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     FrontPage Edition: Fri 17 Feb 2006

Singapore Crime Situation 2005



2005 was a challenging year for Police. Overall crime in 2005 increased by about 19.9%, from 30,623 cases in 2004 to 36,704 cases or overall crime rate of 843, an increase from 772 in 2004.
The bulk of the increase was once again largely attributed to minor crimes, such as theft in dwelling and other theft.
Handphone crime featured prominently in the increases for several offences, most notably robbery, snatch theft and other theft.
The number of youths arrested fell from 5,010 in 2004 to 4,594 in 2005. However, as the tendency towards crime needs to be curbed at an early age, Police will still continue to focus our efforts in tackling youth crime.
The number of arrests made by the Police increased by 9.5% from 19,284 to 21,108. This is a record high.
Theft and related offences1 constituted more than half (62%) of overall crime cases. Offences in this category increased by 4,568 cases, from 18,236 to 22,804 cases in 2005.
Theft in dwelling increased by 1,351 cases, from 7,629 cases to 8,980 cases of which shop theft increased by 581 cases, from 4,644 to 5,225 cases. Other theft2, which are commonly cases where victims left their belongings unattended in public places such as shops, eating places, void decks, schools etc, increased by 2,310 cases, from 5,019 to 7,329 cases.
Eight of the nine index crimes3 recorded increases. Motor vehicle theft recorded a decrease of 5%. The comparative statistics are attached at Annex A.
Handphone crimes4 remain a key area of concern. The number of such cases increased by 1,414, from 3,411 to 4,825 cases in 2005. Several offences which saw notable increases in handphones being targeted were, other theft (from 1,096 to 1,837 cases), robbery (from 344 to 488 cases), and snatch theft (from 162 to 283 cases).
A total of 4,594 youths were arrested for crime in 2005, as compared to 5,010 in 2004. Six out of every 10 youths arrested were involved in theft and related offences (2,845 persons), of which 1423 persons were arrested for shop theft, and 767 persons were arrested for other theft.

1 Theft and related offences include, other theft, theft in dwelling (in hotel and others), shop theft, theft of bicycle, theft from person, etc and also includes the index crimes motor vehicle theft and snatch theft.

2 Refers to other theft under Sec 379 of the Penal Code Cap 224, excluding theft of bicycles, theft from motor vehicles and theft from persons.

3 Index crimes refer to cheating and related offences, housebreaking, motor vehicle theft, outraging of modesty, robbery, snatch theft, rioting, rape and murder. They are selected for their reliability and higher reporting rates. The index crimes are listed in descending order according to the number of cases recorded in 2005.

4 Refers to cases where handphones or handphones and other items were taken for cases of theft from vehicle, theft from person, shop theft, theft in dwelling, cheating and related offences, robbery, housebreaking, snatch theft, theft as a servant and other theft under Sec379 of Penal Code Cap 224.

Source: 16 Feb 2006

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