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Asian Children's Performing Arts Festival


7 - 27 November 2005

This festival, initially started as a segment of the Asian Children¡¯s Festival, has been overwhelmingly successful over the last four years, growing and developing each year.
Last year we had the best response ever, with most of our performances sold out or nearly sold out, and very positive comments from our audiences.
For 2005 we are VERY proud to present to you the inaugural Asian Children¡¯s Performing Art Festival - A true festival of theatre, music, dance, and multi-arts that runs in a spirit of mutual support and co-operation, incorporating Singaporean and regional professional performing arts groups.
The Arts Interwoven
There is a theme to each production in the Festival this year ¨C each Art form is carefully intertwined with another.
The Jumping Jellybeans are weaving theatre and multimedia with Visual Art, Gamelan Asmaradana artfully combines Music and Storytelling, I Theatre brings the written word to life in Rainbow Fish 2. See if you can spot the others!
This Year's Line-up
Grand Gala Evening!
12th November 7.30pm (One Performance Only!)
A celebration of all the good things to come in the very first Asian Children¡¯s Performing Arts Festival, with some very special guests, fun and surprises for all the family.
I Theatre Presents Rainbow Fish 2 ¨C An Ocean Tale
Inspired by the Rainbow Fish books by Marcus Pfister
7th to 27th November 2005 Performances at 10.00am, 12.30pm, 3.00pm
Based on two more of Marcus Pfister¡¯s award winning storybooks, Rainbow Fish to the Rescue and Rainbow Fish and the Monster¡¯s Cave, Rainbow and friends discover how, when you face your fears of the unknown, they become a lot less scary, and easier to conquer.
Gamelan asmårådånå presents Folksongs and Folktales of South East Asia
12th to 15th November 10.00am, 12.30pm, 3.00pm
A wonderful introduction to the rich musical landscape of Southeast Asia, with songs performed on authentic Asian instruments cleverly woven around stories and legends from the country of origin.
Gamelan asmårådånå presents FunkDeGam!
18th November 7.30pm (One Performance only!)
An exhilarating and electrifying performance; using jazz, rock and pop concepts together with a fusion of Asian and Western instruments, this concert is bound to give audiences a totally new perspective on what the gamelan can do!
Kids Company Magazine presents The Jumping Jellybeans
In Terra Arata (Tilled fields)
21st to 24th November 3.00pm and 7.30pm
Taking their inspiration from the famous painting by Joan Miro, a wonderful multimedia dreamscape is created. Presented through imaginative physical theatre and projected animations. Combined with original and traditional music from Spain, Italy and Asia and modern and traditional dance, this promises to be a feast for the senses.
H.U.H! presents Swordfish! The legend of Bukit Merah
9th November at 4.00pm and 7.30pm
A fascinating musical re-telling of the famous legend, with an environmental twist, and something important to say to today¡¯s youth in Singapore. Presented by an enthusiastic and skilled group of primary school students. Energetic, challenging, fun!
SRIWANA presents Al Kisah¡­. Bawang Putih si Bawang Merah
The Shallots Duel ¨C The Myth continues¡­ White versus Red, Evil versus Good
26th, 27th November 7:30pm
Come and breeze through different scenes of kampong life and swing to the nostalgic music of classical oldies! Be amused and entertained with the uniquely familiar sounds of yesteryear as myths and legends of Old Singapore unfold.
Katherine McLeod presents Tooth Fairies from around the World
7th November 12.30pm. 28th, 29th November 3.00pm
The tooth fairy is a mysterious night time visitor. What does she look like? Where does she come from? A unique show that explores tooth traditions from around the world. Discover more of the fascinating cultural differences surrounding this most important right of passage ¨C losing those baby teeth!
Jeeva Raghunath - Roving Storyteller and Story Weaver
Various times and places
A storyteller by profession, Jeeva has represented India twice at the Asian Children¡¯s Festival. She will be appearing when least expected, but most appreciated, and will weave her special story magic before and after certain theatre performances. You'll never know when she will appear - or disappear!
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