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     FrontPage Edition: Thu 4 October 2007

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Grading exercise for licensed security agencies


Grading Exercise for Licensed Security Agencies

The private security industry plays a crucial role in ensuring our safety and security.
To ensure that industry practitioners provide a high standard of security and service, the Security Industry Regulatory Department of the Singapore Police Force implemented a grading system to audit all licensed security agencies.
The grading system provides an objective assessment of licensed security agencies in Singapore.
The grading system will assist buyers and customers to differentiate the security services provided by the various security agencies. It will also act as an impetus to motivate the industry to improve its service and security standards to ensure a safer and more secure Singapore .
The scoring of the grading system is as follows:
Grade A - Excellent
Grade B - Good
Grade C - Satisfactory
Grade D - Unsatisfactory
New - Newly Licensed Security Guard Agency
Declined to be Graded - Did Not Participate in Grading Exercise
A pilot trial of the grading system was conducted in 2006. The trial had benefited the agencies as it gave them time and opportunity to upgrade their standards in tandem with the prescribed security requirements.
About 52% of the agencies which took part this year attained a Grade B and above as compared to the 24% in 2006. This is a marked improvement and a good testimony to the rising standards of the security agencies.
The results of the grading exercise for 2007 are as follows:
A 19 - Excellent
B 76 - Good
C 58 - Satisfactory
D 31 - Unsatisfactory
New 08 - Newly Licensed Security Guard Agency
Declined to be Graded 78 - Did Not Participate in Grading Exercise
The grading exercise for licensed security agencies is a voluntary exercise. Whilst all licensed agencies are invited to participate in the grading exercise, not all chose to do so.
Of the 270 agencies in Singapore , 86 did not participate in the grading exercise. Of these 86, 8 agencies were newly licensed in the period of assessment and therefore could not be graded.
The remaining 78 agencies chose not to take part. A full list of the results of the grading exercise is available online at the website  from 1 Oct 07.
1 October 2007 at 12.30pm

Source: Media Release 1 Oct 2007

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