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Estimated population of Singapore citizens and permanent residents - 3,163,500 as at June 1998.

Chinese            77%

Malays             14%

Indians            7.6%

Other ethnic groups 1.4%

Working Language: English

Other official languages: Mandarin, Malay & Tamil.

Planners expect the population of Singapore to reach 5.5 million by 2040 or 2050, taking into account an expected increase in the number of foreigners working here. From just 3 million in 1990, the number has swelled to 3.9 million today, including 700,000 foreigners.

A high-level working committee is now looking at ways to encourage more couples to have babies. Demographer Saw Swee Hock says that if the fertility rate continues to stay below two, the population here, minus the foreigners, will peak at about 3.3 million in 2025 and then begin to drop.


Singapore's water is clean and safe to drink from the tap. There is no need to boil it.


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       Singapore certified polio free

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  Singapore has been certified polio free by the World Health Organisation.

  29 Oct 2000 marks a significant milestone in the poliomyelitis (polio) eradication efforts of the Western Pacific Region, of which Singapore is a member. On this day, the World Health Organization (WHO) has certified the Western Pacific Region free of polio.

  After America, this is the second region in the world to have achieved polio-free status. These efforts are towards the WHO's goal for global eradication of polio. For the Western Pacific Region to be certified polio-free, all countries within the Region had to put in place a sensitive surveillance system for detecting polio cases, not have any local polio cases for at least three years and ensure that appropriate measures are in place to respond to imported cases of polio.

  Polio is a viral infection most often recognised by the sudden onset of floppy
paralysis. It usually affects children less than 15 years of age. The poliovirus can bring about a spectrum of clinical presentations, ranging from mild non-specific illness to brain infection to paralysis. It is transmitted from person to person primarily through the faecal-oral route.

  Prior to the advent of immunisation, polio occurred world-wide. In the 1950s, polio was a major public health concern in Singapore. With the introduction of polio vaccination in Singapore in 1962, the incidence of polio has declined significantly. The last local case of polio was reported in 1978.

  Today, children in Singapore continue to receive oral polio vaccine as part of the National Childhood Immunisation Programme. As part of the efforts towards achieving her polio-free status, Singapore has a surveillance system in place to detect possible cases of poliomyelitis so that effective control measures can be implemented immediately.

  As polio is still present in some regions in the world, the threat of
importation and re-introduction of the virus into Singapore exists. As such,
Singapore will continue to maintain high vigilance for polio cases and high
coverage for childhood polio immunisation until global eradication is achieved. (Joint Ministry of Health & Ministry of the Environment Press Release 30 Oct 2000)

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TheFingerPlayers is a non-profit professional puppetry company. is the website to visit for hand-built and die-cast model cars.  an arabic casino - online casino. is a one-stop source of information on discounts and other special promotions available in Singapore. was launched on 28 Sep 2000. Arts enthusiasts can now book their favourite shows online at TicketCharge's new website. Previously, TicketCharge customers could only buy tickets via phone or at their outlets. or the print version, a morning tabloid, Project Eyeball, is a new newspaper which hit the streets on 12 Aug 2000. Brought to you by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH). is a legal website which was officially launched on 21 Sep 2000. It provides a one-stop centre for people to find lawyers.

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SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) for university admission from 2003

Sex education for schools

PSLE Maths paper too tough, say parents


Deaths of children at childcare centres suspected to be caused by foot, hand and mouth disease


School Discipline: Put the cane in our teachers' hands


Food Stalls Suspended From Business

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The Toy Soldier  Presented by Act 3     7 - 25 Nov 2000 Act 3 Theatre, 126 Cairnhill Rd Singapore 229707 Tickets at S$12 (best suited for 4 years and above) Tickets from SISTIC at Tel: (65) 348 5555 or click SISTIC For enquiries, please contact Act 3 at Tel: (65) 734 9090

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Tuesday 31 Oct 2000

Tuesday's News

A woman, believed to be a foreigner, died more than two hours after she and another woman, also believed to be a foreigner, were both found floating face-up in a swimming pool at Himiko Court in Ridgewood Close, off Mount Sinai Drive yesterday evening. The other women died in hospital early this morning. Their identities could not be confirmed.

 Trials will begin tomorrow to let users surf the Net by connecting their computers to power points in the home or office. Singapore Power, which is providing the service, will be testing it at the Singapore Polytechnic. Called "powerline communications", the technology makes use of the same power cables that sends electricity to homes and offices to transmit voice and date over the Internet.

Resort developer Citiraya Group, which bought half of the artefacts from the now-defunct Tang Dynasty City for about S$1 million on Friday, is in discussions with Singapore Leisure Industries over plans to redevelop and operate the theme park.  


Beijing: Chinese who sue others over emotional damage should expect to get no more than an apology and a promise they will not be harassed in the future. This follows a decision by the Supreme People's Court to limit the compensation that can be given over emotional and psychological damage.

Hongkong: Cheating husbands who set up home with mistresses in China will continue to escape arrest or legal action from angry wives, despite a crackdown on bigamy by Beijing. Hongkong's legal experts and pressure groups say. Last week, the National People's Congress announced a review of China's 20-year-old marriage law to stem a rise in bigamy. However, the move is unlikely to affect the thousands of Hongkong men who flit between wives in Hongkong and live-in mistresses in China.

Around the world

Washington: America heads into the final week of the tightest presidential race in 40 years, with voters none the wiser as to whom the next White House incumbent will be.

London: Many more people than initially estimated could die from the human form of mad cow's disease, Britain's Agriculture Minister Nick BROWN said on Sunday. His statement comes amid heightened fears over food safety in Britain and across Europe.

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