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     FrontPage Edition: Wed 1 November 2006

Singapore to set up world's first integrated neuroscience centre


SGH and NNI to establish world¡¯s first Integrated Neuroscience Centre - Move to position SGH as the "Hospital of the Future"

Singapore Health Services (SingHealth), the largest healthcare group in Singapore, is collaborating with BrainLAB AG, a global leader in software-driven systems for targeted, less-invasive medical treatments, to establish the world¡¯s first state-of-the-art digitally-integrated neuroscience centre.
Driven by neuroscience expertise from the National Neuroscience Institute (NNI), the leading regional specialist centre for cutting edge treatment, education and research in the neurosciences, the new facility will be located at Singapore General Hospital (SGH), one of Asia¡¯s leading teaching hospitals. NNI and SGH are members of the SingHealth group.
For the first time, a comprehensive range of the latest technologies in healthcare will be available in one location, digitally integrated to provide clinicians with effective access and intelligent management of digital medical information.
From diagnostics through treatment, this new infrastructure will provide clinicians with timely information and more treatment options, resulting in better-informed medical decisions, and the ability to seamlessly combine multiple treatments.
The five-suite facility will set the new standard for the comprehensive approach to cancer care as well as neurosurgery, otolaryngology (ear, nose & throat) and orthopaedic surgery in terms of clinical results and overall cost effectiveness.
With real-time high quality intra-operative Magnetic Resonance Imaging (iMRI), Computed Tomography (iCT) scanning, and advanced image-guidance navigation system capabilities, surgeons will be able to intra-operatively monitor progress and perform more complicated surgeries with less time required and improved patient outcomes.
In the field of cancer care, the Novalis Shaped Beam Surgery system adds the option of highly precise radiosurgery and radiotherapy, helping SGH and NNI to ensure that it will be able to provide each patient with the best possible treatment outcomes and improved quality of life.
Funded largely by a generous donation from the Estate of the late Tan Sri Khoo Teck Puat, the facility will be named Khoo Teck Puat Neuro-Navigation Integrated Operating Suites (KTP-NNI-OS).
"This certainly represents a breakthrough in the medical world map. The collaboration between SingHealth and BrainLAB will anchor Singapore as one of the world's leading neurosurgical centres for patient care, research and education. Of importance is that this facility enables NNI and SGH to enhance the level of coordinated care for our patients. It will also be used for joint research and development in neuroscience as well as medical education. This move is a close alignment with SingHealth¡¯s three pillars of focus ¨C service, research and education", shared Professor Tan Ser Kiat, Group CEO of SingHealth and CEO of SGH.
"BrainLAB aims to complement the clinical skills of hospitals with the best technology available so that there is consistent improvement to health care. We are pleased to work with SingHealth and its institutions, NNI and SGH, in establishing this integrated neuroscience centre, which will help them achieve a new level of integration and patient care that leverages on medical expertise and the most advanced digital technology for better clinical outcomes. We are very happy that SGH is the first hospital in the world to install an Intelligent Treatment FrameworkÔ, making it a true showcase of the hospital of the future", commented Mr. Stefan Vilsmeier, CEO of BrainLAB.
The signing of the agreement between SingHealth and BrainLAB paves the way for building SGH as a Global Centre of Excellence, with a paradigm shift in methods of treatment. In addition, this facility will bring spin-offs for other clinical specialties beyond neuroscience, provide opportunities for research and education, and boost Singapore¡¯s position as a regional medical hub. As the first in the world, SGH will be the reference centre for the patented ¡°Intelligent Treatment Framework¡±, which will integrate the following proven individual technologies in a unique framework:
- BrainSUITEÒ iMRI, BrainSUITE iCT and BrainSUITE Iso-C 3D: three fully integrated workflow-optimised operating rooms that combine Image Guided Surgery and intra-operative imaging, visualisation and data management technology within a turnkey solution concept. The BrainSUITE solutions utilise the latest SiemensÒ Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanner (iMRI), Computed Tomography scanner (iCT) and digital C-arm x-ray system (iso-C 3d) and are used for surgical procedures of the brain, head & neck, spine, hip and knee.

- Novalis Radiosurgery System: an integrated treatment system that shapes beams of focused high-energy radiation from all angles to deliver non-invasive, precise treatments that shrink or control the growth of tumour cells of the brain, head, neck, spine, liver, lung and prostate. With the Novalis technology, harm to surrounding tissue is significantly reduced.

- Two additional Image Guided Surgery systems for orthopaedic and ENT indications.

- BrainSUITE Net: a network-based solution for full control of Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS), pre-, intra- and post-operative patient data and video signals, all from a single touchscreen interface. Clinicians can easily manipulate how and where information is displayed, from the monitors to the entire OS team to remote rooms for consulting, education and real-time education.

- iPlanÒ Net: a server-based system for remote planning of surgical procedures sharing patient information across all different subspecialties, including wireless tablet PCs for maximised flexibility.
About Singapore Health Services Pte Ltd (SingHealth)
SingHealth is the largest healthcare group in Singapore, offering a complete range of multi-disciplinary and integrated medical care. The group consists of three Hospitals, five National Specialist Centres, and a network of nine Polyclinics.
We have a faculty of internationally qualified medical specialists and are also well equipped with advanced diagnostic and treatment medical technology. We are dedicated to providing quality healthcare that is affordable and accessible to our patients. Through clinical excellence, commitment, and collaboration, we aim to be the trusted leader in healthcare for our patients, partners, staff and the community. For more information, visit SingHealth at
About Singapore General Hospital (SGH)
The Singapore General Hospital (SGH) is the largest acute tertiary hospital and national referral centre in Singapore. With 1,500 acute beds and a pool of 550 specialists, the hospital treats about 70,000 inpatients and 600,000 outpatients yearly.
Together with five national specialty centres located within the SGH campus, patients have ready access to 35 specialty services. SGH is also a centre of medical education and research for innovative treatments, capitalising on its multi-disciplinary capabilities and research affiliations to augment care delivery to patients. For more information, visit SGH at
About National Neuroscience Institute (NNI)
The National Neuroscience Institute (NNI) is the leading regional specialist centre for cutting edge treatment, education and research in the neurosciences. It offers over 20 clinical subspecialties and treats a broad range of illnesses affecting the brain, spine, nerve and muscle.
The NNI sees the most number of neurological cases in Singapore, providing clinical services to Singapore General Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, KK Women¡¯s and Children¡¯s Hospital and Changi General Hospital. For more information, visit NNI at
About BrainLAB
BrainLAB is a privately held company group headquartered in Munich, Germany. Founded in 1989, BrainLAB is specialized in the development, manufacture and marketing of medical technology for radiosurgery/ radiotherapy, orthopedics, neurosurgery, and ENT. Among the products developed by BrainLAB are software and hardware components for image-guided surgery and radiotherapy, integrated systems for stereotactic radiosurgery, as well as fully integrated operating room solutions.
With more than 2500 systems installed in over 65 countries, BrainLAB is among the market leaders in image-guided medical technology, employing around 900 people worldwide with 15 offices across Europe, Asia, North and South America and Australia. For more information, visit BrainLAB at

Source: Press Release 30 Oct 2006

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