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     Comments about this Web site

This is a section devoted to comments made about this Web site. Visitors to our Web site have frequently conveyed their views about us and we have posted their comments here for everyone to read.

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Dear Mr Han,

Am at work at the moment and during an idle moment i found myself looking at a picture of the Colbar on the net and reading sad stories of its demise. I lived in Singapore between 1980 and 1990 and 9 of those years were on the Wessex Estate.

The Colbar as a young boy was where i enjoyed cold coke after keenly fought games of football and as a teenage boy was where i enjoyed sneaky cold bottles of Tiger (Mr Lim was willing to waive the law just for us!). It was one of our social hubs.

It's really sad to think that our lovely green patch of Singapore is being swallowed by the great urban monster. I wonder when the government will realise that these anachronistic microcosms are important.

I would be very grateful if you could let me know whether they succeeded in shifting the Colbar brick by brick to a near location.

Kind regards.

Simon Watts, Bristol.

(The writer uses an official e-mail address and we are obliged to keep it secret)

16 Sep 2004

This letter has reference to our article:

A Last Look At Colbar Restaurant



Report of incorrect hyperlink in getforme web site

Hi Raymond,

Found your site which is a great site.

Just like to inform you of a incorrect hyper link which you may want to take corrective action.

On this page

The hyper link for Rental Room Wanted incorrectly links to Rooms for rent.


Your supporter

15 Sep 2004


No bitter smile, internet is a jungle,

so I suggest you take the domain:

you are a community, a network!

Greetings from Germany

Luo Kai

(The writer uses an official e-mail address and we are obliged to keep it secret)

This letter has reference to our article:

First Use of the Singapore on the Web Slogan

28 Apr 2004


FYI about Toy Box at Suntec City

Dear Sir / Madam,

I just came across looking for shops on your website and found "Toy Box" at Suntec City. But the store now become "Mini-Toon".



19 Apr 2004



Loved looking at the pictures of old Singapore as they have brought back many happy memories of my time spent there as a young sailor on HMS Bulwark in 66/67 and the many friends I made.

Recently I requested a record on a BBC programme dedicated to the sixties but unfortunately nobody there had heard of it. It was the "Theme to Coffin for a Gunfighter" which was a big hit there at the time and I do remember seeing the film advertised at the Capitol cinema (or is my mind playing tricks on me?). I feel that the film may have been called "Django" as an alternative title perhaps. Can anyone there help me out? Does anyone remember the film or the record?

I don't think I will ever return to beautiful Singapore but my memories of the time I had there will suffice and anyway, I have the photographs!

Best wishes

Jan Steer

Wales, UK

3 Mar 2004



I have just read your website, and I find it very comprehensive. However, I would like to mention that the Empress Building at the Singapore River has finished its renovations, and is now house to the Asian Civilisations Museum (Empress Place).


12 Feb 2004


Hi there,

Just wanted to write and say how wonderful your site is.  I have seen similar sites for US and other countries, but came across our very own Singapore website quite accidentally.

I am thrilled to know that there is avenue for information and am sharing this with a lot of people, but I still wanted to let you know that you are doing a great job!!  Love the is truly greeeaatt!!!



15 Aug 2003


Homesick Singaporeans

dear mdm kang+ her photographer

we're students in london, and it's been a while
since we last went home. we can't really cook, since we've
been too well taken care of by our parents back home,
the hawker centres are always close by anyway, but naturally we miss the food. very much.

we were searching for a recipe for steamed eggs when we chanced upon your site. your recipes are great, and they're the sort of homecooked dishes we miss. your pictures are wonderful- in your quintessential singaporean hdb flat, with the very 'cooling' cotton sleeveless blouses you wear, and the familiar utensils and kitchen layout. obviously we dont know you, but we find you strangely familiar, like somebody's grandmother/grandaunt, like how it is when our ears prick up upon discerning the one singular distinctive singaporean accent amongst 200 other oriental faces from hongkong/china/taiwan in london's chinatown.

i am very sorry to hear about your husband, i've visited his memorial, but i'm sure he is in a better place now. i hope you have many children and grandchildren to keep you company, while you will surely be cooking them yummy dinners.

thanks for sharing your pictures and your recipes.

best regards,

patrick and lirong

10 Jun 2003


Raymond Han - Reflections


Hello Ray. My name is Robby Robertson. I live in Long Beach, California. I just wanted to write to tell you how thrilled my wife Brenda was to read your short story. It took here back to her childhood days. You made her very happy. She said her life was just about the same as his. She also lived in Queenstown. In Mei Ling St. Blk. #160. Her mother and one brother still lives there.

As I said I just wanted to tell you how happy your short story made her.

Robby Robertson

19 May 2003




Dear Sir/Mdm,

I was wondering when the page for "Singaporean Cooking
with Madam Kang
" will be updated again. 

I have visted that page for quite a few times since
last year but it seems that no new recipes have been
posted.  I like this page since I find the recipes
easy to follow and really "Singaporean style".

Thank you!


Siew Ling Lwa

13 May 2003


I think you mean "Examples of bad English usage". Rather ironic. Sincerely,

Peter Read

2 May 2003

The writer refers to our use of the caption Examples of bad English Usage in the Free English Lessons section of our Web site



A job well done!

Dear Raymond,

I just wanted to compliment you and your team for the
wonderful work on your website, especially the page on
"Exploring Singapore".

Having been overseas for a number of years, it's great
to be able to see the changes that are taking place by
"strolling" down memory lane.

Keep up the good work.

Your appreciative reader.

Ernest Yeo

5 Mar 2003


Bad examples of English usage


I enjoyed reading your site, save for the section entitled "Bad examples of English usage".  This title itself is poor.  Perhaps what is more apt is "Examples of bad English usage" as what the section is attempting to do is to point out some good or appropriate examples of bad English.

Adrian Tan

(The writer uses an official e-mail address and we are obliged to keep it secret)

27 Jan 2003


Improvement To Search


I was searching for bookstores in The search came up with a list of pictures with the name of the bookstore next to it and some remarks.

what the consumer needs is contact info and address and not heavy pictures of the bookshop's shop-front. 

giving him a photograph of the storefront does not help him find a book nor locate the shop in any way.

for your considerations, pls.

Chup Wai

(The writer uses a government e-mail address and we are obliged to keep it secret)

4 Aug 2002 (dated 4 Aug 2002 but received in last week of August)


Greetings From Panama

Hello Mr. Editor:

My name is Carlos Effio, my family and I lived in Singapore from 1995 to 1999 and loved everything about your country.  As of now I live in Panama and not a day goes by without me thinking about going back to Singapore.

I miss it dearly and take great comfort in looking at your pictures and imagining I'm talking a long walk from City Hall MRT all the way to Grange Rd where I used to live.  I was wondering if you could do me a small favor?

I don't seem to have any pictures of the apartment I used to live in, it's called the Colonnade and it's located at 82 Grange Road.  You can see it from the intersection of Orchard and Scott's Rd. Could you snap a shot of this building the next time you find yourself walking down Orchard?

By the way, keep up the site, I'm sure I'm right when I say that it keeps those who are away happy.

Best regards,

Carlos Effio

(The writer uses an official e-mail address and we are obliged to keep it secret)

13 Aug 2002




Thank you for a very interesting site ,i have particularly enjoyed the photo tours. We lived many years ago at Taman Serasi and i just wondered if you could tell me if the blocks of flats there are still standing adjacent to the beautiful botanic gardens. The hawkers food centre was not there when we lived there and i now see this has been demolished, thank you for taking the time to read this.  


9 June 2002



Hello Raymond,

Your article on the chicken pox was really helpful for me, as my 6 years old daughter had it two days ago.


To tell you the truth, I am in a dilemma now.  Don't know what do until I found your useful tips.  As this is only the beginning, seeing her having all the lesions over her face, arms, hands, and all over her body, really make my heart ache.


Once again, just wanna say thank you very much.


Best regards,


19 May 2002


Re: Incorrect Phone Numbers

Dear Webmaster,

I have seen many websites even local universities which lists numbers, with this mistake. With reference to your website, as well as other pages which lists telephone numbers, the numbers for 1800/1900 are incorrect. Such as "Traffic Watch: Tel: 1800 6222 2233"
Please refer to this URL for the correct info:

"Numbers that are NOT affected include 3-digit, 4-digit and 11-digit
telephone numbers, such as 999, 1711 and 1800/1900 numbers." Just remember that all 7-digit telephone numbers will be affected. So if you have your Call Forwarding service programmed to direct calls to a 7-digit number, you need to reprogramme the number on 1 March 2002 to include the digit '6' in front. Even dial-up numbers to the Internet will be changed."

Perhaps you would like to update your site with the correct information.


7 Apr 2002

New 8-digit phone numbers for Singapore phones



Hey Raymond,

     In my personal opinion, I think the service and information that your website provides is immeasurable!  It's a treasure trove of stuff I rely on on a regular basis.  Forget one unsubstantiated email attached to an equally unresearched fool. It means squat to me, and it should you! 

Keep up the good work!


(The writer uses an official e-mail address and we are obliged to keep it secret)

2 Apr 2002



Your so call news on your website is so stale.  When was the last time you update your news?  

Colin Low

9 Mar 2002

"Such inaccurate" high & low tide information



Dear Gentleman,

You are doing a GREAT JOB the website is really great.

Such a informative website for singapore i didn't see before. WOW

I am very happy Seriously i can't express my feelings in the mail when i visit the EYE ON SINGAPORE pages. this is really great.


22 Dec 2001



Hi Raymond

Was curious - what motivates you to put in so much hard work to get this site updated?  Your answer could be an inspiration for me.


13 Dec 2001



Dear Mr Han

I enjoyed using your website's information.

However I notice that the Interest Rates under the Banking & Finance segment is no longer updated these days. The latest rates shown are as for end-May 2001.

I found the rates information provided useful and hope that can continue to provide timely updates to these pages.

Thank you.

Best regards.
Mintee Winter

16 Jul 2001




  I lived in Singapore from 1967 ~ 1985 and also came upon your site by accident. It is a really great site. Brings back a lot of memories. Going through the Current prices of stall food in the Hawker Centers made me really hungry. Explore Singapore section was really very nice and I also enjoyed Singaporean Cooking with Mdm. Kang and that made me hungry as well (Sorry to read about her husband's passing) Great site, will visit it often and send the URL out to all ex Singapore friends . 


15 Jun 2001




  I found your site by accident! I now live in London but used to live in Singapore 1964-73. The scroll down memory lane was just great! Especially The Thunderbirds bit as my sister used to sing with the group The Thunderbirds in the 60's in Singapore! Keep up the excellent work and I have added your site to my favourites!!

Deborah Batchen, sister of Heather & Harvey and the Thunderbirds

1 Jun 2001




  Hi, while surfing the net for some information, I stumbled upon and I must say that I was rather surprised by the existence of such a I searched through the portal, I realized that the site had an abundance of Singapore-related/based information and I must say I am very, very impressed by the richnes of the content! Loved the "Singaporean cooking with Madam Chiang" -- uncommercialized look...very personal touch :-) And btw, congratulations on your 1,000,000th hit!   

  But while I am especially impressed by the site's content,  I cannot help but notice the flaws...Forgive me for being blunt, but I believe that the content presentation can be improved? may not have clashing colours, or brownser crashing java applets, or anything thats basically a boon for websites, but the red seems a bit too striking, and there's just not the convinience of seeing what I want at one it possible for the information to be more organized? and clear-cut? The index is cluttered with info..but there are no headlines to guide the view; I believe a better system can be worked out.

  I feel that has a great potential to become a prominent website amongst locals, but before that can happen I believe that better organisation and layout is needed in the information...please do consider making plans to regroup the pages and update all links, as I feel personally that that move will result in a greater level of development for


27 Jan 2001

This section commenced on 27 Jan 2001.

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