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     FrontPage Edition: Fri 16 June 2006

Age limit for taxi drivers to be raised to 73 years


Age Limit For Taxi Drivers To Be Raised
With effect from 1 July 2006, the age limit for taxi drivers will be raised from 70 years to 73 years. This will allow older taxi drivers who are still fit and healthy to continue working.
To qualify for this extension, taxi drivers approaching the age of 70 years old after 1 July 2006 will be required to undergo a Therapy Assessment for Elderly Taxi Drivers to assess their fitness to continue to drive a taxi.
The assessment is in addition to a modified annual medical examination, which is based on the previous medical examination that all drivers above 65 are required to go for today.
Taxi drivers who pass both tests and are certified fit will then have their vocational licences renewed till age 73 years.
The Therapy Assessment for Elderly Taxi Drivers is tailored for older persons (aged 70 and above) applying for or renewing their Taxi Drivers Vocational Licence.
Taxi drivers generally face long working hours and challenging driving conditions on the road, and this may pose difficulties as a person ages.
To assess the driving proficiency of older taxi drivers, the assessment will be conducted by occupational therapists with specialized postgraduate training.
This assessment consists of two components: an off-road test to assess the cognitive abilities and reaction times, as well as an on-road test to assess the abilities to drive safely. The assessment will be offered by the Occupational Therapy Clinic of Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH).
LTA will send letters to taxi drivers turning 70 years old over the next few months, to inform them about the assessment should they wish to renew their vocational licence upon reaching 70.
Existing Guidelines
The current statutory age limit for taxi driver vocational licence (TDVL) holders is 70 years. This age limit was introduced in the 1970s, as a prudent safeguard to protect the well being of taxi drivers, their passengers and other road users alike.
With a general improvement in the state of health of our population over the years, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has received feedback from many taxi drivers that they wish to continue working beyond 70 years of age.
The LTA, after careful consideration, has decided to raise the age limit for taxi drivers from the 70 years to 73 years.

Source: Media Release 12 Jun 2006

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