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     People: News & Articles 2004

   News, Articles & Reports


     - Social Safeguards for Integrated Resort with Casino Gaming

     - Update following earthquake and tsunami

     - Monday with the Editor: Hello Singapore

     - CPF Changes from 1 January 2005

     - 130,000 yet to qualify for ERS


Monday with the Editor: Doing Good Deeds

"...If I had gone down ten minutes later, it might have been too late. The whole family of five might have succumbed to the smoke, or worse, the stove might have exploded and fire might have consumed the whole flat. And the big wooden furniture items cluttering the corridor outside the entrance to their flat might have made escape more difficult..."

     - Singapore Labour Market Report - 3rd Quarter 2004

     - Deliveries in Singapore: 2001 - 2003


Police reject Snowball.04 application

...The Police recognise that there are some Singaporeans with gay tendencies. While Police do not discriminate against them on this basis, the Police also recognise that Singapore is still, by and large, a conservative and traditional society.
Hence, the Police cannot approve any application for an event which goes against the moral values of a large majority of Singaporeans...


Monday with the Editor: Fumbling through Mother Tongue

"...I thank my lucky stars that when I was at school, in my time, I did not need to pass Mother Tongue in order to go to the 'A' Levels. Thousands of Singaporeans who went to school in the 80s and beyond must have had a hard time grappling with two languages. I do not envy them..."

     - Recent rape & molestation cases in Singapore


Health Ministry to set up new AIDS unit

In a few months, the Ministry of Health will set up a unit that will focus on prevention of AIDS. New HIV cases this year are set to hit a peak of 300. More than 2,300 people here have so far been infected, of whom 874 have died.

Source: Straits Times 1 Dec 2004 (H4)


 Monday with the Editor: Singapore Idol - who will win?

...But, what if there's a tie? It is possible, you know. Glen Ong has an answer to this. Over radio this morning, I heard him telling everyone that, if the programme's producers allow, the two finalists should compete over who says "She sells seashells on the seashore" better.

     - Steady rise in number of ambulance calls

     - Monday with the Editor: A casino for Singapore? Why not?



Singapore facing an alarming AIDS epidemic

"According to WHO, there are about four thousand people in Singapore with HIV. We have only diagnosed less than half of them.

"If we do not act, by 2010, we may have more than 15,000 HIV persons in Singapore. Then, sometime in the next decade, Tan Tock Seng may very well become the AIDS hospital..."

Dr Balaji Sidasivan


     - Certification of Registers of Electors 2004


     - Review of laws governing sexual offences

     - Employer ordered to compensate maid for failure to pay her salary


     - Mobile phone use and acoustic reuroma, a benign tumour

     - Hitwise: Singapore online retail report - What's hot & wanted

     - ITE campuses renamed as colleges from 2005

     - Monday with the Editor: Over-indulging our children


Mediacorp Radio Subaru Impreza WRX Challenge 2004

30 Oct 2004

Qualifying Period: 27 Sep - 22 Oct 2004

     - New School Graduation Certificate from 2008

     - New cases of HIV infection reported in first half 2004


Question No. 109 for Written Answer, 21 September 04

Question :

Ms Braema Mathiaparanam:"To ask the Minister for Home Affairs (a) what was the total number of applications for permanent residency made in 2002 and 2003 by (i) men and (ii) women; and (b) how many in each case were successful."

Answer :

In 2002 and 2003, ICA received an average of about 63,000 applications for permanent residence (PR) per year, of which 45% were submitted by males.

2 There is no significant difference in the approval rates for PR between male and female applicants. The PR approval rate is about 60%.

Source: Ministry of Home Affairs News Release 21 Sep 2004


Safety at MRT and LRT stations

"Despite the various safety measures in place, there have been more than 220 cases, where commuters were found trespassing on the tracks at above-ground MRT and LRT stations, between 1991 and 15 September 2004.

"Eighty-seven percent of such cases were non-accidental acts, which involved commuters jumping onto the tracks to retrieve personal items, walking, running or taking short cuts to another platform, and acts of suicide....."


     - Singapore Labour Market report - 2nd Quarter 2004

     - Extension of detention orders for 17 JI and MILF members

     - Strong support for Baby Package

     - MRT Accidents

     - Casino in Singapore?

     - Monday with the Editor: Give our young less stress at school


Five-day week for schools

"If there is a ban on weekend homework, teachers will set tighter and tighter deadlines and students would have a harder and harder time catching up with weekday work. Stress would build up to an unbearable level..."



More parents file complaints against their children

The number of parents seeking to file complaints against their under-16 children doubled in the past year according to the Singapore Children's Society. The number of such cases going before the Juvenile Court increased to 143 in 2003 from 109 in 2002. More than half involved girls, mostly between 12 and 15 years old.

Source: Straits Times 6 Sep 2004 (1)


     - Monday with the Editor: Red-brick National Library is no more


Q & A on immigration policies: Minister Wong Kan Seng

"We will continue to treat foreigners living and working in Singapore well.

"But we should make some calibrations such that Singaporeans have more privileges than PRs, who will in turn have more privileges than other foreigners.

"This is fair to our citizens and will also provide more incentives for suitable immigrants to take up PR and then citizenship..."

     - Singles can buy any type of resale HDB flats from 15 Sep 2004

     - Monday with the Editor: Radio madness in the mornings

     - Automatic registration of societies from 1 Sep 2004


SDU successfully matches 4,050 members

Matchmaker Social Development Unit (SDU) married off 4,050 of its 26,000 members in 2003, up from 2,789 in 1999. Since its founding in 1984, SDU has successfully matched 34,000 members.

Source: Straits Times 25 Aug 2004 (1)

     - Government's package of measures to support parenthood


"...We are not going to micromanage your lives. I mean, we won't say have the first one by 25 years old, the second one by 30 years old, up to you.

"What we can do is we'll make it easier for families to marry and to have children, you make the decisions..."

PM Lee unveils incentives to boost baby-making among Singaporeans


"...If I were young in my 20s, Singapore is one of the best places to be in. I can get a good education, a solid foundation for life to do best in life..."

Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew's message to Singapore's young

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