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Release/detention of persons involved with JI and MILF


A member of the terrorist group, Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), has been released from detention. The detention of another member has been extended. Two other persons involved with terrorist groups were detained over the course of the last year.
Othman bin Mohamed - Released
The Order of Detention (OD) against an Internal Security Act (ISA) detainee, Othman bin Mohamed, has been suspended.
Othman became a JI member in 1999. He had participated in the JI's religious classes and exercise sessions, and assisted in operational activities. He was arrested in Dec 2001 and issued with an OD in Jan 2002 for a period of 2 years. His OD was extended for 2 years in Jan 2004.
Othman has co-operated with ISD on investigations into the JI and other terrorist groups in the region. He has also responded positively to counselling, including religious counselling. ISD's assessment is that he no longer poses a security threat that requires preventive detention. He was released on 12 Jan 2005 on a Suspension Direction (SD), under which he is subject toconditions governing his activities and movement.
Mohd Aslam bin Yar Ali Khan - Detention Extended
In Jan 2003, Mohd Aslam bin Yar Ali Khan was issued with an OD under the ISA for involvement in the JI.
Mohd Aslam had taken part in JI reconnaissance of the water pipelines at the Causeway, Woodlands Water Booster Station and Ministry of Defence Headquarters at Bukit Gombak. He also trained at the camp of the Philippine separatist group, Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), in 1996 and fought alongside the MILF against Philippine troops. He was captured and imprisoned by the Afghan Northern Alliance forces in Afghanistan in 2001.
Mohd Aslam's OD has been extended for 2 years with effect from 12Jan 2005 as it is assessed that he continues to pose a threat to security.
Mohd Agus bin Ahmad Selani - Arrested and Detained
In Dec 2001, Mohd Agus bin Ahmad Selani was arrested under the ISA for involvement with the MILF. He was released in Jan 2002 on a 2-year Restriction Order (RO). His RO was extended for 2 years in Jan 2004.
On 6 Jan 2005, Mohd Agus was detained under the ISA. He had repeatedly violated the conditions of his RO by continuing to associate with MILF members and sympathisers, and supporting the MILF cause. In early 2004, Mohd Agus secretly sent money to a Singapore MILF fugitive. He was in contact with another Singaporean involved in MILF activities.
Mohd Agus also withheld from ISD details about his role as a financial conduit for the MILF. ISD's subsequent investigation revealed that he had assisted in transferring donations into the bank account of an MILF member in the Philippines. He did this with the full knowledge that a major portion of the donations would be used for the MILF's terrorist activities, including the purchase of weapons.
Anis bin Mohamed Mansor - Arrested and Detained
Following investigations into the JI network, Anis bin Mohamed Mansor, a 48-year-old Singaporean former carpenter, was detained for 2 years on 9 Feb 2004.
Anis had associated with JI members since the 1990s and he supported the JI's objective of establishing an Islamic state in the region through violent means. He had travelled to Thailand and Yemen to source for weapons for the JI. In 2001, he suggested to the JI several potential targets for attack, including the water-pipelines at the Woodlands Causeway and foreign embassies in Singapore.

Source: Ministry of Home Affairs Press Release 13 Jan 2005


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