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     FrontPage Edition: Fri 8 September 2006

Update On Subutex Voluntary Rehabilitation Programme


Update On Subutex Voluntary Rehabilitation Programme

The Subutex Voluntary Rehabilitation Programme (SVRP) was introduced by MOH with the aim of weaning Subutex users off their drug dependence and remain drug free.
As of 5pm on 5 Sep 06, 1,634 had started medical detoxification in IMH as outpatient. Another 25 had started medical detoxification as inpatients There are currently 2 inpatients in IMH.
Patients who have completed the 5-7 day of the medical phase of SVRP would not be eligible for Subutex any more.
In total, 752 patients (738 outpatients and 14 inpatients) had completed the medical detoxification phase. A total of 15 patients were terminated from SVRP for non compliance/unco-operativeness with the treatment regime.
So far, out of the 3034 patients who signed up for SVRP, 300 patients are uncontactable as they had provided us with invalid contact details. We would like to urge these patients to contact IMH appointment hotline (tel. 63892212) directly by 8pm, 12 Sept 2006 to obtain their appointment dates.
The IMH appointment hotline will be open from 9am to 8pm on weekdays and 9am to 5pm on weekends. SVRP patients who fail to do so will be considered to have their SVRP appointment lapsed and will not be reinstated into the programme.
Patients who have signed up for SVRP through their GPs should collect their appointment cards from the clinics by 12 Sept 2006. For patients who have already been given their appointments, they would not be reinstated into the programme if they have defaulted their appointments more than once.
As previously highlighted, Subutex users who have not signed up for SVRP by 27 August 06 would no longer be eligible for SVRP. They should approach their medical practitioners if they require supportive or symptomatic treatment of their condition).
Patients with more severe symptoms should seek medical treatment at the Emergency Departments of acute general hospitals.
Patients who wish to undergo counseling to help them remain drug free could also call the Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association (SANA) Tel: 1800-7334444, or MOH's hotlines 6325 8607 or 6325 8608 (9-6pm on weekdays or 12-6pm on weekends).

Source: Press Release 6 Sep 2006

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