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Monday with the Editor: Islander - Singapore Schools Online

Hallo everyone
This year, we are extending the reach of the blog on our Web site. Last week, we started Pet Island - Singapore Pets Online. Today, we are announcing the launch of Islander - Singapore Schools Online.
Both Pet Island and Islander use a blog software for registered users to publish their articles and comments within our Web site.
Islander is all about our Singapore schools, be they primary, secondary, JC or foreign-system. In Islander, we include press releases from the Ministry of Education, as well as other Government departments and agencies. We also feature articles from individuals, including this Editor.
But, we expect the bulk of the contributions to come from students themselves. In fact, though Islander is all about Singapore schools, we do not allow teachers or principals to contribute their writings to Islander.
This is because we want students to do all the writing. However, teachers and principals can nominate students to do write-ups on their behalf, but most of the writing should be by the students, with the teacher or principal doing no more than guiding these students.
We invite students from Singapore schools to write in about anything regarding their school. Here are the categories currently available:
Academic Curriculum
Academic Achievements
CCA - Uniformed groups
CCA - Sports Groups
CCA - Other Groups
Foreign Schools - Primary
Foreign Schools - Secondary
What’s New - Announcements
What’s Happening - Events
What’s Gone
Short Stories
Pastimes - Adventure
Pastimes - LAN Gaming
Pastimes - Hobbies
To contribute articles, students must first register as volunteer reporters for their respective schools. We realise there may be pranksters masquerading as bona-fide students - adults pretending to be students or students in one school passing off as students of another school - so we will be doing background checks such as checking with the students' schools directly.
Islander will not work without students' participation. It is easy to go to schools to get them to help pile in the students for Islander. But, that's rather artificial - remember the times at school when the activities we organised could not attract attendees and we had to ask the principal for help to get lower-secondary students to come out of their classes to fill the empty seats? Well, we don't want such things here on Islander.
So Islander will succeed if students themselves want to join in, otherwise, we will let it fail. That's our stand. But, we are prepared to give Islander a whole year or two years to see if it can garner popular support.
If you are a student currently, and wish to participate in Islander, send me an email at This is what you need to tell me in your email:
NRIC No/Foreign Passport No:
Present Class: (eg. 3E2)
Stream: EM1/EM2/EM3/SAP/EXPRESS/NA/NT/Others (Please elaborate)
School: Local/Foreign System
Name of School:
Home Tel:
Handphone No.:
English Marks (End-of-Year Exam 2004): (?/100)
Why I want to be a reporter for ISLANDER: (Write about 50 words or less)
Why join Islander, you may ask. Here's why:
- personal satisfaction of seeing your articles published
- a chance to improve your English
- a chance to involve yourself in a community project
There are no tangible benefits to be gained for joining Islander presently. However, all volunteer reporters will get a certificate from us at the end of every year. The certificate will acknowledge the student's contributions. We have yet to approach the Ministry of Education (MOE) to seek official recognition for CIP (Community Involvement Projects) so you may not get points for your participation in Islander.
Anyway, getting points for participation is not exactly what Islander is about. Islander documents you, the student, and your experiences at school as you move up the education ladder. Share these experiences with others on Islander.
If you are a parent or guardian reading this, and you wish your child to participate, just ask your child to email me.
To know what Islander is all about, visit Islander at You can also click the logo below:

Have a good day!


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