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     FrontPage Edition: Mon 2 October 2006

Option for foreign maids to have salary paid into their bank account


New measures to assist foreign domestic workers (FDWs) and their employers

In response to feedback from FDW employers, foreign domestic workers (FDWs), employment agencies (EAs) and the general public, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will be enhancing its measures to help employers and their FDWs establish and maintain a good working relationship.
Allowing Option for Direct Transfer of Salary Payment
To ensure prompt salary payment, FDWs can ask for their salaries to be paid into their bank accounts in Singapore.
Effective 1 November 2006, MOM will introduce this as a new work permit condition for employers to comply.
This is a useful option as bank transaction records of salary payment will be of benefit to both employers and their FDWs especially in the event of any salary dispute.
This new work permit condition will also apply to employers of non-domestic foreign workers. FDWs who have been paid promptly by their employers can choose to keep their current arrangements.
Conducting Random Interviews with FDWs Working for the First Time in Singapore
Generally, FDWs working for the first time in Singapore are more likely to encounter adjustment difficulties during their first few months of employment.
Effective 1 November 2006, MOM will interview randomly selected FDWs working for the first time in Singapore during their initial months of employment.
These interviews will allow MOM to determine if the new FDWs have adjusted to the work environment in Singapore and to reiterate to the FDWs the importance of safe working conditions as well as their rights and responsibilities. Employers will be notified of the scheduled date and time for the interview, if their FDWs have been selected.
Making Available Employment History of FDWs for Prospective Employers
From time to time, the Ministry receives requests from prospective FDW employers for more information to help them make better informed choices in their selection of FDWs.
Therefore, effective 1 November 2006, MOM will require EAs to make available the employment history of FDWs to their prospective employers. Such information can be obtained by EAs from the MOM website.
Only general information will be provided to cover the number of different employers and the start and end dates of each employment period. No specific information or details will be given.
Distributing Education Materials for Employers and FDWs
In response to feedback for more education materials on the management of FDWs, MOM will be sending a guidebook to all FDW employers in December 2006.
This guidebook, which includes a set of employment guidelines currently available on the MOM website, will help employers better understand their roles and responsibilities to manage their FDWs. The employment guidelines illustrate the expected standards for the management of FDWs by their employers.
In October 2006, MOM will also launch a six-monthly newsletter for FDWs. The newsletter will provide useful information to FDWs on their rights and responsibilities, including the importance of workplace safety especially when working in high-rise buildings.
For More Information
Members of the public with enquiries on the above may call MOM Contact Centre at Tel: 6438 5122 or visit the MOM website at

Source: Press Release 2 Oct 2006

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