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Singapore Crime Situation 2004

The crime situation in 2004 remains stable and under control. The slight increase in crime can be largely attributed to minor crimes, in particular theft and related offences, as well as a significant increase in drink-driving cases owing to increased enforcement efforts. Such offences can often be prevented if the public take the necessary crime prevention measures and do not drink and drive.
Most of the major offences such as housebreaking, robbery, rape, cheating and related offences registered decreases.
The total number of seizable offences1 in 2004 increased by about 3.1%, from 33,458 cases in the previous year2 to 34,480 cases in 2004. This increase however was at a slower rate compared to the 5.1% increase in 2003.
While crimes increased in 2004, the number of arrests made by the Police also increased, and by a greater margin. The number of persons arrested for total seizable offences increased significantly by 6.4% (+1,485 persons), from 23,121 to 24,606 persons in 2004.
Theft and related offences3 constituted more than half (or 52.2%) of the total seizable offences. Offences in this category increased by 1,276 cases (+7.6%), from 16,716 to 17,992 cases in 2004.
Shop theft increased by 230 cases (+5.2%), from 4,402 to 4,632 cases while other theft4 increased by 453 cases (+10.7%), from 4,234 to 4,687 cases.
Theft from motor vehicle increased by 57 cases (+3.9%), from 1,446 to 1,503 cases in 2004. Handphones, cash cards and computer laptops/ notebooks continued to be targeted in these cases, accounting for 61.9% of the total cases of theft from motor vehicle.
Among other offences that registered increases, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs recorded the largest absolute increase of 834 cases (+44.0%) due to increased enforcement by Police against drink driving.
Seven of the nine index crimes5 recorded decreases. Murder and robbery recorded significant decreases of 20.8% and 14.8% respectively while housebreaking, rape, motor vehicle theft, rioting and cheating & related offences recorded smaller decreases between 3% and 8%.
On the reverse, snatch theft and outraging of modesty recorded increases of 10.9% and 1.3% respectively. The comparative statistics are attached at Annex A.
Robbery and theft6 cases involving handphones remain a key area of concern for the Police. The number of such cases increased by 161 (+5.4%), from 2,975 to 3,136 cases in 2004. However, the rate of increase of handphone crimes had improved when compared with 2003 (+28%) and 2002 (+45%).
The number of youths arrested for total seizable offences declined by 202 persons (-4.1%), from 4,918 to 4,716 persons in 2004. Six out of 10 youths arrested were involved in shop theft, other theft and rioting.
1 Total seizable offences refer to cases in which Police may ordinarily arrest without warrant according to Schedule A, Criminal Procedure Code (Cap 68), excluding Immigration Act offences. They are based on reports of crimes, which eventually may or may not be substantiated.
2 Statistics for 2003 as revised in PIDís publication of Annual Statistical Report on Crime 2003 in Oct 2004.
3 Theft and related offences include theft of motor vehicle, theft of bicycle theft, snatch theft, theft from person, shop theft, etc.
4 Refers to other theft under Sec 379 of the Penal Code Cap 224, excluding theft of bicycles, theft from motor vehicles and theft from persons.
5 Index crimes refer to cheating and related offences, motor vehicle theft, outraging of modesty, housebreaking, robbery, snatch theft, rioting, rape and murder. They are selected for their reliability and higher reporting rates. The index crimes are listed in descending order according to the number of cases recorded in 2004.
6 Refers to theft from vehicle, theft from person, shop theft, theft in dwelling, robbery, housebreaking, snatch theft, theft as a servant and other theft under Sec379 of Penal Code Cap 224.

Source: Singapore Police Force 22 Feb 2005


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