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Rehabilitation for first- & second-time synthetic drug abusers

"From 1 July 2005, first- and second-time abusers of MDMA (Ecstasy, Ketamine), Methamphetamine (Ice or Yaba) and Nimetazepam (Erimin-5) will undergo a new rehabilitation regime in Drug Rehabilitation Centres (DRCs)....."


Shots Fired at Secondary School

We refer to the article ※Shots fired at secondary school§, published in Today on 30 June 2005.
In paragraph two of the article, it was stated that ※#unknown to most of [the students], their school has been the target of an unidentified sniper§. The article also stated that shots have been fired at the school since April, that bullet holes mark some of the walls, and that ※air gun pellets may have been discovered during a police investigation.§
We would like to clarify that to-date, there is insufficient evidence to suggest the presence of a sniper. Police are still establishing the cause of the damage to the windowpanes. We have also conducted checks in the school. Although there were small holes on the damaged windowpanes, there were no bullet holes or other markings on the walls. Neither were there any air gun pellets nor projectiles discovered.

Members of the public are advised that there is no cause for alarm. Further speculation on the incident should also be avoided.

30 June 2005 @ 3.30 pm

Source: Media Release 30 Jun 2005



ComCare Fund for needy Singaporeans launched: Prime Minister Lee's Speech

"I studied the HES (Key Findings of Household Expenditure Survey 2002/03) closely, because our aim is to take care of every Singaporean, and not just those at the top. I focussed particularly on the lowest income group 每 those in the bottom 20% in terms of per-capita household income.

"Their incomes have hardly risen over the last five years. But I was relieved to find that in terms of home ownership and of their possessions, many in this group are not that badly off.

"Four out of five of these households own their homes.  More than half (51%) actually stay in 4-room or larger HDB flats.  A large proportion of these households also own consumer durables.  Despite their low incomes, 61% have audio/video compact disc players, 42% have air-conditioners, and 63% own handphones.

"All these figures have gone up substantially in five years between 1998 and 2003. This is a remarkable and encouraging picture....."


     - ComCare Fund for needy Singaporeans launched

     - Singapore Food Festival 2005 (1 - 31 Jul 2005)

     - Registration of children for admission into Primary 1 in 2006

     - HDB Sample Household Survey 2003

      - Naked body parts along Kallang River - suspect arrested

World Battle of the Bands 2005

Singapore heats beginning on 21 Jul 2005


     - Give your view on changes to Income Tax Act

     - Government accepts NWC's wage guidelines for 2005/2006

     - PTC approves tiered increase in bus & train fares

     - Presidential Election 2005

     - Poliomyelitis - important to ensure all children are vaccinated

     - Government allocates Bukit Timah Campus to NUS

     - 70,000 Singaporeans yet to qualify for CPF Top-ups

     - First National Interschool Blogging Championship

Celebrate Singapore This August!

• Red Hot Deals (month of August)
• Malls at Marina Bay promotions (month of August)

• Carnival@Marina (6 - 14 August)
• Skydive Festival (18 每 21 August)
• Dim Sum Dollies 每 Singapore*s Most Wanted (5 每 20 August)
• WOMAD (26 每 28 August)


     - Parliamentary Elections (Amendment) Bill 2005

     - Singaporeans engaging in sex with minors overseas

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