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     FrontPage Edition: Sat 14 October 2006

All schools to get indoor sports hall for PE, sports and games



To further support a broad-based education, MOE will provide all schools with an indoor sports hall. MOE will phase this in progressively, starting from early 2007.
The indoor sports hall will provide schools with greater flexibility to schedule Physical Education (PE) lessons without having to worry about the weather, and give more students the opportunity to participate in sports and games.
PE, sports and games are integral to the holistic, well-rounded education that our schools provide.
The indoor sports hall will mean an approximately 50% increase in a school¨s sports facilities. It will give schools the flexibility to conduct CCAs and PE lessons at any time of the school day.
Currently, PE lessons are restricted during the mid-day period from 10.30am to 3.30pm, and affected by wet weather. Many schools cope with the heavy utilisation of sports facilities by conducting CCA training late into the evenings or reducing training opportunities.
With the indoor sports hall, they will have more opportunity to promote mass sports participation, as well as develop their niches in competitive sports.
Estimated to cost a total of $690 million, the project will be implemented in phases over seven years.
The indoor sports hall will be sized to accommodate a basketball court superimposed with four badminton courts, a volleyball court and a netball court. Schools will be able to vary the design of their sports hall to match their students¨ needs.
The indoor sports hall could be built above an existing outdoor play court or integrated with other school facilities. If space permits, it can be a standalone structure.
Sixty schools will be included in the first phase of implementation.
About 40 of them are schools currently being constructed or redeveloped, i.e. new schools and schools undergoing PRIME (Programme for Rebuilding and IMproving Existing schools) upgrading. (Please refer to Annex A for a list of 13 schools under PRIME[1] Phase 8 announced this year, which will be among the initial 40 schools. The remaining schools will be identified later this year.)
The opening up of indoor sports halls to the community will also provide opportunities for community sports participation.
MOE will be working with the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports and the Singapore Sports Council to explore how the indoor sports halls can be opened to the community after school hours on weekdays and during weekends.

Annex A


 1)  Bukit Batok Secondary School
 2)  Bukit Panjang Government High
 3)  Clementi Town Secondary School
 4)  Dunman Secondary School
 5)  Greenridge Secondary School
 6)  Hong Kah Secondary School
 7)  Hong Wen School
 8)  Junyuan Primary School
 9)  Naval Base Secondary School
10)  Peicai Secondary School
11)  Peirce Secondary School
12)  Pioneer Primary School
13)  Queenstown Secondary School

[1] PRIME was launched in May 1999 to upgrade all schools to the latest standards so as to provide a conducive learning environment for our students. This programme is implemented in phases. To date, 235 schools have been included in the earlier 8 phases of PRIME.

Source: Press Release 12 Oct 2006

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