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Singapore crime situation in 1st half 2005



2005 is proving to be a challenging year for the Police. The total number of seizable offences in Jan C Jun 05 has risen by 28.1% or 4,668 cases, as compared to the same period last year.
The bulk of the increase was primarily due to theft offences (particularly other theft, theft in dwelling and shop theft), as well as drink driving.
Members of public can help bring crime levels down, especially in the areas of other theft . These were usually cases where items were stolen after being left unattended at various places such as shops, food courts, hawker centres and offices.
Index crimes that rose in Jan-Jun 05 from the same period in 2004 were housebreaking, robbery, snatch theft, outrage of modesty, rioting as well as cheating and related offences. Of these, the largest absolute increases were noted for housebreaking, robbery and snatch theft.
Similar to previous years, theft and related offences accounted for the majority of seizable offences reported. As compared to Jan-Jun last year, an increase of 31% was recorded. This was largely due to more reported cases of other theft, theft in dwelling and shop theft. In addition to these theft and related crimes, cases of drink driving also rose by a significant 84%.
The Police are also concerned about the 44% rise in handphone crimes and the 9% increase in youths arrested for crime.
In terms of arrest, the total number of persons arrested registered a 9.4% increase (+1126 arrests). About 4 in 10 arrests involving selected major offences are made with the assistance of the public.
1Other thefts are cases classified under Sec 379 Penal Code Cap 224 excluding Theft of Bicycles, Theft from Motor Vehicles and Theft from Persons. Other thefts are usually cases where items were stolen after being left unattended at various public areas such as swimming pools, the beach, hawker centres etc
2These major offences include murder, rape, outraging modesty, robbery, housebreaking, motor vehicle theft and snatch theft

Source: 29 Jul 2005

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30 July 2005