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Police act against unlicensed second-hand handphone dealers


Police Operation Against Unlicensed Secondhand Handphone Dealers
Police conducted a 3-day island-wide operation from 15 Aug 05 to 17 Aug 05 to check on secondhand handphone outlets.
A total of about 236 outlets have been checked. Of these, 22 were found to be operating without a secondhand dealer license and another 42 were found to be in breach of the Secondhand Dealer¡¯s Act.
The operation is part of Police¡¯s on-going efforts to stem the rising trend in handphone thefts and disposing it subsequently through the secondhand handphone shops.
During the operation, 161 handphones were seized as they did not tally with the record kept by the handphone dealers. Three stolen handphones were also recovered. These handphones were recovered successfully as the owners had provided the IMEI numbers when they lodge a Police report.
Under the Secondhand Dealers Act, anyone dealing in secondhand goods in a shop must obtain a secondhand licence.
Secondhand dealers found operating without a valid licence may be sentenced to a fine not exceeding $200 for the first offence, and to a fine not exceeding $1000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months for any subsequent offence, upon conviction.
Secondhand dealers are to apply for a secondhand license if they have not done so. They may apply through the Police Licensing division or visit the Police Licensing website at for more information.
Action will also be taken against dealers who do not maintain proper records or are found to be trading in stolen goods.
The Secondhand Dealers Act requires dealers of used good to maintain records of goods purchased such as the identity of seller, description of goods brought, purchase price etc and the records of goods sold.
These requirements are for the purpose of preventing stolen goods from passing through the hands of secondhand dealers. The records will help Police to solve cases where stolen goods have been disposed of through such dealers.
Deputy Director Operations, DAC Somo Vendesan, said that ¡°Police will continue its effort in checking secondhand handphone dealers as part of our crime control strategies. Our enforcement is aimed not only at ensuring that secondhand handphone shops operate with a licence and maintain proper records, but also at preventing them from being used as a convenient means for disposing of stolen handphones. We will not hesitate to take tough enforcement action against dealers who have flouted the law by operating without a license or are found to be trading in stolen goods.
Handphones, being portable and handy, remains an attractive target for crime. Handphone owners are adviced to keep their handphone in a safe and secure manner. Handphone owners can retrieve their own IMEI number by pressing *#06# on their handphone.
Police would like to advise victims who have their handphones stolen to lodge a police report and include the IMEI number so as to make recovery possible."
19 August 2005 @ 9.20 pm

Source: Media Release 19 Aug 2005


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