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     Government: News 2004

      NEWS SNIPPETS 2004

     - Social Safeguards for Integrated Resort with Casino Gaming

     - Update following earthquake and tsunami

     - Key indicators on Singapore's Corporate Sector: 2001 - 2002

     - 130,000 yet to qualify for ERS

     - Singapore Labour Market Report - 3rd Quarter 2004

     - MDA approves MediaCorp, SPH merged mass-market TV ops

     - New school principals appointed

     - Recent rape & molestation cases in Singapore

     - Changes to Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) scheme for visitors


Copyright (Amendment) Bill

Changes At A Glance

New Right of Communication for works

New Rights for Producers of Sound Recordings

New Rights for Performers

Removal and alteration of rights management information

Technological Measures protecting Copyrighted Works

Stronger Enforcement Measures

Criminal Liability for wilful infringement of copyright


Foreigners can get PR status with S$5 million investment

Foreigners can secure Permanent Resident (PR) status when they put in at least S$5 million with MAS-registered financial institutions for a continuous period of five years in a new scheme which comes into effect immediately.

Source: Straits Times 1 Dec 2004 (3)

- Government launches Unclaimed Monies Web site

- Changi Airport tests automated check-in & immigration system

- Steady rise in number of ambulance calls

- Amendments to the Immigration Act

- Performance of the Singapore economy in 3rd Quarter 2004

- Armed police patrols in public places since 1 Nov 2004

- Certification of Registers of Electors 2004

- Singapore Employment Situation - 3rd Quarter 2004

- Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre

- National Electronic Bills Payment Hub Implemented

- Review of laws governing sexual offences

- Employer ordered to compensate maid for failure to pay her salary

- One-stop business licensing service launched

- Advance GDP estimates for 3rd quarter 2004

- MAS Guidelines on Structured Deposits Issued


- Enhanced safety requirements for motorised bicycles & riders

- Survey of Singapore Treasury Activities 2003

- Resumption of poultry & egg imports from Malacca & Johor

- Extension of detention orders for 17 JI and MILF members

- Strong support for Baby Package


Q & A on immigration policies: Minister Wong Kan Seng

"We will continue to treat foreigners living and working in Singapore well.

" But we should make some calibrations such that Singaporeans have more privileges than PRs, who will in turn have more privileges than other foreigners.

" This is fair to our citizens and will also provide more incentives for suitable immigrants to take up PR and then citizenship..."

- Singles can buy any type of resale HDB flats from 15 Sep 2004

- Automatic registration of societies from 1 Sep 2004


- New package of measures to support parenthood


"...We are not going to micromanage your lives. I mean, we won't say have the first one by 25 years old, the second one by 30 years old, up to you.

"What we can do is we'll make it easier for families to marry and to have children, you make the decisions..."

PM Lee unveils incentives to boost baby-making among Singaporeans

- Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's National Day Rally Speech

- Suspension of poultry imports from Malaysia

- SGNIC launches second-level '.sg' domain names

- Mr Lee Hsien Loong sworn in as Prime Minister

- Prime Minister Designate Lee Hsien Loong names new Cabinet

- Prime Minister Goh submits resignation

- Prime Minister Goh's last National Day Message

- Copyright-based industries boost Singapore's economy

- DNA Database launched in Singapore

- DPM Lee Hsien Loong to be new Prime Minister on 12 Aug 2004



Excerpt from PM Goh Chok Tong's interview on CNN programme TALKASIA on 24 Jan 2004

Q: "Under your leadership, Singapore has sort of loosened up. You know, we're hearing of homosexuals allowed in Civil Service, we hear of bar-top dancing in some areas of Singapore, which I haven't seen yet. How do you balance this sort of loosening up of Singapore but still maintain the order?"

Mr Goh: "Law and order will always be very important for Singapore. And I believe that you've got to have some regulations in order that society can function smoothly. But at the same time, as people grow up, they want more freedom. On an individual basis, children want to have more freedom. You've got to allow that. So, how do you balance it? I would say - let it evolve, move as quickly or as slowly as people would like to move."


 - Rules on use of national symbols relaxed from 1 Jan 2004