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The Theatre Practice presents Play.Play

Source: The Practice Theatre

A world of imagination explored through expressive bodies

May heralds the return of The Theatre Practice’s much anticipated, annual “poor theatre” series. This installment, a physical theatre piece entitled Play.Play is the result of creative sparks between co-creators Kuo Jing Hong and Ong Guat Teng.
Since its inception three years ago, the “poor theatre” series has broken local conventions in play-going—there are no annoying ticket agents, free programs are given out, and audiences pay what they want after the show! All in the hope that you see what you want and like what you see! (Limited places available, call us in advance and don’t say we didn’t tell you!)
Play.Play consists of a team of two female and two male performers who use their bodies to manifest settings and create sound effects. The intermittent use of mime in physical theatre has become a common form of performance technique.
Contemporary physical theatre pieces mainly rely on the performers’ dance and movement expressivity and distinctive rhythmic formations offset by intense and vigorous use of the body to stunning visual effect. Given the minimal use of text, the technical demands on the bodies of the performers are heightened.
Within the space created by Play.Play, there are no fixed characters—identities transmute in accord with the fluid settings. The narrative does not move vertically from point to point but traverses horizontally across time and space. With their bodies, the performers have created a theatre piece that is more realistic and more desperately profound than “conversational theatre” can ever be.
Physical theatre pieces, unlike traditional text based theatre or dance theatre, does not require its audiences to have a uniform experience. Rather, the performers’ physical expression will invoke individual responses and the freedom of imagination in each and every member of the audience. Accentuated by vivid imagery and performativity, it is wholly apt to address the people, events and objects of contemporary life.
Details of Performance:
Created by Kuo Jing Hong & Ong Guat Teng
Cast: Kuo Jing Hong, Liu Xiao Yi, Wong Yang Tsheng & Emanorwatty Bte Md. Saleh
Admission: Pay-as-you-want Registration required. Book early to avoid disappointment!
Dates & Times: 07 & 14.05.05 >>> 7:30pm, 9:30pm
08 & 15.05.05 >>> 2:30pm, 4:30pm
10 – 13.05.05 >>> 7:30pm
Venue: The Theatre Practice; Studio 4, Level 2 155 Waterloo Street Stamford Arts Center, Singapore 187962
About the Poor Theatre Series
There are poor theatres everywhere. In this form of theatre, the artist needs to draw on his imagination to bolster the lack of actual resources.
We feel that a more frugal creative environment, with lower production costs, is not necessarily a bad thing. Performances created within this framework often have a distinctive flavour and strength, and form a unique juxtaposition to more commercial works. In fact, the restrictions inherent in this kind of process will often unleash an even greater potential in the creative team.
We hope to continue the Poor Theatre Series in the coming years: tighten our belts, focus our energies, and continue to create works of exceptional quality for the audience, as well as provide an on-going opportunity to train our troops.

Content Contributor: The Practice Theatre



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