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     FrontPage Edition: Thu 29 June 2006

Exhibition of Non-Voters' List


Exhibition of Non-Voters' List
The names of persons who failed to cast their votes at the Poll on 6 May 2006 for the last General Election will be expunged from the Registers of Electors.
The list of such persons will be available for inspection from 28 June 2006 onwards at the Elections Department and designated community centres/clubs listed in Annex A.
Electors who failed to vote at the last General Election can apply to restore their names to the Registers of Electors using a prescribed application form (known as Form A) which can be obtained from the Elections Department, any community centre/club or any Singapore overseas diplomatic mission during their normal business hours.
Alternatively, the application form can be downloaded from the Elections Department website at
The duly completed application forms should be returned, by post or fax, to the Registration Officer, Elections Department, 11 Prinsep Link, Singapore 187949. The fax number is 63323428.
Applicants are required to produce documentary evidence to substantiate their inability to vote. An applicant¡¯s name will be restored without penalty if he has good and sufficient reason for not recording his vote. The penalty is $5.
The lists of electors in polling districts AJ24 and AJ25 of Aljunied Group Representation Constituency (GRC) who failed to cast their votes will be published later.
The lists cannot be prepared now because the ¡°marked copies of the Registers of Electors¡± for these 2 polling districts (which show the names of electors who have cast their votes on Polling Day) were inadvertently placed together with the counted ballot papers and other documents by the staff at the Xinghua Primary School Counting Centre in the ballot boxes and sealed therein.
In accordance with the Parliamentary Elections Act, all the sealed boxes containing ballot papers and other documents relating to the election are now kept in the vault of the Supreme Court pending destruction at the end of 6 months after the poll (i.e. from 6 November 2006).
During the 6 months¡¯ period, only a Judge of the High Court can order the sealed boxes to be opened and even then it can only be for the purpose of instituting or maintaining a prosecution or an application to invalidate an election.
At the end of the 6 months after the poll, the contents of the ballot boxes must all be destroyed unless otherwise directed by Order of the President.
The President has by Order directed the Returning Officer to retrieve only the ¡°marked copies of the Registers of Electors¡± for polling districts AJ24 and AJ25 of Aljunied GRC on 6 November 2006 or thereafter for the purpose of preparing the lists of electors in these 2 polling districts who failed to vote at the General Election 2006.
The President has also directed that these ¡°marked copies of the registers of Electors¡± are to be destroyed by the Returning Officer not later than 30 days from the date of their retrieval from the boxes.
The lists of non-voters in polling districts AJ24 and AJ25 of Aljunied GRC will therefore be published for inspection on or after 6 November 2006. Electors in these polling districts can then apply in the same manner to have their names restored to the register of electors.
28 JUNE 2006
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Source: Press Release 28 Jun 2006

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