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     FrontPage Edition: Mon 10 July 2006

Use the National Flag during National Day Celebrations 2006



The Government encourages individuals and businesses to fly the National Flag during the National Day celebrations.
Residential premises can fly the flag for an extended period from mid-July to end August 06.
In recent years, the Government has taken steps to allow greater flexibility in the use of the National Flag. This gives Singaporeans more ways of expressing their loyalty to Singapore.
Flying the Flag to Celebrate National Day
Under current rules, the Flag, if displayed outdoors, must be flown on a flag-pole and properly illuminated at night. These specific conditions are waived during August each year so that Singaporeans can participate fully in National Day Celebrations.
The Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA) had received some requests by Singaporeans to display the Flag earlier than 1st August.
Therefore, we would like to encourage all Singaporeans to take advantage of the extended period, which is on a trial basis, to display the flag at their residential premises from mid-July to end August 06. The public should remember that the Flag should be treated with dignity and respect at all time.
Business Community
The business community in Singapore is also encouraged to fly the Flag outside their buildings throughout the year. This message is not confined to local or Singapore-owned/managed organisations, but also for foreign organisations based here. Foreign organisations are invited to fly the Singapore Flag as a sign of solidarity and friendship with Singapore.
Gradual Relaxation in Practice
In line with the approach that has been taken over the past year to relax rules on the use of the Flag, Singaporeans are also invited to apply Flag stickers and decals to their persons and belongings during the National Day celebration month. We trust the public to maintain the dignity and respect for the Flag in doing so.
More Information
Guidelines on the use of National Symbols can be found on the Singapore Infomap ( For the Flag, the public can visit:
  Guidelines for the Singapore Flag C
  Origin and meaning of the Singapore Flag C
Should the public have any query concerning the use of the Flag or other National Symbols, please approach the National Heritage Board. The contact details are given below:

Ms Elizabeth Njo

National Heritage Board

140 Hill Street, 3rd Storey, MICA Building, Singapore 179369

Tel: (65) 6332 4495  Fax: (65) 6332 3525



10 July 2006

Source: Media Release 10 Jul 2006

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