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Aquarama 2005


9th International Aquarium Fish & Accessories Exhibition & Conference 2005

Incorporating Inter Garden 2005 & Pet Asia 2005

Aquarama 2005, the international aquarium fish & accessories exhibition & conference known by the industry as the biggest and most important ornamental aquatic show in Asia, will take place at Singapore Expo from 26 - 29 May 2005. Over 230 companies from 25 countries will be exhibiting their products in 10,000 sq. metres of display area at the event which is into its 9th year.
The Guest of Honour this year will, once again, be Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan, Second Minister, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Singapore. During the official opening ceremony, Dr. Balakrishnan will be invited to unveil the new logo for Aquarama 2007, which will mark the 10th staging or anniversary of the event.
Aquarium Fish (Marine / Freshwater)
Aquarium Tanks
Aquatic Plants
Fish Food
Equipment (filter, pump, aerator etc.)
Aquarium Furniture & Lightings
Health & Medical Treatment
Ornaments & Decorations
Packing Materials, Equipment & Machinery
Packaging Materials, Equipment & Machinery
Shop Fittings & Furniture
Garden & Pond
Pond Fish
Pond Accessories
Tools, Equipment & Machinery
Artificial & Natural Rocks
Stones & Pebbles
Soil & Fertilizer
Health & Medical Treatment
Pond Care
Ornaments & Decorations
Packing Materials, Equipment & Machinery
Packaging Materials, Equipment & Machinery
Clothes & Accessories
Grooming Accessories
Pet Food
Pet Housing
Veterinarian Supplies
Health & Medical Treatment
Packaging Materials, Equipment & Machinery
Shop Fittings & Furniture
The Aquarama Conference focuses on some of the hottest issues affecting the international ornamental aquatic industry and, as such, is of direct and fundamental relevance to everyone involved in the sector. The main theme says it all: 'Shaping Tomorrow's Industry Today'. The programme has two sessions.
The first, 'New Trends and Developments in the Ornamental Aquatic Industry', is scheduled for 26 May - beginning at 2.00 p.m. and ending at 5.30 p.m. This first session will include topics as diverse as the global challenges facing the industry, the sustainable culture of hard corals, invasive and exotic species and their (serious!) implications for the trade, MAC certification and the importance of innovation for the future of the industry.
The second session, 'Import, Export and Health Regulations Relating to the Ornamental Aquatic Industry' - scheduled for 27 May, beginning at 9.30 a.m. and ending at 1.00 p.m., includes contributions on the Koi herpesvirus epidemic challenging and threatening the industry worldwide; Biopiracy, the new European Union fish health regulations; and the fast-developing Indian industry as well as the regulations that govern it.
The International Fish Competition, too, is the largest ever, with around 1,300 entries which will be judged by a panel of 32 internationally renowned experts from 17 countries, headed by Chief Judge, John Dawes, who also presided over the 2003 event.
Commenting on the outstanding response to this year's competition, John emphasised: "We are truly delighted at the number of entries that we've received, not just from Singapore itself, but from several other countries as well. There is no doubt that the Aquarama International Fish Competition is now the leading event of its kind in the world. Indeed, the number of entries we have received for several categories has been so overwhelming that we have had no option but to close the door early for the Dragon Fish, Goldfish, Betta, Discus and Guppies... a truly enviable position to be in."
As always, Aquarama will also play host to some rare or never-before-seen fish. Some will appear within the Fish Competition, but others will be incorporated by exhibitors in their booth displays.
The latest of these to be added to the long list is a most unusual snow-white South American arowana (close cousin of the dragon fish) produced by Aro Dynasty of Singapore. The whole body of this elegant fish contrasts beautifully with its jet-black eye and should, along with all the other 'new' fish, add further spice to Aquarama 2005, cementing yet further its undisputed reputation as the top all-aquatic trade exhibition, competition and conference in the world.
Trade Visitors:
By Registration (Minors under age 16 are not permitted during trade days) 26 May (Thursday) 10.00am - 6.00pm, 27 May (Friday) 10.00am - 6.00pm, 28 May (Saturday) 10.00am - 1.00pm
Public Visitors
Adult S$8 per entry, Child S$4 per entry. 28 May (Saturday) 1.00pm - 8.00pm 29 May (Sunday) 10.00am - 7.00pm
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