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     FrontPage Edition: Fri 3 November 2006

Stricter smoke test for diesel vehicles from 1 January 2007


More Stringent Smoke Test for Diesel Vehicles from 1 January 2007

With effect from 1 January 2007, all diesel-driven vehicles will be required to undergo the chassis dynamometer smoke test (CDST) during their mandatory periodic inspections, in place of the existing free-acceleration smoke test (FAST).
The use of the CDST for mandatory periodic inspections will further reduce the number of smoky vehicles on the road. Black smoke emission from diesel-driven vehicles not only pollutes the air but causes health problems such as lung disease and respiratory disorders.
This latest requirement comes close on the heels of the earlier introduction of the more stringent EURO IV emission standards and the ultra low sulphur diesel, and is part of a concerted bid to further improve air quality and protect public health.
Although the smoke emission standard for in-use diesel vehicles will continue to be 50 HSU* , the CDST is a more representative test method as compared to the FAST, as it measures smoke emission level of a diesel-driven vehicle under actual driving conditions.
The CDST system is able to place a diesel vehicle under simulated ^load ̄ conditions to measure its smoke emission during on-the-road driving. This is a more accurate reflection of the actual performance of a diesel-driven vehicle on the road.
The CDST has been used to test diesel vehicles that have been booked for smoke emission in Singapore since 1 September 2000. In 2005, a total of 7,382 diesel-driven vehicles were required to undergo the CDST.
The results have shown that the CDST is an effective test for weeding out smoky diesel vehicles. Poorly maintained vehicles were unable to pass the test and had to undergo proper maintenance before they could pass.
With the CDST, the vehicle inspection centres have indicated that the inspection fees for diesel-driven vehicles could increase in the region of $17 to $26 depending on the type of vehicle.
The fleet owners have been briefed on the introduction of the CDST for mandatory periodic inspections. In addition, owners of diesel-driven vehicles will be informed of the new CDST requirement through the vehicle inspection notices sent out by the Land Transport Authority (LTA).
*HSU is Hartridge Smoke Unit which measures the darkness of smoke.

Source: News Release 26 Oct 2006

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