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Direct Admission Exercise 2005 for JC1



In line with the move to provide greater flexibility and options at the pre-university level, Government and Government-aided junior colleges (JCs)[1] will be admitting up to 10% of their 2006 JC1 intake using school-based criteria under the Direct School Admission Exercise (DSA – JC Exercise 2005).
The 3 independent institutions offering pre-university programmes[2] will have the flexibility to admit up to 20% of their intake using school-based criteria.
Student Selection
Each institution will admit students according to its own merit-based admission criteria, which are available on the websites of the institutions. (Please refer to Annex A)
The DSA – JC Exercise will be conducted prior to the annual Provisional Pre-U One Admission Exercise (PAE). Students admitted via the DSA – JC Exercise will not take part in the Provisional Admission Exercise (PAE) and Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE), as long as they meet the criteria for admission to a JC. The eligibility criteria for admission to JC are attached in Annex B.
Direct School Admission - JC Exercise
The exercise will be conducted in 2 phases as follows:

a. Phase 1[3] : 30 May 05 – 20 Jul 05 (All Institutions)

b. Phase 2 : 18 Jul 05 – 29 Jul 05 (All except the 6 institutions stated in Footnote 3)

c. The phases comprises the following stages:

i. Phase 1

 1. Offer Stage: 30 May 05 – 12 Jul 05

 2. Acceptance Stage: 13 Jul 05 – 15 Jul 05

 3. Cooling-Off Stage: 18 Jul 05 – 20 Jul 05

ii. Phase 2
 1. Offer Stage: 18 Jul 05 – 26 Jul 05
 2. Acceptance Stage: 27 Jul 05 – 29 Jul 05
Details on these stages are as follows:
a. Offer Stage: Institutions may shortlist and make Confirmed Offers to selected students anytime during this stage.
b. Acceptance Stage: A student given a Confirmed Offer is guaranteed a place in the institution if he/she accepts the offer during this stage, as long as he/she is able to meet the eligibility criteria for JC admission.
c. Cooling-Off Stage: Students may cancel their Phase 1 acceptances during this stage, if they wish to accept a Phase 2 offer.
Please refer to Annex C for the summary schedule of DSA – JC Exercise 2005.
Other General Points
Students who wish to apply for elective programmes (e.g. Language Elective Programmes, Humanities Programme) should do so directly at the institutions. Students should check which elective programmes are offered by each institution.
When a student accepts a Confirmed Offer, he is required to complete two copies of the DSA – JC Acceptance Form, which come with the Confirmed Offer, and bring them to the institution for endorsement. The institution will retain a copy, while the student will retain another copy (duly endorsed by the institution) for reference.
Each student is allowed to accept only one Confirmed Offer at any one time. If a student is found to have accepted more than one Confirmed Offer, he will be disqualified from the DSA – JC Exercise 2005.
I f any student wishes to change his mind after having accepted a Confirmed Offer from an institution, he must cancel his earlier acceptance by formally submitting a Cancellation Form at the MOE Customer Service Centre at 1 North Buona Vista Drive, Singapore138675.
Students who have previously accepted a DSA – JC offer but who would like to be posted in either the PAE or JAE may withdraw before 5 Aug 2005 at the MOE Customer Service Centre.
More information regarding the DSA – JC Exercise 2005 will be available on the MOE website ( Additional information on the specific admission criteria for each school is available on the respective schools’ websites.
[1]  Anderson Junior College, Anglo-Chinese Junior College, Catholic Junior College, Innova Junior College, Jurong Junior College, Meridian Junior College, Nanyang Junior College, National Junior College, Pioneer Junior College, Serangoon Junior College, St Andrew’s Junior College, Tampines Junior College, Temasek Junior College, Victoria Junior College and Yishun Junior College. 
[2]  Anglo Chinese School (Independent), Hwa Chong Institution, and Raffles Junior College.

[3]  The following 6 Institutions will only participate in Phase 1 of the DSA-JC Exercise:

a.       Anglo Chinese School (Independent)

b.       Hwa Chong Institution

c.       National Junior College

d.       Raffles Junior College

e.       Temasek Junior College

f.         Victoria Junior College

More..... (Annexes)

Source: Ministry of Education Press Release 5 May 2005



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