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Registration of children for Primary 1 in 2006



The registration of children for admission to Primary One classes in 2006 will be held from 5 July 2005 to 30 August 2005. The dates for the different phases of registration are given at Annex A.
All primary and full schools will be open for registration from 0800 hours to 1100 hours, and from 1430 hours to 1630 hours.
A list of primary schools and the places available for 2006 is given at Annex B.
Partial Single Session and Greater Infrastructural Flexibility for Primary Schools
Since 2005, MOE has begun transiting primary schools to the partial single session in 2013. In the 2005 Committee of Supply Debate, the Ministry of Education (MOE) further announced that greater infrastructural flexibility would be provided to primary schools.
This is part of our continuing efforts to raise the quality of education by giving schools more resources and flexibility in trying different teaching approaches for better teaching outcomes.
Greater infrastructural flexibility will be achieved by freeing up 10%-15% of the current physical capacity in primary schools.
Each primary school will then have the flexibility to decide how best to make use of the physical space that has been freed up to achieve the best educational outcomes. Examples of what some schools will do with the freed-up capacity are given at Annex C.
These initiatives will mean some reduction in Primary One places in certain primary schools. This reduction will be phased in gradually to give schools ample time to adjust to the changes.
Government-aided schools will be given the choice of whether to reduce their current enrolment as they need to cater to students from their respective communities.
However, there will be sufficient school places for all eligible Primary One students in each planning area and across the entire primary school system. No child who is eligible for Primary One will be denied a place in school.
Compulsory Education
Under the Compulsory Education Act, parents of any Singaporean child born between 2 January 1999 and 1 January 2000 (both dates inclusive) are required to register their child for Primary One classes for 2006.
They may also register any children born between 2 January 1997 and 1 January 1999 (both dates inclusive), who have not been registered for Primary One classes, for admission to school in 2006.
If a child is assessed as being not ready or suitable for Primary One on medical grounds, a parent may seek approval from MOE¡¯s Compulsory Education Unit for deferment of registration.
Application can be made via MOE¡¯s website ( ) or at MOE¡¯s Customer Service Centre at 1 North Buona Vista Drive (Tel: 6872-2220).
Any enquiry on Compulsory Education may be directed to MOE¡¯s Compulsory Education Unit at tel: (65) 6879 6458/9, fax: (65) 6778 9356 or e-mail:
Registration Procedures
Parents registering their children under Phase 1 may do so through the older sibling in the school. The registration of a child under Phase 2A(1) to 2C Supplementary is to be done at the school of choice by the parent or by a person authorized in writing by the parent.
Each child should be registered at only one school at any one time. If the child is registered at more than one school, he may lose his place in the school of choice.
Allocation of Places
Children will be allocated places in the school according to the order of priority spelt out in the Registration Scheme at Annex A. Balloting will be conducted should the number of applications exceed the number of vacancies from Phase 2A(1) to Phase 2C Supplementary.
At the end of Phase 2A(2), 50% of the remaining places in each school will be allocated for Phase 2B registrants in the school and the other 50% for Phase 2C registrants.
If the number of qualifying applicants in Phase 2B exceeds the 50% cap, successful applicants will be determined first by proximity of the residence to the school and then by ballot. In the event that the allocated places for Phase 2B is not taken up, the remaining vacancies will be carried over to Phase 2C.
At the end of Phase 2C Supplementary, children who are unsuccessful in obtaining a Primary One place in a school of their choice will be posted to schools (with vacancies) that are located near their homes.
The number of Primary One places that each school offers for the 2005 Primary One Registration Exercise can be found at  .

Source: Ministry of Education Press Release 22 Jun 2005




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