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     FrontPage Edition: Sun 22 October 2006

15 sleight-of-hand cases reported since January 2006


Re-emergence of Sleight of Hand Cases

Since the beginning of 2006, Police have received a total of 15 cases involving cashiers at shops and departmental stores who were cheated of their cash.
Between 4 and 30 September 2006 , Police received reports of 10 cases of sleight of hand.
The culprits would use a large denomination note to pay for a small value item. Shortly after, the culprits would claim that they have a smaller denomination note and would request that their victims hand back the initial large denomination note. In the course of doing so, the culprits would confuse the victims into returning a 'change'.
In one of the cases on 9 September 2006 at about 8.10 pm , a cashier was serving 3 Chinese men at a fast food outlet at Blk 451 Clementi Ave 3 when they requested to pay separately, with a $50/- note each. When the cashier was about to return the change, the culprits mentioned that they had smaller change and asked for their $50/- dollar notes back. In the confusion, the 3 culprits managed to take away not only their initial payment but with a 'change' as well. The total amount of about $140/- was taken away. One of the culprits spotted a tattoo on his right arm.
Police would like to advise cashiers to be alert and be wary of people who might want to change large denomination notes into smaller denomination notes. They should not hand over the cash until they have determined that the correct amount to be changed is received. It is also recommended that cashiers count the notes in front of the other party before handing over the cash.
Members of the public are requested to contact the Police Hotline at 1800-2550000 if they have information about suspects engaging in such acts.
05 Oct 2006 at 7.30 pm

Source: Media Release 5 Oct 2006

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