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University admissions under new A Level Curriculum


University Admissions Framework Under New A Level Curriculum

From 2008, NTU and NUS will implement a new university admissions framework to cater to local students graduating under the new A level curriculum.
The new framework seeks to support the spirit and intent of the revised A level curriculum, to be introduced in Junior Colleges (JCs) from 2006, while ensuring comparability with the current admissions criteria.
Key Features of New University Admissions Framework
University and Faculty Score
The eligibility for application into university for an A level applicant is two Higher 2 (H2) passes and an attempt at General Paper (GP) or Knowledge and Inquiry (KI) at the same sitting. Refer to Annex A for more information on framework for the new 2006 A level curriculum.
The universities select applicants based on the University Score. For university admission from 2008, the subjects that count towards the University Score are GP and Project Work (PW), as well as three H2 and one H1 content-based subjects, of which one must be a contrasting subject.
Students may take KI in lieu of GP. KI is considered an H2 subject and can be considered as a contrasting subject to either Arts or Science. Students who take KI need not take an H1 content-based subject. Possible subject combinations to be counted in the University Score are provided at Annex B.
As with existing practice, some university faculties have the option of assigning a Faculty Score based on additional admission criteria such as interviews, portfolios, reasoning or aptitude tests, etc. Admission to such faculties is based on the Combined Score comprising the University Score and the Faculty Score.
In addition, the applicant should meet the Mother Tongue Language (MTL) requirement of an S grade in MTL. MTL grades need not be included in applying for admission but applicants who have done well in MTL can have MTL count as an H1 subject, with their scores rebased accordingly. Higher MTL at O level may be used in place of H1 MTL.
Discretionary Intake
The universities have the flexibility to admit up to 10% of their intake based on their own independent criteria. Consideration will be given to applicants strengths and talents, as well as participation and achievement in academic or non-academic fields, independent of their examination results.
Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) and Community Involvement Programme (CIP) participation will be considered qualitatively for all applicants under discretionary criteria. Grades for H3 subjects will also be considered under discretionary criteria.
Subject Prerequisites
The universities have revised the subject pre-requisites for admission to certain faculties, relaxing the pre-requisites wherever possible in order to give students more flexibility in their subject combinations at JC. The list of revised subject prerequisites for NTU and NUS is given in Annex C.
International Baccalaureate
For local students offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme, the minimum threshold for application is an IB diploma. Faculties will then consider students for admission based on their IB score and their grades in appropriate subjects. The IB subject requirements by faculties are listed in Annex D.
Useful Website
More information on the new JC curriculum and the revised university admissions framework can be found at the following website:
Annex A: Fact sheet on the new 2006 A level curriculum
Annex B: Possible Subject Combinations and Subjects to be counted in the University Score
Annex C: A Level Subject Requirements by Faculty
Annex D: IB Subject Requirements by Faculties

Source: National University of Singapore Press Release 16 May 2005

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