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     FrontPage Edition: Fri 4 January 2008

 MOH to recognise more foreign dental degrees


Improving the standard of Dentistry in Singapore

In the continued efforts to improve the standard and practice of Dentistry in Singapore, the Ministry of Health, Singapore will be implementing three new initiatives from 1 January 2008.
(A) Increasing the number of recognised foreign dental degrees
(B) Publication of information on Dental Fees
(C) Specialist accreditation
(A) Increasing the number of recognised foreign dental schools
The Ministry of Health, Singapore, in conjunction with the Singapore Dental Council (SDC), will be recognising more foreign basic dental degrees starting next year. This will help increase the pool of dental graduates for employment in Singapore.
From 1 January 2008, all dental schools accredited by the American Dental Association and the Canadian Dental Association will be added to the Schedule of the Dental Registration Act.
The addition of 48 American dental schools and 7 Canadian dental schools will increase the number of recognised foreign dental schools in the Schedule from the current 34 to 89. The list of new and current dental schools can be found in Annex A.
For further information, please access SDC’s website at
(B) Publication of information on Dental Fees
From 1 January next year, the Ministry of Health, Singapore, will also be publishing on its website information on average dental fees that private patients in public institutions would pay for selected dental procedures.
This information, which is updated monthly, will help the public make informed choices. It will also help to moderate public institutions’ and private dental clinics’ charges for dental treatment.
For a start, the Ministry of Health, Singapore will publish the average dental fees for common, high-end dental treatment. These include:
1.     Crowns.

2.     Full Dentures.

3.     Impacted Wisdom Tooth Surgery.

4.     Implants.

5.     Orthodontics.

6.     Root Canal Treatment – Anterior Tooth.

7.     Root Canal Treatment – Molar Tooth.

8.     Root Canal Treatment – Pre-molar Tooth.

The public may visit the MOH website at for more information.
(C) Specialists Accreditation
The new Dental Registration Act was passed in Parliament this year and will take effect on 1 January 2008.
Dentists who already have specialist qualifications and who have been practicing their specialty for a stipulated period of time will be exempted from the new set of accreditation guidelines which would be drawn up by the Dental Specialists Accreditation Board (DSAB).
These dentists would also have to satisfy certain other conditions in order to be specialist accredited by the DSAB.
The DSAB would like to invite applications from dentists who satisfy these conditions. The list of conditions can be found in Annex B.

Source: Press Release 31 Dec 2007

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