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     FrontPage Edition: Sat 10 June 2006

LASALLE-SIA's ICA presents 'islanded' - Contemporary art from New Zealand, Singapore & Taiwan


islanded: Contemporary Art from New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan

LASALLE-SIA¡¯s Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore (ICA Singapore) is proud to present its latest exhibition, islanded: Contemporary Art from New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan as part of the Singapore Arts Festival 2006 and New Zealand¡¯s Wellington Arts Festival.
Held from 16 June to 6 August 2006 at the Earl Lu Gallery, the exhibition in Singapore is its second touring venue after New Zealand and is co-curated and co-organised by the Adam Art Gallery, LASALLE-SIA¡¯s Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore and The Substation.
islanded will feature 12 contemporary artists from three islands in the Asia-Pacific region: New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan.
The artists explore how "island-ness" plays a role in their societies' imaginings and (re)inventions of themselves; ¡°arrival¡± and ¡°departure¡±, ¡°anxiety¡± and ¡°accident¡± are among the exhibition's central themes.
Amongst the works featured will be Stella Brennan¡¯s digital print works, including Twin Coast Highway; Ho Tzu Nyen¡¯s Utama: Every Name in History is I, Charles Lim¡¯s Seastate 1: Inside Outside, Tsui Kuang Yu¡¯s video entitled Eighteen Copper Guardians in Sha-Lin Temple and Penetration: The Penetrative, and Yao Jui Chung¡¯s Long March ¨C Shifted the Universe.
To be ¡®islanded¡¯ is to arrive; to stand apart. The three island-countries, New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan, share histories of colonisation and migration, of conflict and strife in their process of ¡®islanding¡¯, a process marked by political, social and cultural complexities. The shared histories of trauma, albeit in different ways, relates to a sense of survival, as well as the anxietiy of being ¡®islanded¡¯, of arriving at the unknown and being separated from the known.
The participating artists examine the histories and the geo-cultural anxieties of these postcolonial societies in subtle yet complex ways, often with humour and irony.
The works presented, though diverse, share a certain critical objectivity in their reflections on ¡®place¡¯. While the engagement with any ¡®place¡¯ is irretrievably conditional by accidents and chance encounters, their works critique and challenge popular pre-conceptions of what defines ¡®place¡¯ and in turn engage with the problematics of ¡®islanding¡¯ which by its very nature is an open-ended, fluid process of arrival and departure.
islanded is part of the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore¡¯s programme of exhibitions showcasing contemporary art practice. This exhibition is supported by Singapore¡¯s National Arts Council, Asia New Zealand Foundation and Victoria University of Wellington.

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