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Vehicle Entry Permit


The Singapore  Immigration and Registration (SIR) has issued a statement saying that visitors who hold passports from Iran, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Pakistan will need visas to enter Singapore. They can apply for one from any of the Singapore missions abroad. The requirement takes effect from 12 Oct 2001. With the five additions, the number of countries whose citizens need a visa to enter Singapore is 33. (H7)

     Employment Pass:   Tel: (65) 6391 6100

     Work Permit:   Tel: (65) 6538 3033

     Student Pass: (65) 6391 6100

     Social Visit Pass: (65) 6391 6100

     Vehicle Entry Permit: (65) 6269 0279

     Conversion of foreign driving licence

     Registry of Vehicles: (65) 6459 4222

     Registry of Companies & Businesses: company Tel:(65) 6325 3733

                                                                    business Tel:(65) 6325 3729

     Under Singapore Immigration Regulations, any foreigner who is not a Singapore permanent resident and wishes to engage in any business, profession, occupation or any paid employment in Singapore with a monthly income of more than S$2000 is required to apply for an employment pass.

     All applications for employment passes should be sent to:

     Employment Pass Department

     Ministry of Manpower

     10 Kallang Road Singapore 208718

     Work permit allocations for the construction industry will be cut further on 1 Apr 2000 to reduce its reliance on unskilled and semi-skilled foreign workers.




     Currently, applicants for work permit or for renewal of work permits are required to undergo a medical examination, which includes a general physical medical examination, a chest x-ray and a test for the AIDS-causing Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

     With effect from 1 March 2000, the medical examination requirement will be extended to foreigners who applied and obtained in-principle approval for employment passes of six months’ duration or more, long-term immigration passes1 and Permanent Residence (PR).

     Those who are found to have active Tuberculosis or HIV infection will not be granted employment passes, long-term immigration passes or PR. This health requirement will further strengthen the control of communicable diseases like HIV infection and Tuberculosis in Singapore.

     All applicants who have been granted in-principle approval will be informed and given a copy of the medical examination form. They are required to bring along the medical examination forms when they visit a registered general practitioner in Singapore for the medical examination.

     Subsequently, upon receipt of the medical report from the general practitioner, the applicant should submit in person to Employment Pass Department (EPD) or Singapore Immigration & Registration (SIR) the original medical report together with the in-principle approval letter. Issuance of the employment pass, immigration passes or PR will be subject to the outcome of the medical report.

     For enquiries on the procedures for applying for employment passes, or PR and long term immigration passes, please contact EPD at tel no: 2975443, or SIR at tel no: 3916100, respectively.

     For enquiries related to health matters, please contact the Ministry of Health at Tel no: 2254122.

1 Long-term immigration passes refer to the Professional Visit Pass, Dependant’s Pass, Student’s Pass and Long-Term Social Visit Pass of six months’ duration or more.





Singapore Labour Market 3rd quarter 2007

Total employment expanded by 58,600 in Q3 07, up substantially from the increase of 43,000 in Q3 06, making it the second highest quarterly increase after the 64,400 recorded in Q2 07...
1,827 workers were retrenched in Q3 07, an improvement from 2,472 in Q3 06 and 1,918 in Q2 07[2]. This brings the total number retrenched in the first nine months of 2007 to 5,709, much lower than 9,388 in the same period last year...



New foreign workforce measures to meet strong market demand

With effect from 1 January 2008, the S Pass quota for all sectors will be increased from 15% to 25%. The new S Pass quota will come entirely from companies' Work Permit quota which will be increased for all sectors. Companies can therefore employ more S Pass holders, in lieu of Work Permit holders, hence improving the quality of their foreign workforce...
To strengthen our global talent attraction and retention efforts, refinements will be made to the PEP scheme. Foreign professionals whose last drawn fixed monthly salary overseas was at least S$7,000 will be eligible for a PEP. The PEP will also be granted to former P1 Employment Pass holders upon application.
These changes will take effect from 1 March 2008. Existing and new P1 pass holders working in Singapore that apply for the PEP ahead of the 2-year requirement will be accorded in-principle approval. They can apply to take up the PEP at the end of 2 years on their current P1 pass...



Secondhand Goods Dealers Act effective from 1 Dec 2007

Under the new Act, only dealers who deal in secondhand goods that are listed in the Schedule will be regulated. This will be regardless of whether such dealings take place at a shopfront, via a makeshift stall or over the Internet.
The list of items was drawn up based on crime data of commonly stolen items. While the existing Act has a wider list of items, the new regulatory regime has a reduced list which comprises commonly stolen items. This allows a sharper regulatory focus in preventing fencing1.
Dealers who deal in items which are not in the new list will not be regulated. The list of items may also be revised according to crime trends...



Medical devices in Singapore to be regulated

HSA is adopting a phased approach in implementing the new regulations to minimise the impact to the supply of medical devices and to provide sufficient time for the industry to meet the new standards and requirements. The control measures will be implemented in three phases, starting from 1 November 2007:..



Cancellation of licence for public lecture by Prof Emeritus Douglas Sanders

Our laws are an expression and reflection of the values of our society and any public discourse in Singapore on such matters should be reserved for Singaporeans.
Foreigners will not be allowed to interfere in our domestic political scene, whether in support of the gay cause or against it.



Corruption, Drug Trafficking and Other Serious Crimes (Confiscation of Benefits) Act passed

Clause 11 of the Bill makes it mandatory for anyone physically carrying currency and bearer negotiable instruments or CBNI, above S$30,000, into or out of Singapore, to declare this to the authorities at the checkpoints...

The threshold amount of S$30,000 is based on the recommendation by the FATF, and includes not only currency in circulation, but also bearer negotiable instruments such as travellers cheques, money orders, cheques, bonds and promissory notes...
Hence, for clarity, a crossed cheque made payable to a specific person with the word “bearer” deleted is not considered a bearer negotiable instrument because only the person named on the cheque can receive the amount stated on it.
The new measure would be non-discriminatory and will be imposed on all travellers, including citizens, residents and foreigners, entering and exiting the country.
The penalties for non-declaration and false declaration are a maximum fine of S$50,000 or a term of imprisonment of up to 3 years or both...



Employer-financed insurance for medical expenses of foreign workers

The Ministry of Manpower will require employers to purchase and maintain insurance for the medical expenses of foreign workers from 1 January 2008.
This requirement is being implemented in tandem with the withdrawal of healthcare subsidies for foreigners1, which was previously announced by the Ministry of Health. The requirement will apply to:
  • All new and existing foreign workers on Work Permit or S Pass from 1 January 2008.
  • All new foreign domestic workers, and existing foreign domestic workers when employers renew their Work Permits, from 1 January 2008.



The Private Security Industry Bill 2007 passed

"Should a private investigator or security officer be charged with or convicted of a prescribed offence which makes his continued employment as a private investigator or security officer undesirable, his licence can be suspended with immediate effect. This power is provided in Clause 24(5) of the Bill.
"With the introduction of the licensing schemes for security officers and private investigators, more than 500 private investigators and 30,000 security officers will need to apply for a licence..."



New dog licensing rules from 1 Sep 2007

"All licensed dogs must be microchipped with an ISO compliant microchip.
"Dogs that were licensed before 1 Sep 07 will be exempted from the requirement. However, owners of such dogs are strongly encouraged to have their dogs microchipped for better traceability...
"Under the new Rules1, the annual licence fee for all unsterilised dogs (both male and female) is $70 while the licence fee for sterilised dogs is $14..."



Employment situation in 2nd Quarter 2007

"Preliminary estimates show that total employment grew by a record quarterly high of 61,900 in the second quarter of 2007, as the economy continued its strong growth...

"Employment grew in all the major sectors, led by services which added 33,600 workers. Manufacturing posted gains of 16,600, higher than earlier quarters..."


     - Licence needed for 15 chemicals (explosive precursors) in Singapore


Suspension of poultry and egg imports from Selangor, Malaysia

"The Malaysian Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) informed the Agri- Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) this morning (6 Jun 2007) that it had detected an outbreak of H5N1 bird flu in chickens in a village household in Sungei Buluh, Selangor.

"About 60 chickens had died as a result of the outbreak. Although the poultry and layer farms in Selangor that have been approved to export to Singapore are bio-secured, AVA is suspending poultry and egg imports from Selangor as a precautionary measure with immediate effect..."



36,000 persons granted permanent residence in Singapore yearly

"Over the last ten years i.e. from 1997 to 2006, an average of about 36,000 persons were granted permanent residence (PR) in Singapore annually...
"Over the last ten years, an average of about 8,500 Singapore Permanent Residents became Singapore Citizens annually..."



Pilot project allowing cycling on all footways in Tampines

"Land Transport Authority (LTA), Traffic Police (TP) and the Tampines Grassroots Organisations (GROs) will be conducting a study in the Tampines Town to assess the feasibility of allowing cycling on footways with effect from 27 May 2007.
"The study will last for one year and end on 30 May 2008...
"Currently, under Rule 28 of the Road Traffic Rules, enacted in 1981, cycling on footways is prohibited. Like any other vehicles, bicycles are to be ridden on the roads and cyclists are required to abide by all relevant traffic rules and regulations..."


    - Public forum on democracy organised by the Singapore Democratic Party


Man to be charged for importing pellet guns

"When asked, the man did not declare any items. Subsequent screening revealed images that appeared to be guns within his baggage. A physical check of his check-in carton revealed 20 sets of pellet guns and 5 bottles of pellets. He was subsequently detained for investigation.

"Police investigated a total of 38 cases involving airsoft guns in 2006. Since the beginning of this year (2007), Police have investigated 21 such cases. Most of these airsoft guns were detected at the airport and other checkpoints, as well as the Singapore Post Centre..."



Check your eligibility for Singapore PR or citizenship online

"The Naturalisation Eligibility Tool is a free online self-assessment system, to assist foreigners working and staying in Singapore to assess if they are eligible for either Singapore Permanent Residence (SPR) or Singapore Citizenship (SC)...
"Overseas foreigners are also able to use the system although theirs will only be a hypothetical assessment. These overseas foreigners are given the option to provide their contact particulars to enable ICA to contact them if necessary..."



Alcoholic beverages consumption in foreign workers' dormitories

"In a pilot test, Police has allowed beer to be sold in four dormitories1, and where the beer is then consumed at designated social areas inside the dormitories...
"Police is now conducting a review to assess if the sale and consumption of beer can be extended to other dormitories..."



About 200,000 new Singapore PRs in the next 5 years

"From 2001-2004, an average of 35,250 new permanent residents (PR) and 7,130 new Singapore citizens (SC) were granted per annum. In 2005, about 52,300 new PRs and 12,900 new SCs were granted.
"The average numbers of new PRs and SCs are 38,700 and 8,300 respectively, for the period 2001-2005.
"We could expect to add about 200,000 new PRs and 40,000 new SCs in the next 5 years if we get the same numbers of new PRs and SCs as in the last 5 years..."



Secondhand Goods Dealers Bill 2007 passed

"The current Act does not cover dealers operating without a shop. We recognise that many secondhand goods dealers today actually carry on their business via other means, such as on the Internet, or in an open-air setting like Sungei Road. This is unacceptable, as thieves and robbers will simply get rid of their loot through these other dealers who do not have a shop-front...
"MHA is hence widening the coverage of the law to include those dealers who do not operate within a shop. However, in keeping with the emphasis on a sharper regulatory focus, only dealers who trade in secondhand goods that are listed in the Schedule will come under the ambit of the Act..."



Easing of Visa Requirements

With effect from 1 January 2007, citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia holding Diplomatic passports will not need a visa to visit Singapore.
All other types of passport holder are still required to obtain the appropriate visas for entry into Singapore.
The changes to the visa requirements are part of the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority's on-going review to facilitate the entry and stay of bona fide visitors.


Immigration & Checkpoints Authority 29 December 2006

Source: News Release 29 Dec 2006

     - MDA launches new licence framework for IPTV



Higher school fees for PRs and foreign students

"From January 2007, PR in Government and Government-aided schools, junior colleges (JCs) and the centralised institute (CI) will pay about 20% more for school fees. They currently pay the same fees as citizens at the secondary and pre-university levels.
"FS, whose fees are already higher than those for citizens and PR, will have their fees increased by about 30%. The new fees for FS will take effect two years from now (2009 ), to give time for them to decide if they wish to apply to become permanent residents..."



Revision of hospital subsidy for foreigners

"From October 2007, PRs will continue to be subsidised for hospital services, but at 5 percentage-points less than Singapore citizens.
"From October 2008, another 5 percentage-point reduction will be applied. This way, Singapore citizens will enjoy greater subsidy than PRs, by a total of 10 percentage- points.
"As for the other foreigners, there will be no more healthcare subsidy from October 2007. ..."


     - AVA to implement grading scheme for pet shops


Option for foreign maids to have salary paid into their bank account

"To ensure prompt salary payment, FDWs can ask for their salaries to be paid into their bank accounts in Singapore.

"Effective 1 November 2006, MOM will introduce this as a new work permit condition for employers to comply..."



New personalised employment pass not tied to any employer

The Ministry of Manpower will introduce a Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) from 1 January 2007 to help us better attract and retain global talent...

The PEP allows the holder to remain in Singapore for up to six months in between jobs to evaluate new employment opportunities. This helps us to retain selected global talent who would otherwise have to leave Singapore...

The PEP will be issued only once with a validity of 5 years. It will be nonrenewable. A PEP holder will retain the dependant privileges of his original EP type and the minimum annual basic salary requirement of S$30,000 will continue to apply throughout the 5-year duration...



Subutex a Class A Controlled Drug from 14 Aug 2006

"From 14 August 2006, doctors will not be permitted to prescribe and dispense any take-home dosages for existing patients.

"All patients who require Subutex will have to consume their medication under direct visual observation of the pharmacist, doctor and/or his treatment team on a daily basis1 ..."


     - No outdoor demonstrations and processions during IMF/WB meetings

     - Number of recognised foreign medical schools increased to 120


Exit permit rules relaxed for National Servicemen from 1 Aug 2006

"Full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) will henceforth be exempted from applying for exit permits for short overseas trips of less than 3 months...

"NSmen who have completed their Operationally-Ready National Service Training Cycle and have been phased into the MINDEF Reserve (MR) will no longer be required to notify the MNC of their overseas trips of more than 24 hours and less than 6 months..."



Foreign domestic maids get one-day off in new standard contract

"This contract is designed to help smoothen employer/employee relationships from the onset, by minimising any ambiguities on the employment terms.

"For example, the contract will include the stipulation of the minimum of one day-off entitlement for the Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs). However, if the day-off is not taken, the employer will have to compensate the FDW in cash..."


     - Expat survey shows Singapore best place in the world for Asians to live


Amended Enlistment Act requires males 13 years & older to get exit permits

MINDEF will require pre-enlistees aged 13 to 16½ to apply for Exit Permits if they intend to be away from Singapore for 3 months or more...

Those who require Exit Permits of 2 years or more will be required to furnish a bond...

The penalty regime for Exit Permit offences for those aged 13 to 16½ will be only a fine of up to $2,000, with no custodial sentences...

We will thus be introducing a new offence in the Enlistment Act under which parents and guardians can be made liable for the Exit Permit offences of their children or wards of ages 13 to 16½ so that the penalty can be imposed on their parents or guardians when the circumstances warrant it. The penalty regime for the offence will also be a fine of up to $2,000.



     - ICA raid in 2 HDB blocks nets 33 immigration offenders

     - Workplace Safety and Health Act replaces Factories Act

     - Food items individual travellers may bring into Singapore

     - Singapore and US begin testing of e-Passports


     - 52 illegal foreign workers nabbed in raids at 13 coffee shops

     - Update, renew & terminate 45 different licences online


Study Mum Situation in Singapore

"As at end Jul 05, there were about 6,800 study mothers in Singapore of whom some two-thirds were from the PRC...

"As at end Jun 05, less than 1,000 study mothers were holding Work Permits..."


     - 58 foreign workers arrested for having no work permits

     - New 10 VEP-free days scheme & shorter VEP operating hours

     - Ministry of Manpower fine tunes foreign worker policy

     - Singapore Labour Market 2004 Report


     - Government launches Unclaimed Monies Web site    

     - One-stop business licensing service launched

     - Student Protection Scheme for international students

     - Extension of detention orders for 17 JI and MILF members

     - Minimum age for maids to go up to 23 in 2005

     - Automatic registration of societies from 1 Sep 2004

     - Procedures simplified for work permit transactions from May 2004







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