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School Achievements in 2005


School Achievements in 2005

Recognition of both academic and non-academic achievements of schools
The MOE Masterplan of Awards recognises schools¡¯ achievements in the various academic and non-academic domains.
It is a key component of MOE¡¯s effort to provide holistic education for our students. It also provides information to help parents and students make more informed decision when selecting schools.
This press release provides information on the following:
(A) Award winners under the Masterplan of Awards[1]. These comprise schools that have attained commendable achievements in various categories, including exemplary school processes as well as excellent outcomes in the academic and non-academic areas.
(B) School Achievement Tables. Introduced last year to replace the school ranking tables, they highlight school achievements in academic value-added and the non-academic domains. Other sources of information on school performance include Honour Rolls and a web-based system.
A) Masterplan of Awards
The Ministry of Education (MOE) Masterplan of Awards was expanded and refined in 2004 to provide a broader and holistic picture of schools' performance. The Masterplan of Awards comprises seven awards over four levels, as shown here.
This year, a total of 154 schools won 255 Level Two Awards and Special Awards[5] under the MOE Masterplan of Awards.
Of the 154 schools, three have been awarded the School Excellence Award (SEA), the pinnacle award for educational excellence. These schools have distinguished themselves in having achieved overall systemic excellence in providing a holistic education.
Eight schools have also won the School Distinction Award (SDA).
All winners will receive their awards at the 2005 MOE Workplan Seminar on 22 September 2005.
School Excellence Award (SEA)
The School Excellence Award (SEA) recognises schools for their excellence in both education processes and outcomes.
This year, two Secondary Schools and one Junior College will be presented with the SEA trophy. They are:

a.    Dunman High School;

b.    Xinmin Secondary School; and

c.    Raffles Junior College.

School Distinction Award (SDA)
The School Distinction Award (SDA) recognises high-achieving schools with exemplary school processes and practices, and are on their way to achieving the SEA.
This year, two Primary Schools, four Secondary Schools and two Junior Colleges will be presented with the SDA trophy. They are:

a.    Pasir Ris Primary School;

b.    Raffles Girls¡¯ Primary School;

c.    Chung Cheng High School (Main);

d.    Nan Hua Secondary School;

e.    St Joseph¡¯s Institution;

f.     Temasek Secondary School;

g.    Hwa Chong Institution; and

h.    National Junior College.


Source:  Press Release 20 Sep 2005


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