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     FrontPage Edition: Thu 13 Oct 2005

Law to let criminal records of minor offenders be rendered spent


The Yellow Ribbon Project Appreciation Dinner at Orchard Hotel Ballroom - Speech by Associate Professor Ho Peng Kee, Senior Minister of State for Law and Home Affairs, 11 October 2005

An Excerpt

"The Government is also doing its part to ensure that Singapore is a land of opportunity for everyone, even those who have made mistakes but have demonstrated that they are committed to turning over a new leaf.
"Thus, we are amending the Registration of Criminals (Amendment) Act to render ¡°spent¡± the criminal record of a person convicted of a minor crime as long as certain criteria are satisfied. The amendments will come into effect on 17 October 2005.
"What does it mean when a person¡¯s criminal record is rendered spent? What it means is that the person is deemed to have no record of that conviction in the Register of Criminals.
"Therefore, if asked whether he has a ¡°criminal record¡±, the person can lawfully answer ¡°no¡±. Those who qualify will automatically have their criminal records rendered spent. There is no need for a person to apply to the Police for his record to be rendered spent.
"During the Second Reading of the Registration of Criminals (Amendment) Bill in May 2005, I said that we were considering sending notification letters to those whose records would be spent.
"Since then, we have received feedback that information on criminal records is highly sensitive and confidential. To minimise the risk of such information leaking out to unintended parties, we have decided not to send out such letters.
"To enable those who think they may benefit from this regime to check on their status, an e-Portal will be set up in the first quarter of next year to allow them to verify whether they have a criminal record that has been rendered spent for job application purpose.
"We urge those who have no urgent need for the information to wait for the e-Portal to be ready next year.
"In the meantime, those who have an urgent need for the information for job application purposes can call or write in to the Criminal Records Office of the Singapore Police Force.
"We will also be making available information pamphlets to increase the awareness of this legislative change..."

Full Text of Speech

Source: Press Release 11 Oct 2005

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