased from about 200 cases in 2004 to 260 cases in 2006.
"Fatal and serious injury accidents related to drink driving have remained stable over the past 3 years, registering 38 cases, 28 cases and 32 cases in 2004, 2005 and 2006 respectively..."



Pilot project allowing cycling on all footways in Tampines

"Land Transport Authority (LTA), Traffic Police (TP) and the Tampines Grassroots Organisations (GROs) will be conducting a study in the Tampines Town to assess the feasibility of allowing cycling on footways with effect from 27 May 2007.
"The study will last for one year and end on 30 May 2008...
"Currently, under Rule 28 of the Road Traffic Rules, enacted in 1981, cycling on footways is prohibited. Like any other vehicles, bicycles are to be ridden on the roads and cyclists are required to abide by all relevant traffic rules and regulations..."



Rise in number of metal theft cases in 2007

"Jan-Mar 2007 recorded 294 reports of metal thefts, which is 110 cases more than the same period in 2006.

"Just recently on 22 April 07, 50 copper covers from fire risers were stolen from a block of flats in New Upper Changi Road..."


    - Public forum on democracy organised by the Singapore Democratic Party


New restrictions for hand-carry luggage on flights departing Singapore

"Singapore will be implementing new aviation security measures for hand-carry luggage on flights departing Singapore from 8 May 2007 (Tuesday), 1200hrs..."



Two policemen die in boat collision while pursuing illegal immigrants

"Two Police Coast Guard (PCG) officers had been killed and an unknown number of illegal immigrants gone missing after the boats which the PCG officers and the illegal immigrants were in respectively collided at the sea off Tuas last night...

"Two other fellow crew mates on board the same PCG boat had been rescued. Three illegal immigrants had also been rescued, together with the recovery of a body of a fourth illegal immigrant..."



Police bust unlicensed moneylending syndicate

"Seventeen Chinese men aged between 17 to 38 years old believed to be members of an unlicensed moneylending (UML) syndicate were arrested in an island-wide operation conducted on 12 April 07. More than $130,000 in cash was seized...
"Fifteen premises in Woodlands, Sengkang, Ang Mo Kio, Toa Payoh, Hougang, Yishun, Sembawang, Serangoon and Changi were raided during the operation, which lasted from 8pm on 12 April 07 to 1am on 13 April 07..."



Man to be charged for importing pellet guns

"When asked, the man did not declare any items. Subsequent screening revealed images that appeared to be guns within his baggage. A physical check of his check-in carton revealed 20 sets of pellet guns and 5 bottles of pellets. He was subsequently detained for investigation.

"Police investigated a total of 38 cases involving airsoft guns in 2006. Since the beginning of this year (2007), Police have investigated 21 such cases. Most of these airsoft guns were detected at the airport and other checkpoints, as well as the Singapore Post Centre..."



Changes to Bus Lane Scheme from 1 April 2007



Existing Operation Hours

New Operation Hours

Mondays to Fridays

7.30am to 9.30am

7.30am to 9.30am
(No Change)  

4.30pm to 7.00pm

5.00pm to 8.00pm



7.30am to 9.30am

No Longer Applicable

11.30am to 2.00pm

Indicated by a continuous yellow line



New Maritime Command and Control Centre in Changi

"The SMSC will bring together elements from key domestic maritime agencies such as the Republic of Singapore Navy, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and the Police Coast Guard under one roof...

"The Changi C2 Centre is expected to become operational in 2009..."



1,420 fatal and injury accidents involving taxis in 2006

"Fatal and injury accidents involving taxis rose from 1,270 cases in 2005 to 1,420 cases last year.
"As a proportion of fatal and injury accidents involving taxis, the rate remained stable at 19% over the last 2 years..."



Beware of snatch thieves in streets and common areas

"Since the beginning of the year, there have been 124 cases of snatch theft reported. Of these cases, 67 cases involved the stealing of handphones...
"More recently on 6 Mar at about 6.45am, a teenaged male victim lost his handphone to a snatch thief when he was hit on the back of the head whilst walking near Tampines St 41. The culprit picked up the $100 mobile phone that the victim dropped and fled with it..."



Singapore Crime Situation 2006

"Theft and related offences 2, which accounted for more than half (61%) of overall crime reported, fell by 2,192 cases from 22,711 to 20,519 cases in 2006.
"The overall decrease was largely due to fewer cases of shop theft, theft from person and other theft3 . In addition, handphone crimes4 also dropped from 4,825 to 4,594 cases...
"Youths made up 19% of total persons arrested in 2006, compared to 23% last year..."


     - 1,100 theft cases involving metals in 2006


Alcoholic beverages consumption in foreign workers' dormitories

"In a pilot test, Police has allowed beer to be sold in four dormitories1, and where the beer is then consumed at designated social areas inside the dormitories...
"Police is now conducting a review to assess if the sale and consumption of beer can be extended to other dormitories..."


     - Singapore River HongBao 2007

     - Police raid second company using pirated software


Number of traffic summonses for speeding going down"

In 2005, as part of Police’s overall enforcement strategy, more resources were diverted to ensure greater police presence on our roads to deter motorists from flouting traffic rules.
"The public had by then become more aware of the PSLC deployment through Traffic Police’s website and radio.
"This contributed to the number of summonses issued for speeding falling 37% to 51,800 in 2005 as compared to 2004. In 2006, the number of summonses issued for speeding decreased 13% to 45,130 compared to the 51,800 summonses issued in 2005..."



10,221 reported cases of loan shark harassment activities in 2006

"In 2006, 294 persons were arrested for UML offences and related harassment activities. This is an increase of 11% as compared to 2005.
"In 2006, Police also dealt with 39 UML syndicate members under the CL(TP) Act, which is an increase of 63% compared to 24 in 20053. In addition, Police smashed 8 syndicates last year4 ..."



Road Traffic Situation 2006

"The number of persons killed increased from 173 to 190 in 2006. The number of persons injured increased from 8,226 to 9,706 in 2006, of which 104 suffered serious injuries...
"There was an overall increase in the number of speed-related accidents, from 1,445 to 1,657 cases in 2006, with the number of speed-related fatal accidents increasing by 15 cases, from 51 to 66. More than 1 in 3 of all fatal accidents were speed related..."



Thaipusam Festival 2007

From 6 P.M. On Wed, 31 Jan 2007 to 2 A.M on Fri, 2 Feb 2007



Secondhand Goods Dealers Bill 2007 passed

"The current Act does not cover dealers operating without a shop. We recognise that many secondhand goods dealers today actually carry on their business via other means, such as on the Internet, or in an open-air setting like Sungei Road. This is unacceptable, as thieves and robbers will simply get rid of their loot through these other dealers who do not have a shop-front...
"MHA is hence widening the coverage of the law to include those dealers who do not operate within a shop. However, in keeping with the emphasis on a sharper regulatory focus, only dealers who trade in secondhand goods that are listed in the Schedule will come under the ambit of the Act..."


     - Two students to be charged in court for misuse of sparklers


     - Marina Bay and Orchard Road countdown 2006/2007 events


What really happened with Chee in prison

"Coincidentally, on the day that Chee stopped eating (28 Nov 06), the SDP website posted a statement “Dr Chee Soon Juan’s health deteriorates in prison” and started to purvey the story that Chee was unwell because of his treatment in prison.
"Soon after that, several foreign Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) wrote to express concerns similar to that purveyed by the SDP over Chee’s health and his treatment in prison.
"Then just as strangely as Chee had stopped eating on 28 Nov 06, Chee abruptly resumed eating his meals on 4 Dec 06. He ate his dinner ordered from a menu of choices at Changi General Hospital...


     - Central and northeast Singapore experience tremors

     - Police nab armed robber preying on convenience stores

     - Police arrest 12 people in island-wide anti-piracy raids


Police nab Internet trickster selling car parts and accessories

"The culprit lured unsuspecting car enthusiasts in an online motoring forum into parting with their money by claiming that he was able to get bulk discounts on car parts and accessories.

"The victims would place orders with the culprit and make payment electronically. However, the victims never received their goods. When the victims discovered that they had been cheated, the culprit taunted them to catch him if they could..."


     - Four duped into parting with their cash and valuables in scam

     - US President’s Visit to Singapore

     - Proposed amendments to the Penal Code

     - Police bust foreign housebreaking syndicate

     - 34 people to be charged in court for assisting loansharks

     - 15 sleight-of-hand cases reported since January 2006

     - Police bust foreign syndicate using cloned ATM cards

Incident at Speakers’ Corner

"On 16 Sept 2006, Chee Soon Juan and a few of his associates gathered in the late morning at the Speakers' Corner.

"After making speeches at Speakers' Corner, Chee attempted to proceed on a protest march to Parliament House...

"However, he and his group were stopped by the Police and advised not to break the law..."


     - Police may not allow some IMF/WB civil society representatives to enter Singapore

     - Chee Soon Juan distributing pamphlets at Raffles City

     - Update On Subutex Voluntary Rehabilitation Programme

     - Singapore tightens security ahead of IMF/World Bank meetings

     - Police arrest Malaysian for smuggling counterfeit S$1 coins


Subutex a Class A Controlled Drug from 14 Aug 2006

"From 14 August 2006, doctors will not be permitted to prescribe and dispense any take-home dosages for existing patients.

"All patients who require Subutex will have to consume their medication under direct visual observation of the pharmacist, doctor and/or his treatment team on a daily basis1 ..."


     - No outdoor demonstrations and processions during IMF/WB meetings


Singapore Crime Situation - First half 2006

"Crimes involving handphones being stolen, which was one of the key concerns in 2005, decreased significantly, from 2,423 to 1,962 cases, in the first half of 2006...

"The drop in handphone crimes, despite the continued high mobile phone penetration rate in Singapore3 , may be in part due to enhanced public education on such crimes as well as tighter enforcement against errant second-hand handphone dealers..."


     - Police bust Orchard Underpass counterfeit syndicates

     - Police arrest three Singaporeans involved in Malaysia kidnap case

     - Police arrest 77 foreigners illegally working as masseuses


Entrapment: A Necessary Enforcement Tool

When Yeo was asked if he had any drugs, Yeo volunteered to bring drugs to the hotel where he was subsequently arrested with Ecstasy, ‘Ice’, and Ketamine.

Adrian Yeo was, therefore, not a law-abiding person enticed into committing an offence by CNB.

In omitting to highlight the fact that Yeo was a habitual drug abuser, the ST report has misled readers into thinking that CNB had acted unethically when the circumstances of the case clearly show the contrary and that CNB had acted professionally...



Changes To Conditions For Massage Establishments

Under the new requirements, establishments administering foot-reflexology, physiotherapy, traditional massage or curative massage must ensure that the massage services are conducted in full view of the public and satisfy the following new requirements before they are exempted from the provisions of the Act...

To safeguard public health and safety, masseuses, therapists and reflexologists who are working or will be working in licensed massage establishments may be required to undergo and pass a medical health screening before they can be allowed to work for any licensed establishment for massage...



Inmate Dies in Prison

On 20 Jun 06 at about 11.15am, an inmate of Queenstown Remand Prison, 59-year-old, Chan Bing Chaw, was found hanging inside the cell with a T-shirt around his neck. The T-shirt was secured to a ventilation grille located on the wall above the cell door.

He was pronounced dead at about 11.45am.

Police are investigating into the case of unnatural death.

21 June 2006 @ 7.00 pm

Source: Media Release 21 Jun 2006

Related Article:

- Robber who fired gun faces death penalty if convicted

     - Chinese national found murdered in Ang Mo Kio salon


Police arrest four African suspects in advance fee fraud scam

"...the victim was told that the buyers' funds were in blackened United States currency 'notes' held at the South African Embassy in Singapore. The victim was told to pay the suspect a sum of USD2,100 purportedly as 'late charges' to secure the release of the funds..."


     - Chief Justice expresses shock about lawyer's alleged misappropriation of clients' moneys

     - Police nab eight suspects involved in $1.5 million handphone heist

     - Six foreigners arrested for theft from ATMs; S$370,000 cash seized

     - Q & A on lewd photos posted by bloggers on blogs


Police launch online database of IMEI numbers of stolen handphones

HITS contains the IMEI numbers of handphones that have been reported stolen. This system allows the public to verify if the handphone they intend to purchase is stolen or not.....


     - Man armed with chopper attacks police officers; shot fired

      - New Website lets ex-offenders check own 'spent' criminal records


     - Singapore Police & NYPD formalise training exchange programme

Charges Filed against Richard Yong and Loo Say San

CAD has completed its investigations into the affairs of the NKF and presented its findings to the Attorney General's Chambers. After considering the investigation report and the evidence, the Public Prosecutor has decided to proceed with one charge each under Section 157 of the Companies Act against Mr Richard Yong Kun Da and Mr Loo Say San for failing to exercise reasonable diligence as directors of NKF. The offence carries a maximum penalty of a fine not exceeding $5,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year.

On the basis of the evidence available, CAD will not be filing criminal charges against any other person.

18 April 2006 @ 9.30 am

Source: Media Release 18 Apr 2006

     - Law against Singaporeans who sexually exploit minors overseas

     - Police arrest kidnappers of two Indonesian men

     - Police bust illegal 4-D syndicate

     - ICA raid in 2 HDB blocks nets 33 immigration offenders

     - Suspect in Henderson Road murder surrenders himself

     - Body of missing toddler found under Aljunied flyover


Home Affairs Minister tackles MPs' questions on crime situation

"As for snatch theft, where a person’s belongings are forcibly snatched away from him, cases involving handphones have increased from 160 cases in 2004 to 280 cases in 2005 and accounted for 45 per cent of the total number of snatch theft cases in 2005.
"Of particular concern are the cases specifically targeting the handphones of young victims, which has increased from 50 cases in 2004 to 93 cases in 2005.
"Robbery and theft cases involving handphones remain a key area of concern for the Police. The number of such cases increased significantly by 42 per cent to 4,830 cases in 2005.
"This is due to the higher mobile phone penetration rate in Singapore, thereby giving rise to a larger pool of potential victims. There are 4.3 million handphone subscribers in Singapore..."


     - Suspected gunman in Serangoon Ave murder arrested in KL


Singapore Crime Situation 2005

Robbery and theft cases involving handphones taken remain a key area of concern for the Police. The number of such cases increased significantly by 1,414 cases, from 3,411 to 4,825 cases in 2005.

Handphone crimes increased most notably for theft in dwelling (excluding shop theft) from 832 to 1,119 cases (+287 cases), and for other thefts (from 1,096 to 1,837 cases in 2005).
Robbery (from 344 to 488 cases), snatch thefts (from 162 to 283 cases) and cheating and related offences (from 275 to 343 cases) also saw notable increases.
The increase in handphone crime may be due to the rise in mobile phone penetration rate in Singapore indicating a larger pool of potential victims...


     - Businessman shot dead in Serangoon Ave flat


Casino Control Bill 2006

To discourage locals from developing into problem gamblers, Section 116 of the Bill shall require the casino operators to collect an entry levy from Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents for every consecutive 24 hours in the casinos or $2,000 for an annual membership.

This levy will also underscore the message that gambling is an expense and not a means to get rich...
Section 108 of the Bill shall prohibit casino and junket operators from extending credit to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents, unless they maintain a credit balance of at least $100,000 with the casino operator at the start of their gaming which would qualify them as premium players.
Automated Teller Machines or ATMs shall be prohibited within the casinos under Section 109 of the Bill so that patrons will not have easy access to their savings accounts to gamble continuously.
Minors are also another potentially vulnerable group who may fall prey to the glamour of the casino, without realising the possible dangers of gambling. Sections 130 to 137 of the Bill will prohibit persons below the age of 21 years from entering the casinos...


     - Robber who fired gun faces death penalty if convicted

     - Thaipusam Festival 2006

     - Police officer found dead at home with gunshot wound

     - Five illegal immigrants nabbed entering Singapore by sea

     - LTA to administer bus lane offences from 1 Feb 2006


Singapore carries out first large-scale anti-terror drill

"Ever since September 11 and the arrest of the Jemaah Islamiyah members in Singapore, we have stepped up our security measures...

"Exercise Northstar V is the largest scale exercise we have conducted so far. We simulated a scenario with multiple bomb explosions and a chemical agent release in 4 MRT stations and 1 bus interchange, to stretch ourselves and test our capabilities..."


     - Christmas & new year revellers molested in Orchard Road

     - New speed limits for 65 roads in Western Singapore



Law amended to impose heavier penalties on loansharks

"But the number of unlicensed moneylending and related harassment cases continues to rise: from some 1,500 cases in 1995 to almost 6,000 cases in 2004.

"In some instances, parties who did not borrow money were also harassed; for example, new occupants of dwellings that were formerly occupied by debtors and people who had lost or misplaced their identity cards.
"In addition, the number of arrests made in harassment cases more than doubled from 123 arrests in 2003 to 284 arrests in 2004..."



Survey shows some companies infringing software copyright law

"...a recent survey highlighted that for small medium enterprises, nearly a third of them are still not fully compliant in the proper usage of software products in their business environment. This could be as a result of the use of illegal software or under-licensing the use of software products...
"The survey also found that among those who were non-compliant, a significant number were smaller companies, averaging ten workstations or less. 47.3% of this group were non-compliant...


      - New speed limits for 55 stretches of roads in southern Singapore

     - Woman murdered in Jalan Bukit Merah flat

     - Annual Fire Walking Festival 2005

     - Law to let criminal records of minor offenders be rendered spent


Bicycle thefts in Singapore

"The number of cases of bicycle theft averaged around 400 cases a year from 2000 to 2004. In the first half of this year, 435 cases were reported...

"In 2004, 9 out of 10 bicycles stolen in public places were not secured at designated bicycle bays. Instead, the vast majority of those stolen were secured to lamp posts, railings and pipes..."


     - Police raid company using pirated software

     - Body parts found near Orchard MRT Station


“White Elephants” Outside Buangkok MRT Station
Some members of public have expressed surprise and unhappiness upon learning that Police are investigating into the recent incident involving a few white elephant placards erected outside Buangkok MRT station. A few have also commented that this is a 'peaceful, humourous' and 'innovative way by ordinary residents' to 'express public feedback' and questioned the need for Police to 'over-react' and take the matter so seriously.
The Police received a 999 call complaining about the presence of the white elephants placards along the road divider outside Buangkok MRT station. When a complaint or report is received or lodged, Police will have to look into the matter to determine whether any offence has been committed. As we have stated earlier, Police are presently investigating the matter under the Public Entertainments and Meetings Act. The Police must be fair and transparent at all times and not investigate cases selectively.
7 September 2005 @ 12.00 pm
Source: Media Release 7 Sep 2005

     - New speed limits for 27 roads in the northeast

     - Man arrested for using counterfeit credit cards in Sim Lim Square

     - Police act against unlicensed second-hand handphone dealers


Three arrested for illegally distributing copyrighted songs online

"A pre-dawn raid on 3 locations by the Police on 17 August 2005 saw the arrest of 3 male subjects aged between 16 and 22 years old for distributing infringing copies of copyrighted music on the Internet.
"The 16 year-old student, 21 year-old unemployed man and 22 year-old factory operator were arrested in their respective residences..."


     - Armed police patrols on MRT trains from 15 Aug 2005


Singapore Crime Situation in 1st half 2005

"The total number of seizable offences in Jan – Jun 05 has risen by 28.1% or 4,668 cases, as compared to the same period last year...

"The Police are also concerned about the 44% rise in handphone crimes and the 9% increase in youths arrested for crime..."


      - Police advisory on NKF suit


Rehabilitation for first- & second-time synthetic drug abusers

"From 1 July 2005, first- and second-time abusers of MDMA (Ecstasy, Ketamine), Methamphetamine (Ice or Yaba) and Nimetazepam (Erimin-5) will undergo a new rehabilitation regime in Drug Rehabilitation Centres (DRCs)....."


     - Police arrest 15 men for distributing pirated software

     - CISCO guards don new uniform

     - Naked body parts along Kallang River - suspect arrested

     - Singaporeans engaging in sex with minors overseas

Registration of Criminals (Amendment) Bill 2005

"We are amending the Registration of Criminals Act or "RCA" to allow the record of a conviction kept in the Register of Criminals for a less serious crime to be considered as spent if the person stays clean after a specified period...

"As we are making a start in this area, we have decided to do so on a more cautious note, by providing for criminal records to become spent. In the light of experience gained, we can consider expunging criminal records in the future..."


     - Computerised Theory Test to start in June 2005: Traffic Police

     - CCTVs to be used in parts of Geylang to combat vice

     - 11,790 Immigration Offenders Arrested in 2004

     - Singapore Crime Situation 2004

Home Team report card for 2004

"The Home Team has done a good job keeping Singapore safe and secure. The crime situation remains stable and under control. The total number of seizable offences rose slightly by 3 per cent to 34,480 offences recorded..."



Government corporatising statutory board CISCO

"...CISCO will no longer share the same insignia as Police and upon corporatisation, CISCO's auxiliary police officers will no longer don the same uniform as the Police..."


     - Release/detention of persons involved with JI and MILF

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