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     People - News, Articles & Reports 2004


We will continue to expand the space which Singaporeans have to live, to laugh, to grow and to be ourselves. Our people should feel free to express diverse views, pursue unconventional ideas, or simply be different. We should have the confidence to engage in robust debate, so as to understand our problems, conceive fresh solutions and open up new spaces.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's swearing-in speech


Sheikh Haikel fired from DJ job at Perfect 10

Sheikh Haikel has been fired from his DJ job at MediaCorp Radio's Perfect 10. In a letter to the Straits Times Forum Page, a listener complained about comments he made on the show in July 2004. On 10 Aug 2004, the Media Development Authority said the incident breached the Radio Programme Code.

Source: Straits Times 13 Aug 2004 (L2) 

     - Prime Minister Designate Lee Hsien Loong names new Cabinet

     - Prime Minister Goh submits resignation


Prime Minister Goh's last National Day Message

"I had benefited from how Singapore was run.  Like many of my generation, my family could not afford to send me to university.  I went through university on a government bursary. I advanced in my career because Singapore was not run on the basis of race, family connections or money, but on equal opportunities and merit....."



Majority of Singaporeans trying to lose weight

About 80 per cent of 537 Singaporeans polled in a recent survey by AC Nielsen in May 2004 said they were trying to lose weight. 45 per cent said they considered themselves overweight.

The survey polled 9,500 people in 13 countries in Asia Pacific.

Source: Straits Times 5 Aug 2004 (L3)

     - Monday with the Editor: National Day Ponderings


Your generation and mine: Which is luckier?

How you make use of your advantages and opportunities will determine whether you can in 30 years time conclude, like I am now able to conclude, that we are luckier than our parents.


     - Monday with the Editor: Singaporeans sporting foreign accents

     - Statistics on Divorces 2003

     - Statistics on Marriages 2003

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     - Monday with the Editor: Invasion of the China dolls


Excerpt from speech by Mr Ng Eng Hen, Acting Minister for Manpower and Minister of State for Education on 7 Jun 2004.

From now to Singapore in 2040

Looking ahead, what can you expect of Singapore and the world? Here’s a quick peek at the milestones towards our future.



Changes to Citizenship Laws from 15 May 2004

With the changes to the Constitution, the grant of citizenship by descent will now be gender neutral. Singapore citizens, be they male or female, will be allowed to pass on citizenship by descent to their foreign-born child.


 - Draft human cloning & other prohibited practices bill


Excerpt from DPM Lee Hsien Loong's speech at NTU Student Union Forum on 5 Apr 2004

Singapore Students' Hopes, Fears & Dreams

"As the third generation of Singapore step out of school and into society, what do you dream to accomplish? How bold is your dream? How hard will you work towards it?

If you are totally focussed on your studies or other pre-occupations, then perhaps you are sleeping, but not dreaming. It is time for you to wake up and dream. The course in life that you are about to enrol in has no syllabus, examinations or grades. You make your own syllabus and assess yourself along the way. You may learn your grades only in old age, or maybe after you your children will find out how well you have done."


 - Monday with the Editor: Better safe than sorry on our MRT trains

 - Minister proposes roadmap for building next Singaporean generation

 - Monday with the Editor: Of porn VCDs and the schoolboy

Excerpt from PM Goh Chok Tong's interview on CNN programme TALKASIA on 24 Jan 2004

Q: "Under your leadership, Singapore has sort of loosened up. You know, we're hearing of homosexuals allowed in Civil Service, we hear of bar-top dancing in some areas of Singapore, which I haven't seen yet. How do you balance this sort of loosening up of Singapore but still maintain the order?"

Mr Goh: "Law and order will always be very important for Singapore. And I believe that you've got to have some regulations in order that society can function smoothly. But at the same time, as people grow up, they want more freedom. On an individual basis, children want to have more freedom. You've got to allow that. So, how do you balance it? I would say - let it evolve, move as quickly or as slowly as people would like to move."


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