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     - Singapore Websites  More than 24,000 titles from the National Library Board's (NLB) collection of e-books, e-magazines, CD-Roms and videos are now available online at this website launched on 7 Sep 2001. It will offer the content direct to home and office computers with an Internet connection. Membership in the eLibraryHub is free. The Effective Rapid Reading Course is a proven programme that empowers you to read faster, comprehend better and remember more. It enables you to gain greater confidence and a better sense of control over reading by equipping you with a
repertoire of reading strategies and a broader range of reading rates. More importantly, it helps you to develop a sense of judgment and flexibility so that you can apply the strategies according to your purpose and the difficulty of the material.

Suitable for both students and working adults, the 12-hour course is designed to be educational, fun and interactive. Knowledge and skills are imparted through lectures, discussions, hands-on exercises and group activities that will allow you to learn and immediately apply every technique. The course stresses measurable results and uses a performance-based assessment system which ensures that you ‘see’, not just ‘feel’, your improvement. With a positive attitude, you can expect to at
least double or triple your Effective Reading Rate or ERR (speed x comprehension) upon completion of the course!

It is more than speed reading. It is effective reading!


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Mystery of the Battle Box

Jing Yang, his classmate Angelina and his cousin Tim team up to solve a mystery about hidden treasure in an underground bunker which was built during World War Two.

A history dropout from a local university has been searching for the treasure for many years. The teenagers must find the treasure first – before he does. They stumble into a secret tunnel beneath the bunker with help from two spirits haunting the bunker since World War Two.

Just when they lay eyes on the gold bars hidden in the secret tunnel, who else but the history dropout should turn up behind them, startling them...

Now on Sale

     - Literary Mentorship Project call for applications



NEA commissions book on Singapore hawker centres

The National Environment Agency has commissioned a book that traces the social history of this uniquely Singapore icon.
"Singapore Hawker Centres - People, Places, Food" is the definitive account on hawkers, their food and their stories. It also features environment and public health officials who have been instrumental in transforming hawking from a public health nightmare to a respectable trade...




     - First-time writers and illustrators publishing initiative




Is Singapore a literate society?

"...But if you define “literate” as meaning a well-read society, your answer would probably be “no” and you would be quite right.

"A Population Survey on the Arts by the National Arts Council in 2002 found that only 40 per cent of 1,527 people surveyed had read a novel that year.
"In 2003, a nation-wide survey of 1,500 Singapore residents by the National Library Board revealed that the strongest motivation to read was neither for leisure nor for literary appreciation. Rather, it was for career development..."


      - Singapore Olympians - The Complete Who's Who 1936 - 2004


Copyright (Amendment) Bill

Changes At A Glance

New Right of Communication for works

New Rights for Producers of Sound Recordings

New Rights for Performers

Removal and alteration of rights management information

Technological Measures protecting Copyrighted Works

Stronger Enforcement Measures

Criminal Liability for wilful infringement of copyright


     - Singapore writing gets S$54,000 funding

     - Monday with the Editor: Red-brick National Library is no more


Demolition work starts on National Library in Stamford Road

Demolition work has started on the National Library building in Stamford Road which was closed on 1 Apr 2004.

Source: Straits Times 5 Aug 2004 (H3)

     - National Library at Stamford Road closes on 1 Apr 2004


Book Launch: Exploring Modern Indonesian Art - The Collection of Dr Oei Hong Djien

The Book furnishes an overview of the rich variety of Indonesian art and the art history of the country's modern period.

Jointly presented by the Singapore Art Museum and Citigroup Private bank

 29th March 2004 - 6.30pm at the Singapore Art Museum Glass Hall.




  A special cookbook - A Celebration Of Taste - was launched yesterday. It features favourite recipes whipped up in the kitchens of business leaders and celebrities, such as Speaker of Parliament Abdullah Tamugi and Raffles Hotel International's president and COO Ms Jennie CHUA. The book was compiled by Prima-Spring Singapore Baking Centre to celebrate its 10th anniversary. (Straits Times 30 Mar 2003)(22)



14 Oct - 14 Dec 2002


Programme for Children

Read! And win prizes!

  Malaysian tycoon Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary, 51, is now buying over the books division of Singapore-listed MPH. He will pay S$46 million in cash for MPH's business of wholesaling and retailing books, magazines and related items. The deal involves all 32 of MPH's bookstores employing about 600 people in three countries: 25 in Malaysia, six in Singapore and one in Indonesia. MPH, the listed company, will also have a new name within a few months. (Straits Times 1 Oct 2002) (4)

Library@esplanade opens

  Writer Gopal Baratham dies of pneumonia