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Asian Children's Performing Arts Festival 2005

7 - 27 Nov 2005

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We require a minimum number of 5 participants to run a workshop 每 and numbers are strictly limited. Book direct with I Theatre.

Short Workshops

Drums around the World Workshop: Learn to play drum rhythms from around the world!

Gamelan Workshop: This workshop will introduce participants to the wonderful world of gamelan music.

Make your own shadow puppet or Wayang Kulit: Learn to make colourful and interesting shadow puppets under the guidance of and experienced trainers.

Theatre 101 Backstage Pass - We reveal backstage secrets of how the production is put together, including a look at lighting, set design, rehearsal secrets, and a theatre backstage tour.

Puppetry 101: Learn how to make a simple hand puppet and be taught how to make it come alive!

Katherine McLeod Tooth Fairy Workshop 每 A fascinating, energising and fun drama workshop using music, song, rhyme and rhythm. for 4 to 8 year olds

JUMP FOR JOY! - for Youngsters with Special Needs 3 Days at 3 hours per day 22nd to 24th November 9am 每 12pm. Run in 2004 with amazing results, we*re very excited to be able to offer this workshop again. Designed for intellectually challenged children, it will enable children to expand their creative senses and physical abilities.

Tickets & Theatre Venue Information

ALL Performances are held at: AGF Theatre, Alliance Française, 1 Sarkies Road
A two-minute walk from MRT Newton, buses 66, 67, 170, 171.
Tickets for workshops $15 (except Jump for Joy $90) booked direct through I Theatre
Tickets for Performances $19,
Family package (2 adults and 2 children) $64
EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - Book before October 7th
Tickets for Performances $17
Family package (2 adult & 2 child) $58
Buy your tickets now through SISTIC Website:,
SISTIC Hotline: (65) 6348 5555 and SISTIC Authorised Agents islandwide.
Tickets on sale to the general public from 14th September.

Contact I Theatre direct for Special Educational Establishment offer with free tickets for teachers.

HSBC cardholders have priority booking from 1st September. 15% discount on full price tickets on presentation of HSBC credit card.
C.K.Tangs customers get 15% discount on full price tickets on presentation of Tangs receipt.
eXplorerKID & Zee*card members, ASA & SDEA members get 20% discount on full price tickets.
These programmes are supported by the NAC Arts Education Programme.
Enjoy FREE playtime with your ticket! Present your ticket at eXplorerKID Play Centre and your child will enjoy 2 hours*of free playtime worth $10!!
eXplorerKID is located at Downtown East 1 Pasir Ris Close #01-08 Singapore 519599
Offer valid from 1 Sep-31 Dec *05 / 1 ticket for 1 child under 13 at the KidSpace play structure. Visit or call 65891668 / Terms and Conditions apply.

Date 10.00 am 11.00 am 12.30 pm 1.45 pm 3.00 pm 4.00 pm 5..30 pm 7.30 pm
7.11.05 Rainbow   Tooth Fairies KatWsp Rainbow      
9.11.05 Rainbow   Rainbow     Hougang   Hougang
10.11.05 Rainbow   Rainbow   Rainbow      
11.11.05 Rainbow   Rainbow   Rainbow      
12.11.05 Gamelan GamWsp Gamelan   Rainbow     GALA NIGHT
13.11.05 Gamelan GamWsp Gamelan   Rainbow PupWsp Rainbow  
14.11.05 Gamelan GamWsp
Gamelan GamWsp
Gamelan GamWsp
15.11.05 Gamelan GamWsp
Gamelan GamWsp
Gamelan GamWsp
16.11.05 Rainbow PupWsp Rainbow THCWsp Rainbow THCWsp    
17.11.05 Rainbow PupWsp Rainbow THCWsp Rainbow THCWsp    
18.11.05 Rainbow PupWsp Rainbow THCWsp       FunkdeGam!
19.11.05   Rainbow   THCWsp Rainbow THCWsp   Rainbow
20.11.05         Rainbow      
21.11.05         JJB PupWsp   JJB
22.11.05   PupWsp     JJB PupWsp    
23.11.05 Rainbow PupWsp Rainbow   JJB PupWsp   JJB
24.11.05 Rainbow PupWsp Rainbow   JJB PupWsp   JJB
25.11.05 Rainbow PupWsp Rainbow THCWsp Rainbow      
26.11.05 Rainbow   Rainbow         Sriwana
27.11.05 Rainbow   Rainbow   Rainbow     Sriwana
28.11.05 Rainbow (extra)   Rainbow (extra)   Tooth Fairies KatWsp    
29.11.05 Rainbow (extra)   Rainbow (extra)   Tooth Fairies KatWsp    
Abbreviation Title Duration
Rainbow Rainbow Fish 2 每 An Ocean Tale 55 mins.
Gamelan Gamelan Asmaradana 每 Folk Tales and Folk Songs of South East Asia 55 mins.
JJB Jumping Jellybeans - Terra Arata (Tilled Field) 55 mins.
Sriwana Al Kisah Bawang Putih si Bawang Merah 60 mins
Hougang Hougang Primary School Presents: Swordfish! The Legend Of Bukit Merah. A musical. 45 mins
FunkdeGam! Gamelan Asmaradana presents FunkdeGam 每 a jazz fusion concert. 60 mins
Tooth Fairies Katherine McLeod presents Tooth Fairies from around the World 45 mins
GamWsp Gamelan Workshop 1 hour
DrumWsp Drums around the World Workshop 1 hour
WaKuWsp Wayang Kulit puppet making workshop 1 hour
PupWsp For anyone over 4 years old. 1 hour
THCWsp Theatrecraft 每 Backstage Pass for 8 yr old and up to adult. 1 hour
KatWsp Katherine McLeod Drama Workshop 4 to 8 years 1 hour

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