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Naked body parts at Kallang River - suspect arrested


Naked Body Parts Found Along Kallang River

Two boxes containing body parts were found along the banks of the Kallang River this morning (16 Jun 2005).
At about 9.15 am , Police responded to a call of human remains found at Kallang Riverside Park.
Investigations established that a cleaner while on his rounds discovered a brown cardboard box on the river bank near Crawford Street containing what looked like the lower part of a human anatomy. Upon our further examination, it was established that it was the pelvic and thigh region of the lower abdomen belonging to a woman.
Police immediately cordoned off the surrounding area and conducted a search. At about 10 am , our officers discovered a red box lying on the opposite bank, containing a headless upper torso with the arms attached. Both the upper and lower torsos discovered were naked and wrapped in green plastic bags.
We are presently working towards establishing the identity of the victim. The search for further remains and evidence is ongoing.
Anyone with information on the case is advised to call the Police Hotline 1800-255-0000 immediately.
16 June 2005 @ 4.00 pm

Source: Singapore Police Force Media Release 16 Jun 2005

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Subsequent Developments:
17 Jun 2005

Body Parts at Kallang River Suspect Arrested Within 24 Hrs

Police arrested a Chinese Singaporean man in connection to a murder of a 22-year old PRC National early this morning.
Following the discovery of the dismembered body parts at Kallang Riverside Park yesterday morning, Police immediately commenced an extensive investigation into the murder.
The victim has been identified as Liu Hong Mei, a 22-year old Chinese woman. She is a PRC national who had been working in Singapore as a production operator. Police have contacted her family.
Investigations and enquiries had established that the suspect was the victim¡¯s supervisor. Police officers from the CID arrested the 50-year old man at about 6 am this morning. Some green translucent plastic bags were also seized from his flat at Geylang.
Concerning the latest developments, Acting Director CID, DAC Ng Ser Song said, "We are presently in contact with the victim's family and we are providing them the necessary support. The crime was a gruesome one and that was why no effort was spared in the investigations. Thanks to the speed and tenacity of our officers, coupled with their extensive field investigations, we had managed to pinpoint and arrest the suspect within 24 hours. "
The suspect will be charged in court tomorrow for an offence of murder.
The search for the further remains of the body continues.
17 June 2005 @ 3.00 pm

Source: Singapore Police Force Media Release 17 Jun 2005

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18 Jun 2005

Update on Body Parts Found At Kallang River

Police recovered a head and lower limbs of a human body this afternoon at the Tuas South incineration plant. The parts are believed to be linked to the body parts found along the banks of Kallang River on 16 June 2005 .
Police intercepted 3 tons of garbage which had been collected from the Singapore River since 15 June 2005 , which was due to be incinerated at Tuas South incineration plant.
At about 4.30 pm , the head was found wrapped in newspaper in a yellow coloured plastic bag. Later at about 8.30 pm , a pair of legs without feet was found in a white coloured plastic bag. The body parts found will be sent to the Health Sciences Authority for further analysis and tests.
From our investigations, it was revealed that the feet were disposed elsewhere. We are continuing with efforts to locate it.
Extensive investigations and timely intervention led Police to the recovery of the remaining body parts.
Anyone with information on the case is advised to call the Police Hotline 1800-255-0000 immediately.
18 June 2005 @ 9.30 pm

Source: Singapore Police Force Media Release 18 Jun 2005




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