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     FrontPage Edition: Wed 12 Oct 2005

Direct school admission to Sec 1 in 2006



Start of Stage 2 ¨Cstudents to indicate their preferred choice of schools
Stage 2 of the Direct School Admission Exercise for students seeking admission to Secondary One in 2006 (DSA-Sec), the Exercise School Preference Stage, will be conducted between 13 and 19 Oct 2005.
The DSA-Sec exercise is being conducted in three stages as follows:
Update on Completion of Stage 1 ¨C Selection Stage
The Selection Stage of the DSA-Sec Exercise has been successfully completed. All 43 secondary schools participating in the DSA-Sec Exercise completed their selection exercises by 31 Aug 05.
During the Selection Stage, these schools received a total of over 9,000 applications from more than 5,000 students1. The schools made a combined total of about 2,000 confirmed offers2 to prospective students with another almost 500 applications put on their respective waiting lists.
Start of Stage 2 ¨C Exercise School Preference Stage
Students with confirmed offers or who are placed on a school¡¯s waiting list will receive from their primary schools on 12 Oct 2005, the DSA School Preference Form. Each form will have a list of schools that student has a confirmed offer from or is on the school¡¯s waiting list.
The students will be asked to indicate their school choices in the order of their preference during this Exercise School Preference Stage. A student can decline any of the offers from the school he/she has a confirmed offer from or is on the school¡¯s waiting list, by not making any choice on the DSA School Preference Form. All offers that are not taken up during this period will lapse.
The results of the DSA-Sec Exercise will be released together with the PSLE results in late Nov 2005. Students who have been admitted to a secondary school through the DSA-Sec Exercise will be posted to the secondary school. There is thus no need for them to indicate any school choices during the centralised Secondary One Posting Exercise.
For Further Information
Students/parents may call the Ministry of Education¡¯s (MOE) Customer Service Centre at 6872-2220 for further clarifications or refer to the DSA-Sec Exercise website at for more information regarding the exercise.
In May 2005, MOE extended the DSA-Sec Exercise to 43 schools, an increase over the seven schools last year.
Independent Schools, Autonomous Schools and schools with approved niche programmes have the flexibility to admit up to 20%, 10% and 5% respectively of their intake using school-based criteria.
Schools offering Integrated Programme and the National University of Singapore High School of Mathematics and Science will continue to have full discretion in admission.

1 As a student can apply to more than one school, the total number of students who applied is less than the total number of applications.

2 Refers to offer of a confirmed place in the school, if the student accepts the offer.

Source: Press Release 11 Oct 2005

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