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     FrontPage Edition: Sat 24 March 2007

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Needy patients to get more subsidies for chronic renal dialysis


Needy patients to get more subsidies with revised financing framework for chronic renal dialysis

Today, MOH provides subsidies to patients requiring chronic renal dialysis treatment at centres run by the charity sector.
To enable needy patients to get appropriate subsidies, MOH will from 1 April revise the current subsidy framework.
This translates into a 150-per cent increase in MOH's subsidies or an absolute total of $4.2 million in overall annual budget for renal dialysis. This also addresses NKF's earlier request for funding for its patients.
Under the new framework, the same subsidy quantum will be given for haemodialysis (HD) and peritoneal dialysis (PD) , as both modalities have their medical advantages and limitations.
This is to allow patients and their attending doctors to choose the most appropriate therapy for the patients based on medical and social considerations.
In addition, in alignment with the existing MOH subsidy guidelines for step-down care, means-testing will similarly be put in place so that more subsidies are given to needy patients.
A higher subsidy of $300 will be given to patients below per capita family income of $300 per month. Approximately 550 more patients will stand to benefit from the revised scheme. The new framework will apply to new patients who seek dialysis treatment at the VWOs.
Table 1 outlines the revised financing framework for chronic renal dialysis.

Table 1: Summary of Revised Subsidy Framework

Per Capita Family Income Level

(per month)


(per month)

Below $300




Under the existing framework, certain dialysis modality receive higher subsidy quantum and do not take into account the per capita family income level. The subsidy amount ranges between $200 and $600, depending on the dialysis modality chosen by patient.
For financing long-term high cost catastrophic illnesses such as renal failure, MOH encourages all Singaporeans to subscribe to MediShield or other private insurance to meet their share of the expenses.
Besides Government subsidies, the charity renal dialysis providers e.g. National Kidney Foundation (NKF), Kidney Dialysis Foundation and Khoo Foundation also give supplementary financial assistance to help patients in financial need.
15 March 2007

Source: Press Release 15 Mar 2007

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