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'Uniquely Singapore Shop & Eat Tours' - Heartland Trail


Heartland Trail

This would be the tour for visitors who want to experience how Singaporeans truly live.  The Heartland trail showcases the best local buys and food, as well as how Singaporeans truly shop, eat and look for the best bargains. Participants on the tour get to mingle with local families as they go about their daily business.


On this half-day tour, visitors will visit two local, yet very different suburbs.  The first destination is one of Singapore’s first and most bustling housing estates – Toa Payoh.  Built more than 30 years ago, this vibrant new town offers excellent value-for-money shopping and local food.  It is also home to the Housing & Development Board (HDB), the government agency tasked with developing homes for more than 80% of the population.


The next stop is the quaint and bohemian town of Holland Village, which is lived in and well-patronised by Singaporeans and expatriates alike.  This organic ‘village’ is renowned for its excellent local & international food and eclectic shops where one can find curios, antiques, furniture, art, carpets, clothing & more – all with a unique Asian flavour.

This half-day afternoon tour includes samplings of delectable local fare & the opportunity to shop with the locals.


v      Visitors will be driven through Toa Payoh, which was transformed from a swampy, farming area into Singapore’s first self-contained “new town” complete with schools, shops, housing developments and factories.  They will then visit the HDB Gallery for an insight into the historical development of housing in land-scarce Singapore and take a peek into the future of public housing.


v      Bread has always been a comfort food for Singaporeans.  Visitors will see how BreadTalk has transformed the bakery industry with its imaginative ingredients, creative names, and modern presentation. They will also get to try the signature “Flosss” bun that started this transformation!


v      Visitors get to learn about traditional herbal remedies at Hockhua Ginseng Birdnest. The staff will even recommend the right herbal tea that will refresh them and restore their balance and well-being.


v      Visitors are encouraged to experience how the locals live. Toa Payoh Central contains an intriguing mix of old & new shops, buildings and eateries. Visitors can do some shopping of their own, or simply sit in the square, and people-watch. 


v      Holland Village has evolved over the years into a vibrant town filled with restaurants, shops, spas and bars that are crowded all day and into the night.  Visitors will stop at the SAN Katong Laksa eatery, a must-visit for those with a craving for this dish of spicy seafood rice noodle that is so unique to Singapore.


v      Visitors will walk through the bustling streets of Holland Village to arrive at the Holland Road Shopping Centre, packed with shops selling ethnic furniture, art, clothing and accessories.  They will drop by Lim’s Arts & Living, which grew from a small curio shop into a huge store that sells a staggering range of South East Asian and Chinese merchandise from delicate Vietnamese lacquerware to antique Tibetan chests. 

Source: Singapore Tourism Board Press Release 12 May 2004




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