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     FrontPage Edition: Mon 11 September 2006

Police may not allow some IMF/WB civil society representatives to enter Singapore


Police¨s statement on IMF/WB joint statement

Every country reserves the right to determine whether a foreigner would be eligible for entry into the country.
Under the current security environment, we will be cautious on who we allow into our borders, especially when a high-profile event like the IMF/WB meetings are held here.
The meetings will attract the attention of many, not least those who may want to use the ready platform and presence of the international media to stage events that will pose a security threat to Singapore, and compromise the level of security arrangements we have put in place.
While we welcome bona fide travellers to visit Singapore during the event, those who are deemed undesirable will not be eligible for entry into Singapore.
The Police had earlier shared with IMF/WB our concerns over some Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) representatives who are assessed to pose a security threat or likely to create disruption to our community during the Meetings.
We informed IMF and WB that they may not be allowed entry into Singapore during this period.
8 Sept 2006 @ 6.00 pm

Source: Media Release 8 Sep 2006

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Joint Statement From World Bank And IMF On CSO Participation In The Annual Meetings In Singapore

The World Bank and International Monetary Fund have accredited nearly 500 civil society representatives from more than 45 countries to attend the 2006 Annual Meetings in Singapore, a record number.
Jointly with many of these Civil Society Organizations, we have organized what promises to be a dynamic Civil Society Forum at the Annual Meetings, with more than 40 sessions planned on critical development issues.
In the interest of good governance, transparency and accountability, we urge the Government of Singapore to allow all properly accredited civil society representatives to attend our meetings.
We have consistently opposed any restrictions on full participation and peaceful expression of views. Open dialogue with civil society is also important for the effective operation of our institutions.
The Singapore Government has informed us of their objection to the accreditation of a number of these civil society representatives, and has stated their intention to block those individuals' access to the Annual Meetings. These individuals have been cleared to attend the Annual Meetings by their respective governments and we have accredited them according to our standard procedure.
We believe that all individuals who have been accredited to the Annual Meetings should be allowed to attend, consistent with the Memorandum of Understanding between the World Bank/IMF and the host government.
We strongly urge the Singapore government to act swiftly and reverse their decision on entry and access to the Meetings for these representatives.

Source: Press Release No. 06/193 7 Sep 2006

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