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     FrontPage Edition: Wed 20 June 2007

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Company using pirated software raided by police


Company Raided For Using Pirated Software

On 18 June 2007 at about 11am, Police raided a land surveying professional consultancy for using pirated software and breaching several software licenses in the course of its business.
A total of 1 server, 24 desktop computers, 2 laptop computers and 10 CD-ROMs suspected to contain pirated software programs were seized for investigations.
This is the third Police raid against corporate end users, following raids conducted in Sep 2005 and Feb 2007.
Preliminary investigations revealed that the company had breached several licensing conditions for the use of software. It had installed the software on more computers than what was permitted in the license agreement. In addition, it was also uncovered that pirated software was installed in the company¡¯s server and computers and was used in the course of its business.
Police will continue to work closely with the rights owners with regards to copyright infringement.
Under Section 136(3A) of the amended Copyright Act, it is a criminal offence for any person who willfully infringes the copyright of another to obtain a commercial advantage or to a significant extent or both. The offence carries an imprisonment term up to 6 months or fine of up to $20,000/- or to both.
Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police Wong Choong Mann, Assistant Director of Specialised Crime Division of the Criminal Investigation Department said, ¡°It is hoped that this raid will serve as a reminder to the business community that the willful use of copyright infringing software, whether through under-licensing or the use of illegal software, attracts criminal penalties and incurs severe consequences. Police take a serious view of such acts and will not hesitate to take action against these offenders.¡±
20 June 2007 @ 10.00am

Source: Media Release 20 Jun 2007

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