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     Explore Singapore

Exploring Singapore



  We start our journey at the entrance of City Hall MRT Station leading to Raffles City.

  Our journey will take us to the city area of Singapore. Today, we are going to explore Beach Road, North Bridge Road and Singapore River areas, and we are also going to stroll along Stamford Road, Penang Road, Somerset Road, Orchard Boulevard, Orchard Road and Bras Basah Road. Please follow the directions below; don't get lost.

  Have fun! 

We start from inside City Hall MRT station (main entrance)


1. Turn right at the main entrance

and you will see the entrance to CityLink Mall

Click CityLink Mall to enter the underground shopping mall


2. Or go up the escalator just in front of us

.The escalator takes us to the outside of 

City Hall MRT station.

(Just in front is Raffles City Shopping Centre)

Please choose from the following:



North Bridge Road, Singapore River, Stamford Road, Penang Road, Somerset Road, Orchard Boulevard, Orchard Road, and Bras Basah Road.

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Beach Road (Raffles Hotel)

Click logo to enter

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Visitors' Messages

Our Memories of Things Past    

     Treasure them, don't bury them. Do your part in ensuring the future generations get to know the things we hold dear to us - conserve our old buildings, if not, take as many pictures as you can of the buildings around us, for our children and their children may not get to see some of them in their time. Keep pictures of your TV/movie shows and show them to your children. Write stories and sprinkle some of these things in your stories.

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