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Extension of detention orders for 17 JI and MILF members


Between August and September 2002, 22 persons were arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA) in the second round of ISDís security operations against the local Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) networks.

18 persons were placed under Orders of Detention (ODs) for a period of 2 years from 15 Sep 2002, while one person was placed under an OD for 2 years from 8 Oct 2002.

The other 3 persons were not detained but were placed under Restriction Orders (ROs) for 2 years from 15 Sep 2002.

Extension of 17 ODs

The ODs of 17 of the 19 detainees have been extended by 2 years (16 of the ODs have been extended from 15 Sep 2004, and one from 8 Oct 2004).

The terrorist and security threat posed by the JI and MILF elements in the region remains real and significant.

These 17 detainees have had long and extensive exposure to militant ideology and had received military or terrorist training. Several of them were directly involved in terrorism-related activities, including terrorist targeting.

It is assessed that these persons remain at risk of re-involvement in terrorism-related activities and their continued preventive detention is necessary. (See Annex for names of the 17 detainees.)

Release of two detainees

The ODs of 2 of the 19 detainees have not been extended as their preventive detention is assessed to be no longer necessary. They have accordingly been released on 15 Sep 2004. The 2 detainees are Mahfuh bin Haji Halimi and Salim bin Marwan.

Mahfuh bin Haji Halimi was formerly a member of the Singapore JIís shura (consultative council) and had undergone military training in Afghanistan in the early 1990s. He was later involved in the local JI networkís religious education activities.

Salim bin Marwan was also formerly a member of the Singapore JIís shura. He was involved in the JIís religious education activities and following the first wave of ISD arrests, he acted as a message courier for JI fugitives in their communications with JI elements in Singapore.

Mahfuh Halimi and Salim Marwan will be subject to ISD supervision after their release. Restriction Orders (ROs) have been issued against them.

RO Cases

Of the 3 RO cases, the ROs of Mohd Hisham bin Hairi and Sajahan bin Abdul Rahman lapsed on 14 Sep 2004 and have not been extended. Both persons underwent counselling, including religious counselling under the supervision of ISD.

The RO of Fauzi bin Abu Bakar Bafana has been extended by 2 years from 15 Sep 2004. He will continue to receive counselling.


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Source: Ministry of Home Affairs Media Release 15 Sep 2004


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