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     FrontPage Edition: Fri 30 Sep 2005

25 primary schools to pilot new Chinese Language curriculum



Last year, the Chinese Language Curriculum and Pedagogy Review Committee had recommended that a modular approach be adopted for the teaching and learning of the Chinese Language (CL). This is to cater to the varying needs of learners coming from different home language backgrounds.
The Ministry of Education will pilot the new modular CL curriculum at P1 and P2 levels in 25 primary schools from January 2006 before full implementation at P1 and P2 in all primary schools in 2007.
The same 25 schools will pilot the new CL curriculum at P3 level in 2007. Findings from the pilot study will be used to fine-tune the curriculum before full implementation. The list of pilot schools is at Annex A.
The pilot schools have been chosen to ensure a good representation in terms of school type and student home language profile. These schools also cover a whole range of students¡¯ abilities in CL.
The pilot schools will use new sets of P1 and P2 textbooks which will be aligned to the new curriculum. The new CL textbooks will be made available for students¡¯ purchase only through bookshops in the pilot schools in December 2005.
It was announced in July 2005 that the new modular CL curriculum would be fully implemented in all primary schools at P1 and P2 levels in 2007. Prior to its full implementation, MOE would pilot the new CL curriculum in 2006 in 25 primary schools.
With the modular curriculum, all students will take Core Modules which will constitute between 70 and 80% of CL curriculum time from P1 to P6.
Students who enter school with little or no exposure to CL will be given additional support through Bridging Modules in the early primary years. This will provide the students with a friendly start before they move on to the Core Modules. The modular curriculum also has the added advantage of allowing those with the interest and ability in CL to go further by taking Enrichment Modules.

Source: Press Release 29 Sep 2005

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