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     Getting Around - Taxis



     Over 15000 air-conditioned cabs provide comfortable, hassle-free travel at very reasonable cost.  They can be flagged down 24 hours a day on most roads, with well-marked taxi stands available outside most major shopping centres and hotels.

     Taxi rates vary according to the taxi operating company.

     All taxis are metered.

     Book a 12-seater taxi - the MaxiTaxi

     Lost & Found



Comfort & YellowTop



Fare Flagdown:S$2.40 Flagdown:S$2.40 Flagdown:S$2.20
  10 cents per 225m for the first 10km 10 cents per 225m for the first 10km 10 cents per 220m
  10 cents per 200m thereafter 10 cents per 200m thereafter  
  (10 cents per 30 sec of waiting) (10 cents per 25 sec of waiting) (10 cents per 25 sec of waiting)
Peak-hour Travel S$1 surcharge S$1 surcharge Flagdown:S$3.20
      10 cents per 200m
      10 cents per 25 sec of waiting
  (Mon - Sat from 7.30pm - 9.30pm (Mon - Sat from 7.30am - 9.30am (Mon - Fri from 7.30am - 9.30am, 5pm - 8pm)
  and 5pm - 8pm) and 5pm - 8pm) (Sat 7.30am - 9.30am, 5pm - 11.30pm)
CBD Area Travel S$1 surcharge S$1 surcharge No surcharge
  (Mon - Thu from 5pm - 8pm) (Mon - Fri from 5pm - 8pm)  
  (Fri & Sat from 5pm - 12midnight)    
Night Travel Midnight charge: 50% extra above Midnight charge: 50% extra above  Flagdown:S$3.20 (from 11.30pm - 6am)
  metered fare (12mn - 6am) metered fare (12mn - 6am) 20 cents per 300m
      (20 cents per 40 sec of waiting)
Current Booking S$2.80 (S$1.80 on Sun) S$3 S$3.20 (S$2 from 11.30pm - 6am)
Advanced Booking S$4.80 S$5 S$5.20

     Some surcharges not shown on the taxi meter include:

     - ERP tolls for taxis (Monday to Friday)

     - Each time you hop into a taxi at Changi Airport   S$5

     - Each time a station wagon/London cab is hired    S$1

     - Each time a passenger pays by credit card          10% of fare


     Advance booking numbers:

     CityCab          Cash bookings             Tel:(65) 6552 2222

                          Credit card bookings     Tel:(65) 6553 8888

                          Premier Cabs               Tel:(65) 6552 7715

     Comfort          Comfort CabLink           Tel:(65) 6552 1111

                           Premier Cabs              Tel:(65) 6552 2828

     Premier Taxi    Hotline                       Tel: (65) 6363 6888

     SMRT Taxi      Tel: (65) 6555 8888





Comfort and CityCab taxi fares to go up on 17 Dec 2007

Basic Fare



Flag Down: $2.50 for 1st km

1km to 10km: $0.10 for every 210m

Above 10km: $0.10 for every 175m

Waiting time: $0.10 for every 25sec

Flag Down: $2.80 for 1st km

1km to 10km: $0.20 for every 385m

Above 10km: $0.20 for every 330m

Waiting time: $0.20 for every 45sec



Taxi enforcement update

In enforcement operations conducted over a 13 day period, 14 errant taxi drivers were nabbed at several spots such as Boat Quay, CHIJMES, Clarke Quay, Mustafa Centre, Orchard Towers and Shenton Way.
Of these, 6 taxi drivers were found overcharging and 8 were caught for refusing to convey passengers. None was found touting...



Stiffer measures to deter errant taxi drivers

  • Stiffer penalties for errant taxi drivers
  • Taxi advisories for the public
  • More taxi stands within the Central Business District (CBD) / Street hail of taxis on CBD roads disallowed from 1 March 2008
  • Enhanced taxi QoS requirements fully phased in from 1 January 2008
  • Taxi Mystery Customer Audit kicked off



Crackdown on errant taxi drivers

Over a five day period from 30 October - 3 November 2007, 26 taxi drivers were found overcharging, seven were found touting while the rest were caught for refusing to convey passengers, in enforcement operations conducted at several spots such as Sentosa, Clarke Quay, Orchard Towers and Boat Quay...


     - Thieving cabby nabbed by police


1,420 fatal and injury accidents involving taxis in 2006

"Fatal and injury accidents involving taxis rose from 1,270 cases in 2005 to 1,420 cases last year.
"As a proportion of fatal and injury accidents involving taxis, the rate remained stable at 19% over the last 2 years..."



Public transport operators to handle lost & found properties

"With effect from 1 January 2007, the public bus and taxi companies, namely, SBS Transit Ltd, SMRT Buses Ltd, Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd, Yellow-Top Cab Pte Ltd, CityCab Pte Ltd, SMRT Taxis Pte Ltd, Trans-Cab Services Pte Ltd, Smart Automobile Pte Ltd and Premier Taxis Pte Ltd, will handle all properties found in their vehicles and handle all reports on lost and found properties made by their customers and drivers..."



     - NETS launches debit card payment service for the taxi market

     - SMRT taxi fares to go up from 17 July 2006


     - Age limit for taxi drivers to be raised to 73 years


     - Singapore Taxis - Quality of Service Standards 4Qtr 2004


Woman cabby found dead in her cab

A woman taxi-driver was found dead in her taxi in Pioneer Sector Walk, a deserted road in Tuas early yesterday morning. This is the third cabby murdered in the last four years.

Source: Straits Times 30 Sep 2004 (3)



Premier Taxi - Singapore's third new cab company - takes to the streets on 1 Mar 2004 with 50 taxis. The cabs, in metallic silver, have air purifiers and ionisers. (Straits Times 17 Feb 2004) (H1)

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