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     Local Talents - Music

    Budak Pantai acappella group



  Budak Pantai (kids of the beach in Malay)
  (To be referred to always as Budak Pantai only with no translation)

  First formed?

  August 1994 for the Rolling Good Times Beach Boys singing contest - won.

  Who are they?

  Not in order of age, height, weight, importance or bovine inclinations whatsoever 

  Joe, Gordon, Kah Keh, Danny and Michael.


  to age to same (nuff said)

  Type of singing?

  Too broke to buy electric instruments type singing (A cappella) but
  sometimes we accompany the guitar that Danny plays which is Michael's.

  Type of Songs?

  Pop. ( and a bit of bossanova and Latin )

  eg, Runaway - Janet Jackson, You to me are Everything, Say Yes - Chge &      Aska


  Mandarin, Japanese, some Malay, English.

  Sung where?

  Almost anywhere you name it, except perhaps during the Mongolian courtship

  Discography?  (Yes we do have one!!!)

  1. Debut CD - "Budak Pantai nearly "live" at Blue Moo" (Jan 2000)
  2. AKA Acappella I (1996)
  3. AKA Acappella II (1997)
  4. AKA Acappella III (1998)
  5. Sing Singapore 1998 and 2000

  Regular hideout?

  We sing every 1st Friday of the Month at the Blue Moo (Roof top of YMCA
  orchard) (er subject to change depending on hail, snow, acts of Thor and
  members trying to take advantage of the baby bonus)

  Best to skate by to find out the next date happening.


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