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     FrontPage Edition: Sat 15 Apr 2006

instinc presents Funky Fabrik


instinc presents 'Funky Fabrik', Anne and Anne ¨C A French-Danish collaboration on patterns and paintings

2 - 21 May 2006

Both named Anne, French Print maker Anne Bellon and Danish painter Anne Vilsoe will for the first time be exhibiting their individual and collaboration artworks.
Funky Fabrik is a fusion of two creative minds. And although divergent in their distinct styles and sources of inspiration, the individual collections and the collaboration works converge in a unique blend that represents both artists¡¯ attraction to colour, shape, and texture.
The interior of Instinc Gallery will hold as a canvas for a decadent mix of media in a vibrant series of prints, acrylic canvasses and fabrics compositions.
This amalgamation of brush-meets-prints evolves around repetition of patterns and colour and is a showcase of poetic and humouristic interplays.
There will be four collaboration pieces by the two artists measuring 60 x 60 cm (acrylic paintings based on textile prints) each and two painted banners based on textile prints.
In addition, Anne Bellon will create seven digital prints and Anne Vilsoe, nine paintings/collages using mixed media, with a total of 22 works in this exhibition.
Artists' talk 6 May 2006, sat 2-3:30pm
About Artists' talk
Meet the artists in person. Both Annes, Anne Vilsoe & Anne-Laurence Bellon will share about living in Singapore, how Singapore inspires them, their processes and thoughts on their works in the exhibition 'funky fabrik'.
FREE ADMISSION to Exhibition and Artists' Talk
About Funky Fabrik
Funky Fabrik is an artistic merger of two very diverse creators. With their name (!) and the fascination with colour as their common denominator, this exhibition is a fusion of mediums and motifs when French printmaker Anne Bellon and Danish artist Anne Vilsoe come together to present their individual lines of work.
Anne Bellon shows poetic, optical and at times psychedelic patterns endlessly repeated, and Anne Vilsoe presents naïve and humouristic paintings with a surprisingly tactile feel to them ¨C hence the funky.
Besides showing their individual pieces, Bellon and Vilsoe will also produce a series of common works exclusively for this exhibition. And like one big piece of patchwork these pieces are an amalgamation of the two styles. In one series Anne Vilsoe will use details of Bellon¡¯s prints to create four vibrant acrylic paintings. And in another series the two artists will create banners/hanging pieces that also evolve around the prints.
This specific production aspect of the exhibition lends to the title ¡®Funky Fabrik¡¯. In both Danish and French ¡®fabrik¡¯ means ¡®factory¡¯. But change the letter ¡®k¡¯ to ¡®c¡¯, and you¡¯ll end up with ¡®fabric¡¯, which is a medium for both artists. Bellon designs fabrics, and Vilsoe uses fabrics in her retroish patchworks which will also be on display.
Address: 23 Emerald Hill Road, Singapore 229305
Tel: (65) 6735 9867
Opening hours: Tue ¨C Sun 11am - 6pm, closed on Mon
Tue ¨C Sun 6 - 8pm (By appointment only)

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